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Bedroom Tour

Happy Halloween! After such a relaxing weekend you’d think staying up to work on a blog post would be no problem. Well judging by yesterday’s lack of posts that isn’t always the case. I’m going to blame the comfort of my bedroom and how inviting it can look at 9:00 regardless of how much sleep you’ve had as of late. That’s good timing considering I am sharing my bedroom tour with y’all today.

I feel like we (especially those of you who have been reading for years) have come such a long way over the years. From moving to college and decorating my first dorm room as well as the subsequent rooms on Furman’s campus afterwards to finding my first apartment in Greenville and sharing rooms from that with y’all to now having moved back to the great state of Alabama and getting settled into the house I’m living in Birmingham that’s a lot of change we’ve been through together. I always love sharing my different spaces with y’all but this room may be my favorite yet.

For starters, living in a house is the best. I am glad I lived in an apartment in the past to learn to fully appreciate getting to live in a house. It doesn’t hurt that my roommate is great, and our house is so cute and coming together a lot faster than spaces I’ve decorated in the past. The only thing that could make it better is if monthly rent went towards a mortgage without ever having to make a down payment (pretty positive this is impossible, but a girl can dream). 

My room is technically the master and is a pretty good size (I think my previous room may have been bigger, but it could be that the shapes of the room are different). The only thing that’s a bit different which I’m assuming is due to the house being older is that the bathroom sink/counter is technically in the room between the bathroom and closet. I’d be happy to share my bathroom space if you’d like but for now, I’m sticking to my bedroom. 

Since I had purchased furniture previously, there aren’t very many new pieces in my room, but instead, I’ve used the same pieces in different ways or accessorized them a bit differently. I’m going to take you around my room counterclockwise since that’s what makes the most sense to me although if you want a better overall feel of the room watch the video tour of my room that I made below. 


When you first walk into my room and glance to the right you get a view of most of my room at once. Right next to the door is one of the few new pieces I purchased from my room a full-length mirror I found at HomeGoods. Since getting into the habit of sharing outfit photos with y’all from work last year, I knew I wanted to continue that this year as well however the mirror I previously used was in my classroom and I don’t think the school would’ve been pleased with me taking it with me. While I don’t love how the placement of the mirror makes this side of my room feel crowded, it makes the most sense in relation to my closet and the space I have in front of it. 

Next to my mirror is the dresser I purchased from IKEA and built for my last apartment. I will warn you that this is a PAIN to move. For my first week in Birmingham, it lived in my living room because there was no way it would be able to be moved without two strong people and even then the drawers had to be removed. I’m still toying with the idea of replacing the pulls to make it look slightly less IKEA, but the drawers are huge which is ideal. On top of the dresser, I keep books, small knick-knacks, a jewelry stand, candles, and a few small pieces of art. The large open space in the middle with Evelyn Henson for PB Teen’s Paris print leaning against the wall is where my TV will go with the painting hung above it. Currently, that TV is what we are using in the living room until we get the one we have for that space mounted. 


After my dresser, you get to the corner of my room which I didn’t exactly know what to put there. I opted for a striped bin from Annie Selke that is currently holding an extra pillow and some pillows. One thing that is different about this space than my last is the fact that I am now using two matching bedside tables. When hunting for the perfect bedside tables last year, I came across ones I loved from West Elm, but I couldn’t bite the bullet on their price. I ended up finding the glass ones I am using now at a better cost. Unfortunately they are no longer available but I'll keep my eyes peeled for y'all. I only ordered one for my previous room, but the first one arrived broken (it’s the one on the far side of my bed, and I don’t even notice the cracks in it, so it works) and they sent a second replacement one which is convenient for this space. With matching nightstands, I decided to order matching glass lamps as well. 


On the nightstand closest to the door, I stacked three of my favorite coffee table books (Things We Love, Butter, Classic Style), a photo of my parents and I, a cute ceramic dish and some lip balm, my alarm clock, a candle, and a water glass on a coaster. On the nightstand on the far side of the room are three more coffee table books (Bazaar Style, The Paris Style Guide, All in Good Taste), a photo of Nell and me, a cute container with a blue agate on top, two ceramic KLM houses, and a candle. I love the way these objects make my nightstands look until it comes time to dust them. Above my nightstand are two prints from the online store Mackenzie Horan used to have, but I believe they were photographed by Amy Stone.


My bed looks identical to how it looked in the past although with the correct size and a much more comfortable mattress topper that I raved about here. My headboard is white with silver studs that was the easiest thing to assemble ever and provides a clean slate for the multitude of pillows I insist on having on my bed. Four euro shams may seem excessive to some but with two patterned ones from Roberta Roller Rabbit and two monogrammed ones by Room 422 (keep scrolling for a giveaway!!), but when you see the comforting setting they create who can blame me. My zebra pillow as well as my navy scallop hem coverlet have been with me since my junior year of college and are still going strong. The duvet cover at the end of my bed is also by Room 422, and its ikat pattern mimics the one on my rug at the foot of my bed. My cornflower blue dust ruffle provides a bit of separation of the two while also hiding my under the bed storage. 

On the far wall of my room, I have a Greenville pennant that I always get questions about but purchased from the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, SC and am unsure of the maker. My PB Teen Pom Pom blackout curtains help hide the natural light when I am trying to sleep, and a metallic bin also from PB Teen organize the chaos of cords, so they aren’t strewn across the room. On the other side of my window is another print from Mackenzie Horan’s store. It says “Don’t Believe Me Just Watch” with a navy mat and does a good job at describing my mentality when it comes to being headstrong and driven. So much so, this print was referenced in the senior spotlight my parents wrote for me for one of our sorority’s traditions. Maybe I’ll frame that underneath to bring it full circle. It seems like a fitting piece to have near a desk which is against a half wall (my closet is on the other side) opposite my bed. 




My desk is the same campaign-style piece I purchased from Craigslist and painted. I used it as a second nightstand in my previous bedroom but am loving having it as solely a desk in this space. My desk chair is incredibly comfortable and was previously used in my classroom and is from PB Teen as is the pillow sitting in it. Above my desk is a scallop pin board, from PB Teen as well, filled with pictures of some of my favorite memories and mementos. I shared all about how I styled it in this post if you haven’t seen that. Sitting on my desk are a few books (The Baking Journal, Paris Street Style, Rifle Paper Co Address Book) with a blue and white lamp from Hobby Lobby and a treat from inside a Greetabl sitting on top. In front of that is a ceramic flower dish perfect for paper clips and other miscellaneous desk items. I have two notebooks next to my lamp, a light blue tin my mom found for me, and an organizer from PB teen that helps to keep my clutter contained. On the other side of my desk are some agendas from year’s past, a flower vase, a photo of my brother and me, and an acrylic organizer with receipts, tax forms, and other assorted “adult” forms. On the floor by my desk is a silver basket from Waiting on Martha with a cozy navy throw in it for if I get cold while working at my desk. 

I think that about covers my room although right outside of the door I have a bookshelf with a camel print on top of it. The books are organized based on colors and have knick knacks mixed in to make the space look more styled to avert you from thinking I have too much stuff which is, in reality, the case. If you want to see a video of my space, I have included that below for you as well as many of the products mentioned linked beneath.

Lastly, I am giving away one of Room 422’s Applique Pillows on my Instagram account tonight around 8:30 CST. These pillows help to personalize my room, and I hope that they do the same for whoever happens to win one! 

Dresser Area:
dresser (similar, it looks like they don't make my exact one anymore) // Paris print // acrylic nail polish organizer (similar) // mini diptyque candles 



Walls and Floors:

Desk Area:

Coffee Table Books: 

My Past Bedrooms:

Whew, did you make it through this whole post? Hopefully, the extensive-ness of this post makes up for nothing going live yesterday. I’d love to know if you continue to re-use bedding from space to space or if you prefer to switch things up! 

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