Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Emma Jules

With statement jewelry becoming increasingly popular, so is finding an affordable place to purchase it! Well, look no farther than Emma Jules on Etsy! Majority of their jewels are between $8-$17 which is super affordable!

Emma Jules

Above shows some of my favorite necklaces from Emma Jules and I love all of the different color options and designs offered! I think these could look cute dressed up or down and I know they will be the perfect accent to an outfit!

Majority of the jewelry on Emma Jules is inspired by some designer pieces but have their own flair! Because they are inspired by different companies, the price does not have to reflect the brand represented and you can purchase these pieces at a fraction of the price!

Also, the owner is so sweet and helpful and does her best to ship out items on the same day that they are purchased which is great customer service if you ask me!

Be sure to check out Emma Jules on etsy!

How do you like to wear statement necklaces?


Friday, June 14, 2013

All About the House Review and Giveaway

All About the House is an amazing shop full of organizing printables ranging from meal planners to binder covers with everything in between that can be completely customized to your liking!

If you have an urge to find organization printables look no farther than All About the House. We all know of my love to organize and plan so go figure that this shop struck my fancy! I have an awesome Printable Binder Calendar that is perfect for school that I love using for any and all assignments and tasks! I also love that I can print as many copies of it as I want and I didn't have to wait for it to come in 
the mail. The convinces of having printable items sold is incredible!

The image below gives you an idea of how my calendar looks!

Another great item sold on this shop is their completely customizable Build Your Own Planner!
There are 27 unique planning sheets included in this set PLUS a personalised planner cover and matching binder spine. There are no dates on any of the sheets so you can start using them right away! This is a very affordable planner as you can use it for EVERY/ANY year!

This planner is perfect as it’s nice and colourful without using up too much ink! There is plenty of room to write everything you need in your planner. Pages are formatted to standard A4 (8.5" x 11") size but can be printed A5 if you go to your printers print menu and select 'A5 paper size'.

Would you like to win your own Printable Personalized Planner? Enter Below for a chance to win!

Also, if you are interested in ordering from this shop be sure to use the coupon code PREPINYOURSTEP25 to receive 25% off of your purchase!

Good Luck!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Dilemma

Lilly Pulitzer 2013-2014Agendas have just been released for pre-order and I can't get over how cute all of the cover patterns are! The other day I tweeted "The hardest decision I will make this summer will be which Lilly pattern to choose for my agenda!" and I stand by that statement!

I don't think you could go wrong with any of the covers this year which makes it that much harder to choose! I am obsessing over the True Navy Tusk in Sun print as well as Turquoise Let's Cha Cha! I love elephants and pink and navy so the true navy tusk in sun is calling my name but I have chosen turquoise let's cha cha because it matches my dorm desk containers better!

(these are the prints for the Large agendas because that is my favorite agenda size)

Lilly Agenda Patterns

But don't you think for a second that I am going to just walk on by without something in the true navy tusk in sun print and Lifeguard Press showed a preview of some of the other adorable school supplies that will be available later in the summer!

Which print will you be choosing for your agenda?


Monday, June 10, 2013

The Pinky Girl Monograms

It is no surprise that I love monograms and another thing I love is Instagram. What happens when you put adorable monogrammed merchandise on instagram? You get The Pinky Girl Monograms, one of my new favorite monogram shops! The Pinky Girl Monograms can also be found on their very on website but can more easily be purchased by scrolling through their instagram (@thepinkygirlmonograms) and texting the owner your order, if that isn't customer service than I don't know what is!

The shop is run by a mom and her three daughters and sells decals, tshirts, pajamas, and more! The items are available for pickup if you are local to them or you can get them shipped to your door!

I have a precious pair of seersucker pajama shorts and a fun bow monogrammed phone case from The Pinky Girl Monograms and I could't love them any more than I already do!

I chose the light blue and white seersucker pajama shorts with a round navy monogram! These shorts are super affordable at $16 and they are so comfortable and perfect for hot summer nights!

I also chose a light blue phone case with my monogram in white with a hot pink bow. I have an iPhone 5 and this case cost $20 which is VERY inexpensive for a protective iPhone 5 case.

If you haven't checked out this shop then what are you waiting for? Definitely go check out their website as well as their instagram to see tons of fun products in a wide array of color combinations!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Four Pandas

Monogram Decals are the perfect identifier of your belongings! I would rather stick my monogram on something than write my name so why not monogram a little bit of everything! I am loving the etsy store Four Pandas because of their ease of convince when it comes to monogramming anything and everything! Not only do they sell decals they also sell amazing custom wood monogrammed stamps! Another one of my favorites from Four Pandas is their glitter monogram koozies, they are adorable!

I have an awesome 20 oz monogrammed tumbler from Four Pandas with my monogram in a mint color! I love my tumbler for a bed side table glass! It is so cute and girly and so very practical! Tumblers like this would make a cute birthday gift for a friend or even a cute graduation gift. 

I also have a monogrammed iPhone charger decal that helps me easily spot which charger is mine considering everyone now a days seems to have an iPhone. I again chose the mint color and love the circle script!

If you are looking for the perfect way to personalize your belongings be sure to check out Four Pandas!!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

YT Clothing

Yours Truly Clothing or YT Clothing is becoming well known for their Sideline Style! YT Clothing was started by a mother daughter duo searching for the perfect sideline apparel to wear to cheer on their favorite teams! "The idea was to design a 'go to' dress that could be worn each and every week and yet could easily be accessorized to look differently." This genius idea is perfect for college girls with a budget which drew me to the brand!

My favorite part about the brand is that all of the items are sold in a variety of colors that are perfect to wear when supporting any of your favorite teams!

I recently received the Frances Dress and I love the material it is made out of as well as the style of the dress! It haas a cute razorback with a flawy two layered bottom that is unique enough to look great on its own or accessorized with some fun jewelry!

YT Clothing

Not only does YT Clothing sell perfect dresses but they also sell adorable tops and bottoms that are tail gaiting ready as well! Be on the look out for a fun giveaway by YT Clothing this September!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Milly for Banana Republic

As many of you may know, Banana Republic launched a collaboration with Milly and it couldn't be any cuter! All of the pieces are made with fun prints and the quality is sure to be great as well!

Milly for Banana Republic

Above is a picture of some of my favorites from the collection! Personally, I adore the elephant print and I purchased a pair of shorts in that fun pattern!

Be sure to check out the entire collection here!


Monday, June 3, 2013

PostScript Paper Company and Let's Be Pen Pals!

Being able to customize an item to exactly my desires is something that as a consumer I love! There is no point purchasing a product that you don't entirely love when there are so many different ways to customize something and make it your own. That is one aspect that really drew me into the etsy shop PostScript Paper! All of the color choices are completely up to you and I love that!

When I saw gingham as an option for an envelope liner I knew I had to have some of their stationary! Aside from their incredibly professional looking etsy shop, the stationary is so well made and al of the choices are left up to you! I of course, chose a preppy fun pink and green combo that happened to include my monogram making the stationary that much more personal! 

The design I chose is shown below and in my mind reminds me of a perfect summer picnic, watermelon included!

PostScript Paper has a wide variety of stationary options all of which are customizable making them that much more perfect for you!

Below are my addresses for camp! I will be gone from May 30th to July 28th (meaning blog posts will be sparse). If you write me I will be sure to write back so it is important for you to include your return address! I hope to hear from lots of you this summer! Receiving mail is one of the highlights of my day at camp so I hope y'all will write!

Happy Monday Friends!


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