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I  love getting comments from all of my readers so never hesitate to email me with questions or comments that you don't want public on my blog! I will respond as soon as possible and hope that I can help you or support you in every way possible!

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Interested in partnering with me to promote your product, brand, or idea? Feel free to contact me with  your ideas or campaign needs. With every collaboration I do I aim to meet your needs while catering to the interest of my audience. This is the perfect place to grow your company with an enthusiastic audience and a unique voice. Whether you're looking for a blog post, video, or social media style collaboration I've been able to successfully draw attention to brands through all of these platforms.

Find some of my previous partnership posts below!

Post-It | Visa | Bed, Bath, & Beyond | PB Teen (featured in catalogue as well) | Annie Selke |
Madewell | Clarisonic | Southern Tide | Starbucks | Evelyn Henson | Izze |
CROSBY by Mollie Burch | Essence & Target | Crest | St. Ives |

To talk specifics of page views and other companies I've worked with please email me for my Media Kit.

*Please take into account that if you are interested in a brand collaboration, sponsorship, or giveaway here on I carefully select the brands and companies I work with to be sure that I am sharing products I truly love with my readers. Anything I post about are things I would choose myself whether or not I am being compensated.

Email me at, to inquire about specifics such as page views, social amplifications, and for my media kit.


  1. do you have to pay to be sponsored

    1. Most times no! Check out my blog at the !!! :)

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  3. Thanks for your post!
    Have a great year and keep posting.
    Jennifer Moncada
    Founder, Preppy Prodigy

  4. Hi Dorothy! oh my gosh, your blog is so cute!! As a college gal myself this blog is super fun to read and also is very helpful. I was wondering, I saw your desk lamp in one of your blog posts and I love it! Where did you get it?
    Have a great day :)

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