Friday, May 31, 2013

Frost It All and Let's Be Pen Pals!

If y'all had to guess two random little things that I absolutely love chances are a lot of you would guess monograms and stationary. If you were to guess those two things you would be very correct with your perception of me. Don't get me wrong, I love lots of things but stationary and monograms are two things that never fail to make me smile!

Want to know something better than stationary or monograms, stationary AND monograms and Frost It All is the place to go for this combination!

I have turquoise monogrammed fold over note cards from this shop and absolutely adore the modern yet simplistic design of the rounded monogram on the front! This stationary is perfect for any age range because it looks professional but is still plenty fun! Monogrammed Stationary from Frost It All would be a perfect gift to give or receive because you know the present would prove to be useful and pleasing to the recipient!

Frost It All offers cute other stationary designs and all are available for super reasonable prices, definitely some of my new favorite stationary!

Below are my addresses for camp! I will be gone from May 30th to July 28th (meaning blog posts will be sparse). If you write me I will be sure to write back so it is important for you to include your return address! I hope to hear from lots of you this summer! Receiving mail is one of the highlights of my day at camp so I hope y'all will write!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Warner and Coe Stationary and Let's Be Pen Pals!

If you couldn't have guessed from yesterdays post, the rest of this week and a little bit of next week is all about stationary and me trying to convince you to write me at camp!

Today, I want to talk about an awesome etsy shop called Warner and Coe that sells beautifully embossed stationary! All of their stationary is beautifully made with fun embossed images on the stationary and envelopes with fun lining! I have a few samples of the stationary to show you but the pictures do not do the quality justice!

The set below has an adorable graduation hat on it which is perfect for all of those grad gift thank you note I have been having to write! The envelope is lined with a fun and colorful paisley pattern that really adds to the stationary as a whole!

This pink cake card has so much detail in the embossed part alone that the lining is just an added bonus! This is the perfect note to attach to a birthday present to a friend!

Lastly, we have the perfect girly note card! Who doesn't love a good pair of flats, Lilly Pulitzer lining, and some pink? Well this card has a little bit of all of that in a precious girly note card that would surely put a smile of the recipients face!

Below are my addresses for camp! I will be gone from May 30th to July 28th (meaning blog posts will be sparse). If you write me I will be sure to write back so it is important for you to include your return address! I hope to hear from lots of you this summer! Receiving mail is one of the highlights of my day at camp so I hope y'all will write!

Let's Be Pen Pals

Be sure to check out Warner and Coe on etsy for any of your stationary needs!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Fine Print Paperie and Let's Be Pen Pals

I wil be heading to camp on Thursday and I will be gone until the 28th of July. That is a long time but I am excited about the opportunity that awaits as well as the opportunity to be pen pals with you all! 

With writing letters back and forth, it is important to have cute stationary to use! Lately I have been stocking up my summer stash so that all of my notes to you all will be written on the cutest of stationary! One of my new favorite stationary shops is The Fine Print Paperie because of all of the colors and design options available. I am a sucker for pretty paper goods so this shop is right up my ally!

I love that the Fine Print Paperie logo is located on the back of every card and it really shows the amount of effort put into each card!

The Geometric Print Note Cards remind me of honeycombs! Each of the cards in this set came in a different color combination and it made me feel like each card and color combination was specifically picked out for me!

These iKat Personalized Note Cards are fun and girly with a modern twist. Ikat is a super popular pattern so it is fun that you can add that to your note cards. My name at the bottom added a perfectly personalized touch to the card!

Lastly, the Circle Ink Splattered Cards add a fun touch to a traditional polka dot! I love the color combinations chosen for each card and I think the single initial in the middle is a bold and fun addition to the card!

The quality of this stationary is awesome and I can not wait to begin writing letters to you all on my fabulous stationary from The Fine Print Paperie!

Below are my addresses for camp! I will be gone from May 30th to July 28th (meaning blog posts will be sparse). If you write me I will be sure to write back so it is important for you to include your return address! I hope to hear from lots of you this summer! Receiving mail is one of the highlights of my day at camp so I hope y'all will write!

Let's Be Pen Pals

If you are looking to purchase any new stationary to send letters on be sure to check out The Fine Print Paperie!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Salty Sea Shop

With Summer here T-Shirts and Nike shorts have been my summertime uniform. For me summer means camp, sunshine, family, and the water! As a south alabama native that means the Gulf which is the inspiration behind the fantastic new brand, Salty Sea. Salty Sea was developed with the Southern Coast in mind which happens to be where I call home in the summer so when I discovered the company I knew I had to have needed a shirt!

I chose the turquoise flamingo pocket shirt and I love it! For starters, the tag on the shirt was super cute and well made and I am a sucker for cool logos and paper products, they really show thought from the company!

Turquoise and pink are one of my favorite color combinations and I love the way they look on this shirt! The shirts are soft and are comfort colors which shows that quality is taken into consideration with this company!

I also got a koozie and a pelican sticker! The pelican is the brands logo and it really makes me feel like this company was made with my life in mind since seeing pelicans is a daily occurrence in my life!

If you are looking for a new fun shirt that is the epitome of a southern summer then look no farther than  Salty Sea!

And as their brand states:

"Be Sweet. Wear Salty."


Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day to some Perfectly Patriotic Preps

I hope you are all having a terrific Memorial Day remembering all of those who serve and have served our country!

While patriotic clothing is becoming increasingly popular some of it just isn't my style. Below, I have created a fun patriotic outfit perfect for any prep!

Perfectly Patriotic Prep

Shorts- J.Crew
Shoes- Jack Rogers
Bow- Etsy Shop

What are you wearing today?


Friday, May 24, 2013

Lilly Inspired Graduation Party - Event Photos

This post does not really need an introduction other than these are event photos from my Lilly Inspired Graduation Party which I posted details about on Wednesday! My Beach side blast was quite colorful and filled with fun and games!

Enjoy all of the fun photos of my friends and I, I had an absolute blast at the party and am excited to hear what you think!

The wonderful hostesses!

Happy Weekend!


And don't forget about the giveaway I posted yesterday!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dorm Room Loving: Ivy Halls with a Giveaway

I am on a dorm room craze. I am absolutely loving searching for all kinds of dorm room friendly things that will help my future space feel more like home! One thing I love about my bed at home is the number of pillows I have on it! At any one time it usually has 8 pillows on it. We are talking 2 euro shams, 2 standard shams, 2 sleeping pillows, and two accent pillows! As I prepare to head to college I knew that I wanted lots of pillows on my dorm bed as well but I didn't just want ones that were made to go with the bedding I choose but I wanted ones that coordinated with my room theme! This is where the adorable etsy shop Ivy Halls came into play. Ivy Halls is a custom dorm shop on etsy and I adore all of their products. Their bedding can be customized and all of the products are super well made and durable!

If you haven't seen my other two dorm posts (One and Two) then you won't know that I am planning my room around some Lilly Fabric that I recently got in the print Chin Chin! I chose a couple of pillows from Ivy Halls that went well with my fabric and the owner even went to her local Lilly store to see what she thought would look best. If that isn't customer service then I don't know what is! I ordered both a Euro Sham and an Accent Pillow and I can not wait to get to college and have these pillows greet me in my dorm room!

Below is an image of the monogrammed accent pillow that I received, stay tuned to the end of this post to see how to win your own!

I chose an aqua striped pillow with green dots and a pink monogram that coordinates with my fabric! One great thing about this pillow is that it is both a sham and a pillow sold all in one!

How precious is the Ivy Halls logo? So fun and professional!

Below is an image of the Euro Sham I received. I chose a light pink square link design which will look great as an accent on my bed. I love Euro shams on my beds because it allows me to easily prop up while sitting on my bed so they are not only fun but they are also functional!

On all of the pillow cases sold by Ivy Halls, they have their tag sewn onto the item. I thought this was a fun and unexpected touch that shows how far above and beyond this company is willing to go!

Here is a look at how my pillows go together.

And in the image below you are able to see how fun the pillows look with Lilly Pulitzer's Multi Chin Chin fabric.

Ivy Halls isn't only great for college bound girls but it is also perfect for anyone looking to spruce up their space and because of that, I have partnered with Ivy Halls to bring y'all a giveaway for an accent pillow of your picking! Enter below using the Rafflecopter giveaway widget!

Good Luck and let me know what you think about my dorm so far!


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