Tuesday, November 12, 2019

#StepUpYourReading Cozy Christmas Reads with Phoebe of Read & Wright

On the forecast for today was mixed precipitation making it feel like we are jumping right past fall straight into winter. The trees are finally colorful and given these colder temperatures I have a feeling the leaves will be falling off of them soon. I don't mind winter until February rolls around and then I am usually over it. But, winter is especially great toward the end of November and well into December given that I have Christmas to decorate for and look forward to. I’m not sure when we will put our tree up but my mind has already started to shift from Thanksgiving to Christmas when it comes to gifts to buy and what I need to do for the blog to help y’all prepare alongside me. Whatever your take on the holiday season, being forced inside means that having a good book on hand is a must. Phoebe of Read & Wright is back today sharing her festive book picks to help you get into the holiday spirit!
If you’re a firm believer in that anything Christmas has to wait until after Thanksgiving, you have my permission to bookmark this post and come back to it on Black Friday! Or, as Lilly Pulitzer calls it, Colorful Friday! Or go out and get these from your local bookstore or library and save them for your post-Thanksgiving food coma! 

In the blogging world, we tend to start thinking about the holidays way earlier, like retail. And in my personal world, I start thinking about Christmas in August because it’s my favorite time of year. I’m a December baby, so I can’t help it! 

One of my favorite ways to get into the Christmas spirit is by reading a cozy Christmas book, of course! I’m rounding up some of my favorites and rating them on the Hallmark Scale of Cheesiness for you. 
Hallmark Rating: 1
This is probably my favorite book by Elin Hilderbrand, and I love all her stuff. I love the structure of it, and the characters are just so.good. As a bonus, its a series! The order of the series is Winter Street, Winter Stroll, Winter Storms, Winter Solstice. The Quinn Family is just my fav! 

Synopsis: The island of Nantucket is preparing for the annual Christmas Eve party at the Winter Street Inn until owner Kelley Quinn cancels. He caught his wife quite literally kissing Santa Claus, his youngest son has been deployed into Afganistan, and his three older children aren’t making life any easier. A heartwarming family drama set against the days leading up to Christmas, it will quickly get you into the festive mood! 

Hallmark Rating: 4
This is a great YA option! And it just came out as a movie on Netflix with an all-star cast. It’s made up of three novellas, so they’re fun to read all at once or on their own! 

Synopsis: One snowstorm in one small town weaves the lives of three different teenagers (and one teacup pig) together on Christmas Eve. Festive drama and romance abound! 

Hallmark Rating: 1
This was one of Reese’ Bookclub picks last year! It’s not so much Christmassy as it’s a winter romance that begins and ends at Christmas. So if you’re not too into Christmas, this is a great option! 

Synopsis: A charming and immensely moving story about fate as we follow the lives of two characters who have a chance meeting on a cold night in December. It is romantic, lightly Christmasy (you can really read it all year long), and thoughtful. Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes! 

Hallmark Rating: 8
If I’m being honest, I didn’t love this one, but it could be the right book for you! It’s light, sweet, and highly predictable. But the characters are still fun, and it’s a story a lot of people can relate to it, I think! I’d classify it as “missed opportunity romance at Christmas time.” 

Synopsis: When a group of twenty-somethings move into a house in London together, they’re given strict orders not to engage in any inter-house relationships. This is a book about chemistry, friendship, and festive cheer.  

Hallmark Rating: 4
Synopsis: A couple has been waiting to celebrate the milestone of their daughter’s December wedding while harboring a secret: their own divorce. Can they get through the events after living apart for six months, in a romantic winter wonderland? 

Hallmark Rating: 9
Like Elin Hilderbrand, Nancy Thayer writes about life on Nantucket! This is another wedding centered book (did you know I’m engaged, it’s a theme). 

Synopsis: A Christmas wedding, an overbearing mother, and an ex-boyfriend from the past come together in a holiday drama about trusting your gut and believing in love. 

Hallmark Rating: 10
Oh gosh, this one is SO cheesy but so cute too! You may love it, and the cover art is to die for. So festive! 

Synopsis: A toy store on the island of Nantucket is in t
rouble financially, and it hasn’t snowed all year. Enter an adorable little girl full of hope, a classic Scrooge, and a love story to make your heartache, all while the temperatures drop, and the holiday lights begin to glow. 

Hallmark Rating: 7
Synopsis: A single mom inherits a toy shop in Love, Alaska, and sets out to have it ready to open by Christmas. Her son is ready for a new daddy, but she doesn’t have time for new love until a childhood friend returns to help her get the business ready. 

Hallmark Rating: 3
I’ve had this one for years and love to read a few of the small stories every day in December. It has a nice range of stories, from funny and light to religious to sadly beautiful. 

Synopsis: If you’ve read any of the Chicken Soup books before, you’ll know the structure! Regular, every day, people submit their stories to be included in the anthologies. I love this one because you can pick it up and read a few every day! 

Hallmark Rating: 4
Can you even with this cover?! I think it’s so beautiful. It’s the first thing that caught my eye about the book! 

Synopsis: Love, fate, and holiday cheer abound all while set in a charming inn in the idyllic mountains of Vermont the week after Christmas. 

25 Days til Christmas by Poppy Alexander 
Hallmark Rating: 3
Synopsis: After Kate’s husband left with the Army and didn’t come home, she can’t stand the month of December. But this year, she is determined to make it a holiday to remember for her son, Jack, so she creates her own Christmas countdown. An emotional and heartwarming story of the loneliest woman in town crossing paths with the most isolated man, leaving us to believe in the power of the unexpected. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Step Into My Week 11.11

Happy Monday! I have today off for Veterans Day and had the most relaxing morning before coming to a coffee shop for a good bit of the day to attempt to get ahead on blog
work as we enter into the busiest time of the year. 

Last week was one that went by quickly and slowly all at once. As I was thinking back about what all I’ve done this past week, Monday felt like forever ago even though the week didn’t feel like it lingered on. Since I forgot to bring my planner home (I was too excited to hit the road on Friday afternoon), my weekly recap is going to be short and sweet and only really point out things that I did out of the ordinary. 

Monday was spent getting work done at my desk with a workout at the Y following it. I cooked some chicken, and Brussel sprouts that evening while listening to an audiobook and then spent a decent bit of time working on gathering product ideas for the gift guides I’ve been working on. 

Tuesday, I had a few different meetings at work and had plans to meet my friend Caroline at True40 Cahaba at 5:45. I usually go to the downtown location since that tends to be what works best for me time-wise, but it was fun to get to go there with her. I came home and showered afterward before getting in bed to continue to work on blog tasks.

I shadowed a couple of food shoots in the studio on Wednesday so that I am a bit more familiar with those as I prepare to transition into my new role as a stylist at work. I had meetings that coincided with the shoot, and by the time those finished, the food shoots had wrapped as well. I continued to get stuff done at work before heading to true40 after work and then bible study.

Thursday was spent mainly working on stuff at my desk, but after work, I was able to head home, start some laundry, and then go to an alumni event for Furman at a local brewery. Nell and I went together, making it nice to have a buddy, but we were able to meet a lot of other Furman grads that are currently in the area. We left there close to 8:00, and I went home to finish my laundry and start to pack since I was heading to Greenville, SC directly from work on Friday. 

Friday morning, I woke up at my normal time so that I could finish packing and make sure I had a clean room to come home to. I went to Starbucks and answered a few emails on my way to work and had to make a few returns for a stylist before my day was done at noon. From there, I started the about five-hour drive to Greenville, which was overall pretty uneventful. I arrived in Greenville around 6:00, and Sophia and I were quick to head downtown so that we could eat at Cantina and order margaritas while it was still happy hour. We ate so much queso and guacamole along with our tacos while finally getting to catch each other up on life in person. We headed back to her apartment once we finished our meal and continued to catch up before eventually calling it a night.

We slept in on Saturday morning and enjoyed a latte from the fancy machine she and her husband got as a wedding gift before getting ready to meet a group of friends at Sully’s Steamers for bagels. From there, Sophia and I walked into some shops downtown and made our way to Furman for a long walk around campus, stops at our favorite tables in the library, and a walk through a few other buildings on campus. We went back to her apartment that afternoon and facetimed our friend Ellison, watched Sophia’s wedding video, and showered to get ready for dinner downtown. Before our dinner reservation, we went to Up On The Roof for a drink and their chicken lettuce wraps while watching the sad ending of the Alabama game. From there, we went to Jianna and split an appetizer and entre before heading to Foxcroft for dessert and another drink. I highly recommend a progressive dinner like this when you have a long list of food places to visit but a finite number of meals to enjoy them. We went back to her apartment afterward and went to sleep.

We slept in again on Sunday and enjoyed lattes in our pajamas before getting ready and heading to Tandem in Travelers Rest. I started my drive back after we finished our crepes, but it was easier to leave knowing that Sophia will be coming to visit me in Birmingham in January! I worked on packaging up some returns and unpacking once I got home before Nell, Caroline, my roommate, and I all enjoyed our favorite Sidewall Pizza from Greenville that I drove back with. They stayed at our house for a while, and once they left Rebecca and I called it a night. 

This week has a couple of random things that I am looking forward to that I’ll be sure to share with y’all next Monday! 

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Saturday Shopping vol. 28

Hello, from Greenville, South Carolina, for a weekend spent catching up and overeating with one of my best friends, Sophia! Cold weather has made itself comfortable in Birmingham, which is what inspired sharing cozy sweaters and colorful coats in today’s Saturday Shopping post. There are a few finds that would need a bit of layering if you’re planning to wear them out of the house, but I have no doubt that something will catch your eye. And if I’m right, you can click directly on the item in the image below to shop the pieces! Happy Saturday! 

Friday, November 8, 2019

What Planner I'm Using Next Year

Call me crazy, but a fresh planner without any writing in it brings me so much joy! So much so that I get a little bit nervous before I write in it for the first time. I already have a few things that need to go on my calendar for 2020, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to put pen to paper for the first time just yet. Maybe once December begins, I’ll force myself to start writing things down, but for the time being, I’ll just let it sit on my desk (since naturally, it matches my room) without any of my schedule imposing on it. 

Based on my analytics from previous posts, y’all are very interested in my planner, planner organization, and the why behind what led me to choose one planner over the other. While I know 2020 isn’t here just yet, now is the time to go ahead and order one (before they sell out) or add it to your Christmas list. For those of you who have been around here for the long haul, you probably remember that from my sophomore year of college until last year, I used a Day Designer. Last year I opted for one of Emily Ley’s Dapper Desk Planners since it was a bit more compact, and while I loved it, I missed all of the room that my Day Designer had. You really can’t go wrong with either since the interior set up is very similar. 

I think one of the reasons I love my Day Designer so much is that each day has its own page. Let’s circle back to me being nervous about messing it up and write in it, well if I do end up messing it up, I get a new page the following day! Having each day broken down by hours is helpful, especially so when I was a student, and I still use it to an extent when scheduling workouts, time with friends, and when I may have work meetings throughout the day. Weekends are the only days in which you don’t have an individual page per day since Saturday and Sunday are together. I don’t mind this since now, especially, my weekends aren’t spent with especially long to-do lists. 

I will plan to share an updated planner organization post toward the end of January when I have mine organized how I like it, but I’ve included previous years’ posts below for you to get a better look at both the Day Designer and Dapper Desk.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

October Favorites

So as not to bore you, I’m not going to dig into how unreal I find it that it is already November. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here in NO TIME, and while that is exciting, I feel like it was January about three weeks ago. Wow! 

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, October flew by (as has this year), but I do feel like I got to try out some new items that I’ve been loving and am excited to share with y’all. Many of them are affordable, which I know is appreciated. I’ve shared my thoughts on each of these items in the video below but also went ahead and wrote about them in case you’d prefer to read my review instead! 

I love casual and comfortable pieces that look more put together than they feel. I quickly discovered that this sweatshirt fits that bill. It’s a bit cropped but still long enough to wear with high waisted jeans without feeling the slightest bit exposed. With animal print being very in this year, it’s on-trend without being a trendy piece if that makes sense. I have found it on a few different retailers’ sites since it seems to be sold out in some sizes on a few of the sites, here and here.

I know I’m not alone in trying to find simple white t-shirts that are thick enough to wear without a tank top underneath to make them not see through. While this shirt is a bit more involved than being a “simple” white top due to the cute sleeve detailing, it is a thick enough material that it can be worn without a cami/tank top underneath. I have worn it with jean shorts and tucked into jeans this week with cute sneakers, and while being casual, it looks effortlessly put together. 

Would you believe that these shoes are only $16? That makes them the perfect on-trend sneaker for the season. I wore these all day to a photoshoot at work and even a tailgate and football game this past month with complete comfort. The blush color is neutral enough to wear with other colors, and the perforated detail adds interest to the design. Since these are a little different than most shoes given that they are trendy, the inexpensive price tag made them a great and worthwhile risk, given that they made my monthly favorites. 

This past month I have gotten in the habit of going to True40 as my workout. Currently, there are only studios in Alabama and Georgia (so sorry for those of you in other states), but I’d like to think that in the future, the company will continue to expand. True40 has a 60-minute workout class that is a mix of barre, Pilates, and yoga that also incorporates cardio. Many of the movements are very small and involve isometric holds, which have helped me tone in addition to the cardio work I had previously been doing. I think what I love the most about True40 aside from the beautiful studios and people there is the fact that I can work a variety of muscle groups without having to think up a workout on my own. I go about three times a week and always leave feeling encouraged and accomplished. 

When I am working out, I want something that is loose and a decent length, which can be a lot harder to find than one might anticipate. When I saw these Fabletics tanks, I knew I hit the jackpot. They have a higher neckline and cut in at your shoulders in a flattering way (unlike many of the muscle style tanks). The split curved side hem makes them a bit more interesting, and the lightweight material is breathable no matter the workout. I believe I ordered mine in a size medium, and when other colors come back in stock, I’ll probably opt for a small. They do tend to sell out given their affordable price point and quality, so if you happen to see one in your size and want it act fast. 

I don’t think I ever remembered to name the color of this nail polish when I was talking about it in the video, but Essie’s Petal Pushers nail polish seemed to remain on my nails for October. The color is a nice blue-gray, which acts as almost a neutral if that makes sense. 

I’ve talked about my love of Perfect Bars before, but my only complaint was that I often didn’t want to eat an entire bar at once since they usually served as my pre-workout snack. Now, the kids’ size is an even better solution than putting half of a full-size bar in a ziplock. I can eat these in about three bites, and given how much protein they have are a good snack to keep me full between meals. They come in the refrigerator section in a box of five, and I get mine at Publix.

I have a podcast recommendation for y’all that I am so excited about. A coworker mentioned this in one of our team meetings, and I immediately wrote the name down since it sounded like something I would enjoy. Full Body Chills is the newest podcast from the creators of Crime Junkies and tells semi spooky (but not scary) stories that give you exactly what the title states, full-body chills. Sadly I think the first season is complete, and I’m hoping they don’t wait until next October to release the next, but I flew through these stories! 

I told you these favorites were random. A cookie scoop is something that for a long time, I liked the idea of but couldn’t justify having since I could easily use two spoons to shape and place cookie dough. On a whim at Target, I decided to get one, and after making this recipe with the cookie scoop I am sad, I went so long without one. Mine is by the brand OXO, but I found this less expensive one on Amazon! 

Now I want to know what makes the cut as your October favorite?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fall Amazon Finds (Including 2 Sweaters I Own And Love)

I don’t think I’m sharing any breaking news when I say that it is all too easy to find anything you need (and didn’t know you needed) on Amazon. Whether you’re on the hunt for a picture frame, toilet paper, or any other miscellaneous item, it has become a go-to spot for online shoppers, especially those with prime. So when a friend mentioned she would love to see a round-up of affordable fall clothing finds from the retailer, I used it as an excuse to browse for longer than usual. And I know I only scratched the surface of all that can be found there. 

I was surprised to see one of my favorite sweaters from a local boutique available with free two-day shipping and was less surprised to see my go-to white sweater sold out but available in a plethora of other colors. 

Sweaters tend to be my go-to in the fall, so you’ll see a lot of those below, and if you find one you’re interested in purchasing, all you have to do is click directly on it in the graphic to be taken to where it can be purchased! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Seasonal Closet Organization Tips

So often, I get comments from y’all about how productive and on top of things I seem. And while that’s a big compliment, it’s not always the truth. Like anyone else, I procrastinate some things and have to-do lists that certainly don’t get done. Recently, I’ve been putting off a project that isn’t my favorite as I’m doing it but always results in me feeling a little bit more organized, my seasonal closet cleanout. 

It had gotten to the point where I was digging through hang up bags in the morning to find a particular sweater that hadn’t made its way to my closet yet when I decided I needed to stop putting this off. I definitely have more clothes than I need, which is why I have to switch out my wardrobe from spring/summer to fall/winter throughout the year. I’d like to think I could downsize enough where that wouldn’t be necessary, but with a walk-in closet at my parents’ house in Fairhope, it’s hard to take on that mentality when out of season pieces can go and live with them there (which they hate). 

Over time it has become a lot easier to do this since I have a system, but ultimately, it comes down to actually forcing myself to make time for this project. I say that because it usually takes me over an hour and looks a whole lot worse before it ever looks better. In case you’ve been putting off doing this yourself, I motivated myself by filming the process to share with y’all alongside the steps I take to get it over with. These steps are probably no brainers, but as a list person, it helps me to feel like I’m accomplishing something even when my bed is covered with clothes halfway through the process. 

Step 1: Take Out All Of Your Hanging Clothes
Leave nothing behind as you move everything out of your closet so that later on, you’ll be able to look at each piece and decide if it’s worth keeping. By taking all of my hanging clothes out, I can focus on the other shelves and bins I have to make sure those don’t get overlooked in the process.

Step 2: Organize What Remains In Your Closet
I am lucky that my closet is big enough for me to have brought in a few different pieces of “furniture” that help to keep everything neat. The white storage organizers you see are both from Target, as are the navy bins that line the top of my closet and fit into the long organizer. I like to go through each of those bins to make sure everything in them is neat and worth keeping, and I do the same with my shoes moving my fall and winter ones to the shoe rack and storing any wedges on top of the cube organizer. 

Step 3: Put The Clothes You Know You Are Going To Keep For The Season Back In Your Closet
Since my parents brought me my fall and winter clothes in hang up bags when they came to visit a while back, it was nice to be able to get a few things off of my bed and directly into my closet. When placing these pieces into my closet, I did look through them to double-check that everything was worth keeping, but I had done that before storing them last seasonal closet switch, which made that a quick process.


Step 4: Figure Out How You’d Like To Organize The Pieces You’re Keeping
This all boils down to personal preference. I like to organize both by piece and by color, which may sound like a lot of work but has actually become a habit for me. I start with skirts and tend to hang two on each of the clipped hangers I have. Behind that, I have some of the pants that I have hung up instead of folded, and then I move into all of my tops. Within each color section, I start with tanks and move my way to short sleeves and then long sleeves if I have those before moving on to the next color (typing this out is reminding me just how Type A I can be with some things, yikes). My shirts continue to be organized that way until they are all hung up. After my tops, I have a few vests and then in the back corner have all of my jackets. The bars nearly intersect in the back, making it harder to get to things, so the best way I’ve found to organize my coats is to keep the ones that I don’t wear as often at the very back with the more frequently worn ones closest to my vests. On the back bar are sweaters and dresses organized in the same way! 

Step 5: Go Through Everything Else Deciding What To Keep, Store, and Donate
Be ruthless. If you haven’t worn something, don’t keep it. I like to make piles of clothes to store for the next season, sell, and donate. Anything that doesn’t fit those categories is what will end up back in my closet to wear in the coming seasons! 

Step 6: Move Everything You’re Keeping Into Your Closet
The homestretch! Anything that made the cut can be organized according to the system you determined in Step 4, and then you’re done! 

If you want to watch me in action as I completed these steps, you can do that in the video below! 

I did my best to include some of the organizational items I have in my closet below for you in case you’re interested: 

Monday, November 4, 2019

Step Into My Week 11.4

Brace yourself, friends, even as I outlined this Step Into My Week post, I realized just how jam-packed it would be. After writing it, I can further confirm that and reassure you that this week will be slightly calmer in case you’re concerned with how all over the place I’ve been. I will say, however, that I have been looking forward to this weekend since I get to visit one of my favorite people in a favorite place. Any guesses? For now, my lips are sealed, but you’ll definitely read about it in next week’s Step Into My Week post.

So, I’ve been keeping a little secret from y’all, and now that I know the results, I feel comfortable sharing more of the details behind it. If you recall from last week’s post, I was spending a lot of time off the clock preparing for a photoshoot. Well, that photoshoot was actually my audition (the second step of the interview process) for a prop/photo stylist role (still at the same company that I currently work for) that I have been in the process of interviewing for since early October. Monday was the day of the shoot, and the parameters were for me to plan and execute independently a shoot that could run in an upcoming issue around the theme of a boys’ baby shower. I was given some inspiration images and a plate to use, but the rest was on me. I got up early on Monday so that I could go directly to the shoot location to prepare before our photographer, the senior stylist, and a few of our VPs showed up. I could see my breath in the morning as I prepared, but by the afternoon it was so hot in the sun that I had wished I weren’t in a sweater. I was really pleased with how everything came together for the shoot and received positive feedback while on location. After the shoot wrapped a little before 4:00, I came home to unload everything and begin to sort out the props. I was pretty exhausted at that point and relieved to have that part of the interview process out of my hands. I am pretty sure I went to bed before 8:30 that night.


Tuesday was a much more normal day since I was back in the office. I had two pieces to finish up for our Winter issue that I worked on in the morning and then had a team lunch at Chuy’s to break up the day. I spent the afternoon working through expense reports, resources, and the January/February binder I had missed from the day before. After work, I decided to go for a run since I knew that with the time changing after-work runs would be a thing of the past, given how early it will be dark. I still ended up having to use my flashlight on the way back but was able to finish in time to eat dinner and catch up on the phone with a friend before going over to a friends’ house for a girl’s wine night while playing “spicy uno.” I’m not positive if my friends made up this game or not, but it way a lot of fun and a good way to mix up our routine on a weeknight. 

Wednesday at work was pretty normal, and I was able to spend a lot of the day planning ahead content for our social media. After work, I went to true40 and then quickly made dinner at home before bible study. There ended up being a smaller group of us, and we had already planned to celebrate Caroline’s engagement that evening, so we saved the chapter we read for this coming week and caught up with one another instead. Afterward, I headed home to shower and get a little bit of blog work done before I fell asleep.

Thursday was Halloween, which meant we had a breakfast party at work to celebrate and were told to go home at 3:00. Before heading out, I was able to finish up social captions and winter resources, which felt productive. I went home to change afterward since I was able to go to an earlier true40 class than usual. From there, I changed and was off to Macy and her roommates’ house in Homewood for their annual Halloween chili dinner, where we also pass out candy to trick or treaters. Macy’s roommate Sarah made the cutest appetizer board that was perfectly on theme for the occasion. My roommate and I headed out around 9:00 and were probably asleep before most of the trick or treaters that evening.  


Friday morning, I woke up to frigid temperatures making a sweater and a scarf finally seasonally acceptable! I went to Starbucks in the morning to respond to emails and get a bit of blog work accomplished before going into the office. I was working through scheduling some social media posts when I received a call from our HR director asking me to come to her office. I figured my day was about to get worse or a lot better, and fortunately, it was the later! I was officially offered the stylist role and met with our senior stylist after that meeting to talk through feedback from the shoot and discuss the transition into that position. I’ll officially begin that after Thanksgiving unless my position is filled sooner, and I am beyond thrilled that this position became open and that I’ll be able to fill it.

After work, I went to Starbucks to begin working on holiday gift guides for the blog (wild that it is already that time of the year). After being there for a while, I headed home to film a video before getting ready to meet my friend Allie at true40. After the class was over, we met Nell at Taco Mama, where our favorite waiter gave us plenty of margaritas to go around. On my way home, Nell had me stop by her apartment, where she had a card, champagne, and baby bites (a Birmingham favorite of mine) waiting on me to celebrate the promotion. I’ve always known I have great friends, but when they celebrate you this well, it’s just another reminder of that. After eating a couple, I went home to shower and quickly get ready before meeting some friends to head to a Halloween party. I’m not sure the exact number of people there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it neared triple digits at some points. We stayed for a while and ran into some other people we knew but were all back home before midnight. 

I woke up on Saturday morning to more great weather and treated myself to breakfast in bed while watching Amazon’s Modern Love and worked on blog content. After doing that for a while, I wanted to take advantage of the cooler temperature and went for a run. Afterward, I went to a new coffee shop in Homewood, Bandit, before running a few errands. I showered, did some laundry, and headed down the street to a friend’s house to watch the Georgia Florida game. That night Caroline and I had a dinner date at The Essential. I think I was getting over a cold, so getting in bed early and relaxing was at the top of my to-do list once I got home. 

Sunday, I started my morning at Starbucks before meeting my roommate at church. I went to Trader Joe’s directly after and came home to cook and begin switching my closet from spring and summer to my fall and winter clothes. That was quite the undertaking and was broken up with a phone call to my parents and meeting my aunt’s friend at a new wine bar in Mountain Brook. Once I got home, I made dinner, finished my closet project, and called it a night. 

I told you it was a busy week! Hopefully, yours was busy in a good way, and I look forward to catching you up on this week next Monday.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Saturday Shopping vol. 27

Happy Saturday! Now that it is November the temperature decided to skip past fall, and it was in the 30s most of yesterday. Because of that, I thought it would be fun to share some of the cute sweaters and jackets to keep you warm as it continues to get cold! To shop any of the items below, click directly on the product to be taken to where it can be purchased.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Gil and Shannon's California Wedding

Happy Halloween! Hopefully, it’s not as rainy wherever you are as it is here. Growing up, it was always a bummer to have to cover up a costume with a rain jacket or on the rare occasion that it decided to get chilly in Alabama in October, a real jacket. Today’s post involves dressing up but in a bit of a different way since I’m sharing the photos from my brother and now sister-in-law, Shannon’s wedding day. These are the last of the wedding photos I have from this past summer, and it has been kind of nice to have a break from the wedding circuit for a bit until it gears up again in 2020. 

I shared tons of details about their wedding week and weekend in this post, but I am so excited to be sharing some of the photos from their big day. Shannon and Gil met while Gil was in law school at Stanford and ultimately decided to get married on campus there since Shannon grew up nearby. The wedding was over Labor Day weekend at 3:00 on Saturday, and a cocktail hour, seated dinner, and reception followed. 

Of all the weddings I was in this summer, y’all had the most questions about the bridesmaid dress I wore for this one. Shannon was a very laid-back bride (from what I saw, her sister may say otherwise but she was nothing but calm on the day of) and selected the color and site for us to order from and let us do the rest. Being indecisive, it didn’t take long for me to fill my cart with options to ultimately narrow it down to the style I wore, Azazie’s Lindsey dress in “dusty blue.” Sizing was a little bit tricky, and I followed the guide given but ended up having to return the A4 for the A2, which is what I ended up wearing without having to alter. The price of this dress was really affordable as bridesmaids’ dresses go, and I do feel like it’s one that I can re-wear from this summer without everyone automatically being able to pinpoint it as a bridesmaid dress. As if I haven’t raved about it enough, the style I selected has pockets! If you’re a bride looking for a classic and affordable option for your bridesmaids, I’d definitely look through Azazie’s site

I hope y’all enjoy looking through the photos their photographer, Danny Dong, took from Gil and Shannon’s wedding day! 

Bridesmaid Dress: Azazie

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