Thursday, October 25, 2018

Dining Room Tour

Want to know how to feel like an adult? Have a dining room in your house (even if you rent it) and put a table in there and you will almost automatically feel slightly older. That’s what happened in my roommate and my case at least. The very first room we had that was completed in our house was our dining room which was shocking considering the only furniture I had to contribute to our dining room was two chairs that I found next to the dumpster at my last apartment. That last statement sounds especially grown-up, right?

Fortunately, my roommate had a great set of a table, chairs, and a chest that fit perfectly in our dining room. Coupled with art, lamps, and mirrors that I had it quickly came together as a place for us to eat between unpacking boxes. While I love all of the room, I think my favorite piece in the room is the rug. It adds a modern, neutral touch and a little bit of brightness to a space that otherwise could have felt dark due to the wood of the furniture along with our wood floors.


Our dining room is one of the first rooms that you see when walking in our front door and making it inviting yet functional was a priority. Sitting snugly between our living room and kitchen, we kept the color scheme of our living room present in the dining room to allow for a bit of flow in the house. Although we are hoping to get some Parson Chair Covers for the chairs in the corner of the room, there is not much about this room that doesn’t feel finished. That is precisely why I decided to share it first when giving y’all a look at our house. I will be sharing other rooms as time goes on but as you can imagine, decorating is a process and can be expensive. I’d much rather it take longer and end up with pieces we like than it feel finished but not homey.


I’ve tried to include links to the products we have in the room below but since the table, chairs, and chest were something that my roommate’s family had those aren’t linked. Some of the items below are similar if the exact item was unavailable online.

I'd love to know which rooms you'd like to see next!

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