Monday, October 1, 2018

Step Into My Week

Happy Monday! I have a lot of catching up to do with y’all. I’ve got to be honest, I used to really not like sitting down to write Step Into My Week posts. I continued to do it because it is many of your favorite posts I do (or at least that’s what you’ve told me) and I always wanted to keep a sense of personal connection with you. Well, my lack of enjoyment in writing these posts has changed a bit recently. I’m not sure if it has to do with doing more of what I enjoy job wise during the week or what, but I’m glad that these have become more fun. I still find myself thinking that what I do during the week is kind of boring, but I do appreciate y’all checking in to see what I’ve been up to. 

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Monday was a very normal work day. As I mentioned in my favorite’s post from Friday, I’ve been listening to podcasts at work, and I finished up Dirty John at the beginning of the week. If you were following along on Instagram, then you already know I really like True Crime podcasts (my coworker made fun of the fact that I work for Southern Lady magazine and am listening to things related to murder which is a funny thought). As I was leaving work on Monday, it started pouring down rain, and both of my rain jackets were so conveniently located in my car. I had to run to my car (lost a shoe on the way and had to go back for it) and ended up soaked which was the perfect excuse to go home instead of head to workout. 
Tuesday my team had a staff meeting and celebrated a team member’s birthday with macarons. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but our office has a test kitchen in it, and we are constantly getting emails about new delicious treats in the break room, and I’m pleased to report that these emails have been less tempting (unless they’re about cinnamon rolls because for whatever reason those seem to be a weakness) making macarons a nice treat. After work, Nell joined me at the Y to workout.

Wednesday was pretty normal as well other than getting to pick the final products for one of the first columns I’ve been working on. I have learned so much about what goes into making a single page of a magazine and really enjoyed the hands-on responsibility I was given for this particular column. After work, I went to the gym before heading home and building a bookshelf. I’m definitely ready to not have things to put together all the time for our house, but I have a feeling it’ll be a while before that becomes a reality since we still have a lot of space to fill. The highlight of my Wednesday was when my roommate, Rebecca, opened her Amazon order to discover that instead of purchasing one 8 oz. bag of marshmallows for our housewarming party on Saturday that instead she purchased 8 bags. Our chocolate to graham cracker to marshmallow ratio is WAY off but led to us bent over in hysterics. It seems like we are going to need to have lots of deck parties with our fire pit to make our way through all of the marshmallows we currently have. 

Thursday was another rainy day in Birmingham and a very productive day at work. I also got to run errands for a stylist which I love doing. After work, I attempted to figure out how we want to hang the outdoor lights we got for our deck at home depot. Word to the wise, you’ll look especially clueless in Home Depot if you walk in in a pink rain jacket although I got fewer weird looks when people saw that I had mapped out a diagram of our plan of action. This project remained a work in progress even after my Home Depot excursion. I went home afterward to do some things around the house before making dinner, showering, and getting ready for bed. 

Friday, I woke up with so much energy and excitement. I love Friday’s (which I talked about on Instagram stories @prepinyourstep) especially since I have made a habit of going to Starbucks in the morning. The Starbucks I go to has no drive through so people watching while I wait for my coffee is really fun not to forget to mention that it’s in a pretty location. After work, I had a specific to-do list to get through in order to prepare for the housewarming party my roommate, and I hosted on Saturday and not a ton of time to get everything done. From Target to Trader Joe’s to building a coffee table, getting ready, and packing an overnight bag I had a lot to do before heading to Auburn for my closest childhood friend’s ENGAGEMENT! Kate and I have been best friends since first grade and although we don’t get to see each other that often I love picking right back up where we left off when we do get to hang out in person. I had known about the engagement since early August, but it wasn’t until the day came that I really felt like it was happening. I’ve included some gems of Kate and me from the past that made me so excited for this new adventure for her. The plan was for us to head to her house where Kate’s and her fiancés’ parents were preparing dinner and small gathering for them to celebrate the engagement with family and friends. It was so fun to see Kate and her family and meet her friends that I hadn’t met before. I’m sure it was one of those world colliding moments for her most of the night. I felt so included when Kate saw me behind her parents and screamed my name. It was so fun to see her that thrilled about all of her people in one place and the engagement.


Saturday was homecoming for Auburn, and with an early game, I tried my best to head out of town before things got too chaotic. I grabbed breakfast with a friend in Auburn before hitting the road back to Birmingham to finish preparing for the housewarming party my roommate and I were hosting. Namely, that was hanging lights on our back deck. After a lot of frustration doing this solo and it not going according to my diagram I called in reinforcement. Nell, her roommate Madeleine, and their friend Kevin came over to help out. With some extra hands and encouragement, we got everything hung and set up for the night. The best part about this party is that my roommate and I only knew about 6 of the people invited, so we didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve always heard that you have to be kind of bold when trying to make friends in a new city and I think this shindig fit that bill. We had the people we know invite other friends over so that we could expand our circle. While the group wasn’t huge that night, we had a great time getting to know one another hanging out around our fire pit making s’mores. Everyone stayed until around 11:00 and then Rebecca and I cleaned up before heading to bed. 


Sunday morning, I slept in a little bit before going to church with Nell and Rebecca. Before getting ready I spent the morning sipping coffee, eating some pumpkin bread, and watching Gilmore Girls which seemed like the perfect way to start a fall morning. We met Rebecca at the 11:00 service and then headed back to the house to have lunch before Nell, and I went to the library for me to blog and her to study. I’m really loving having an excuse to sit in the library to work, and it has me ready to tackle the work week with most blog posts completed in advance. This library also has free coffee which is the easiest way to make me a fan. Afterward, Nell was kind enough to help me with a few photos for upcoming posts before we did our own thing before meeting up with a group for the last $5 burger deal of the month at Five Burger. Then it was back home to shower and get ready for the work week! 

I’ve decided that I am going to do the “lately” portion of Step Into My Week blog posts every other week as I mentioned in last week’s post since they remain similar from week to week. 

I hope that y’all had the best week and are as excited about this week beginning October as I am. 

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