Monday, March 31, 2014

Perfect Spring Formal Frocks

It is formal season everyone! Every weekend from now until the end of the school year has some sort of formal going on here at Furman! My formal was last weekend and I will have more pictures and details from that up tomorrow but for now it's all about the most important part (aside from finding a date, so stressful), the dress!

At Furman for formals girls do either short or long dresses depending on their preference but I am definitely saving my long dresses for winter formals and breaking out those fun spring colors now! I noticed at formal that not everyone's dresses were the dressiest but it truly is all about your preference!

Below I have included some great dress options that you can rent or buy!

(Renting dresses from Rent the Runway is far more popular than I would have guessed! Just keep in mind that if the dress you are hoping to rent costs more than a new dress then just get a new dress that you can keep!)

middle left (on sale now) | middle middle (in red and in blue) | middle right

bottom left | bottom middle (have this in black and it looks killer on) | bottom left

I've also been told that if you use a link from someone who already has an account with Rent the Runway then you can get $20 off your first rental which is awesome! Here is a link and I hope it works!

PS | My formal dress is one of the ones in the above image! Which one do you think it is?

Check back tomorrow to find out!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where You Work | Workspace Linkup

Personally, Sundays are days where I am more than likely to end up sitting at my desks for more than a few hours in order to get some work done for the upcoming week. Talk about perfect timing for a link up showing the blog world where you work! East Cost Girl In Pearls, Life With rMe, and I have created this because we are nosey and want to see your desk area!

Feel free to post a post of your own on your own blog or instagram your workspace with #shouwuswhereyouwork

This is an overview of my desk. I use my desk for homework but it also doubles as where I get ready in the morning, hence why you see a mirror and makeup brushes as well as pens and books!


In the long drawer of my desk I keep makeup and jewelry. I have acrylic separators from target that work great to keep things in their proper place!

My top deep drawer keeps typical desk supplies like scissors, paper, tape, a stapler, and other miscellaneous items of that sort!

The second drawer keeps hair products and beauty supplies.

Next I have a drawer that holds anything that doesn't really have a specific place to stay. Movies, a hammock, and anything else random.

And lastly, here is a peak at the left side of my desk which is where I keep my perfume, lotions, and makeup brushes!


Link Up Below!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break New York City Trip | Day Four | Lilly Pulitzer Showroom

I had the most amazing opportunity to tour the Lilly Pulitzer Showroom in New York during my trip and it was a surreal experience. I never really knew of the opportunities that could result from blogging and this one felt like a dream. Shannon and I were both able to go so I split from my group and headed towards Times Square to grab her for our adventure!

When you walk into the showroom you feel like you are in Palm Beach during the summer you could never imagine the hustle and bustle of New York City outside. I was able to see some of the new pieces for this Summer and Fall and the colors, prints, and styles are so incredible! You better start saving your money now!

In true southern fashion we came bearing a hostess gift for the girls at the Lilly Showroom for allowing us the opportunity to come for a tour. We thought these flowers in the brightest colors we could find would do just the trick!


Post tour we snapped a pic and did a little bit of shopping together!

The real (southern) Serena and Blair have come to claim their thrones! Xoxo, Gossip Girl!

Next it was taking a cab and catching back up with my crew for our lunch reservation at Serendipity!

All of the rooms in the restaurant were so different and I couldn't get over how fun the ceiling in our room was!

Serendipity - the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. That's what living with my roommate Nell is is like, the frozen hot chocolate is just an added bonus. These pictures go to show that 1. our relationship is filled with laughter and the 2. you can not take a photo with hot chocolate that looks normal or where both people are serious!

We got the frozen peanut butter hot chocolate and it was so good! Definitely split these though, they are huge! 

Then it was time to head back to Greenville. Clearly we had a blast and I am so glad I got to create so many fabulous memories with some of my closest friends! After we got back on Tuesday night it was a quick turn around because on Wednesday Nell, Caroline, and I road tripped down to Alabama for the second half of our Spring Break!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break New York City Trip | Day Three

While in New York had the awesome opportunity to meet up for brunch with Carly from The College Prepster! Her blog was one of the first ones I read and it was so fun to sit down and chat with her for a while! My friend Shannon was also in New York with her mom and she was able to join us as well! Such a cool experience and Carly is so incredibly nice!

Furman girls take over the city!

Bye bye Shannon and Mama Hessen!

Next up it was Empire State Building! The line was not bad at all so we just scooted up to the top!

It was pretty foggy out but the weather was comfortable and we could still see a decent bit!

The other half of our group decided they wanted to see the Empire State Building at night so it was just the three amigos for this day and honestly I was fine with that!

After that we went on a shopping excursion on Madison, Park, and Fifth!
Thought today looked fun? I had the most awesome experience ever on the fourth day, you'll probably want to check it out!

Itinerary for the day:
·      Breakfast at The Mansion Restaurant @ 9:30
·      Empire State Building
·      Shopping on 5th, Park, and Madison
·      Lunch Location TBD
·      Regroup at Apartment
·      Find a nicer restaurant in the area to eat dinner at!
·      Hang out and watch movies / pack and condense your stuff

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Decor 2 Ur Door Giveaway

This semester is flying by and I find it unreal that I only have 5 weeks left of my freshman year of college. Honestly, I am not ready for it to be over although I could handle living at school without the school work and tests! I can clearly remember my first week here and even my first day at Furman. Time really does fly when you are having fun!

Now I feel so old as I see high school juniors touring schools and high school seniors making big decisions when it comes to their school choice, roommate pairings, and the most fun… dorm room decoration decisions!

I adore the way my room turned out and as silly as it may seem, the more decorated it is (without being cramped) the more like home and comfortable I am here! There are so many great ways to go about decorating and I personally mixed up where I bought various dorm items from, specifically my dorm bedding! When you are trying to match with your roommate or even just purchase one cohesive set it is probably a lot easier to just get it all at one place! An excellent option for that is Decor 2 Ur Door, a site that specializes in dorm room bedding and accessories!

All of their sets are adorable and you are sure to find one that you love since you have the opportunity to completely design it on your own! Here are a few of my favorites!


Be sure to check out Decor 2 Ur Door for all of your dorm needs and enter below through the raffelcopter widget!

Good Luck!

PS. Check out my post from earlier today all about Day 2 of my New York City Spring Break Trip!

Spring Break New York City Trip | Day Two

Day two in New York was just as much of a dream as day one! Strolling through Central Park in search of the ice skating rink was first on our agenda! If I lived in New York I think I would want ice skating to be my daily exercise! I was not nearly as bad as I thought I would be and I was even able to do some cool spins on the ice! I guess all those roller skating parties I went to as a kid payed off!

Can you say beautiful? We had the absolute best weather while we were there!

After some of us ice skated and the other half acted as our paparazzi we walked through Central Park towards the plaza!

The plaza hotel, the perfect combination of my love of Home Alone and Eloise! 

Obviously, a Home Alone picture is necessary upon arrival at the Plaza!

So glad Eloise and I got to share some quality time! The Eloise gift store is the absolute cutest! I picked up two mugs (one for me and one for my big) that have Eloise dancing around them, so fun!

After our morning adventures we went to a delicious restaurant called Rosie O'Graddy's to eat before our Matilda Matinee! Matilda was incredible and I think I liked it even more than I liked Cinderella!

Post Matilda we explored times square and had a light dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner which is famous for their singing wait staff! It was a fun experience but I am not sure if I would do it every time!

Day Two Itinerary!

·      Head to Central Park around 9:15 or 9:30
·      Ice Skating in Central Park, try to get in line as close to 10:00
·      Head over to the Plaza and hit up the Eloise Gift Shop (Rawther Exciting)
·      Lunch at Rosie O'Graddy's / 12:30 Reservation
·      Matilda @ 3:00 - arrive @2:15 to pick up tickets for "Will Call"
·      Eat dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner after show 

It may not look like we did a lot but boy were we tired each night when we got back to the room! Personally, I think day three was the most fun so stay tuned!

Also, be on the lookout for an awesome giveaway that will be posted a little bit later today!

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