Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Monogrammed Gifts to Give

Happy Hump Day! Wanna know something crazy? This is my last Wednesday of class this semester. We finish up with classes next Tuesday, have Wednesday as a study day, and exams start that Thursday lasting through the following Wednesday. How does December begin tomorrow and where has this semester gone? 

As you linger with those thoughts I am excited to bring you the first of my Gift Guides for this holiday season (although this Cyber Monday sale post highlights gifts for different recipients in different price ranges). I always have an internal battle when it comes to gift guides because I rarely get feedback on what exactly would work best for y'all or what you're looking for in this sort of post. Before Thanksgiving I made Nell sit down with me and go over what sort of images she liked best as I really have no idea what you want to see in this regard. These posts are always a lot of work in the most fun way. After looking at countless sites and figuring out how I want to present the items they are finally ready to post right as I find an item that I just *have* to include forcing me to rearrange everything. I really hope this helps y'all to check some of those tricky people to buy prizes for off your list while also inspiring a few extra additions to your list if you're struggling with that as well (still a work in progress Mom and Dad...). I'll be posting a number of gift guides in the coming weeks and am trying to make it easy for y'all by labeling all of them with the word "gift" so you can click that in the sidebar and see all of them in one place. 

Gift giving is one of my favorite things. Last Christmas my parents kept talking about the fact that I had "turned the corner" and was more enthusiastic about watching other people unwrap what I had picked out for them than I was to unwrap my own gifts. I always end up putting more pressure on myself than intended to get someone something they will love, use, and be surprised to receive but in the end it is so worthwhile and I really do get so much joy from watching people unwrap what I've picked out. If you want to see what I gave to family members last year I made a post about that here and fully intend to do the same this year (although not until after Christmas since I would be devastated to spoil the surprise). 

So after that long winded introduction to a relatively self explanatory post here is my first official gift guide of the season! Since I've always been drawn towards all things personal, classic, and preppy why not start with a southern girl's staple: Monograms. These are also the gifts that will be the first to have a deadline for being received before the holiday begins so you may as well snatch them up in plenty of time to ensure your recipient can open the gift come Christmas instead of an IOU for the prize.

I'll have a gift all about gifts for guys (not that I have much experience with that) but think that guys can appreciate personalization just as much as girls. Plus, if you find a monogrammed gift for a guy chances are it is something classic that he will be able to use for years. That's a win in my book! 

Lastly, if y'all have any specific requests for the set up of these guides or any particular recipients you're struggling to shop for please let me know below as I'd LOVE to help you out in that regard! And if you're feeling especially helpful feel free to answer these logistical questions below:

1. Do you like blurbs about why I've picked the items in the image?
2. Would it be helpful to number the items or are the descriptions below sufficient?
3. If it's a lower price item would it be helpful for me to indicate that? 
4. Do you like being able to scroll through the items in a widget beneath the image?
5. Who are you having the most trouble shopping for this year?

Whew! Talk about a lot of personalization including that survey! So appreciative of y'all reading this and would love to hear your opinion! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wardrobe Basics With A Classic Cape

Nothing beats the addition of one new item in your closet to make basics look that much more put together. I hope that is how y'all felt shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! While I didn't get much I am very excited about the few things I did get to add some spunk to my closet. In a similar way, finally being able to wear an item purchased off-season does that same thing for me. I purchased this cape during Nordstrom's amazing Anniversary Sale this summer and finally had the chance to take the tags off last week, talk about an exciting day! 

Capes are such a fun concept but not always the most practical as it can be a pain to make sure that they are positioned properly on your shoulders and not awkwardly tucked under themselves. Fortunately, this cape is a little different since it serves as the perfect weight outerwear and has buttons on the sleeves to keep everything in place. The light brown color with grey/navy interior makes a statement on its own even when paired with something as simple as a white t-shirt. Add in your favorite brown riding boots and a worn in pair of jeans it's an equally as comfortable outfit as it seems "chic."

cape // shirt // jeans // riding boots (still on sale!) // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // necklace

Sadly, when Nell and I were shooting this look the sun was getting to the point where all of the pictures turned out a bit weird which explains the lack of images however this cape was just too fun to neglect sharing it at all. I am excited to have hit Tuesday as my big project for one of my classes is due and while there is still a lot to be accomplished this week and before the last day of class a week from today having that turned in is a huge weight off of my shoulders. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Best Gifts To Give From Cyber Monday Sales

I can say Happy Monday with the slightest bit of confidence that maybe just maybe you're taking that to heart today considering all of the amazing online deals happening today as Cyber Monday is in full swing. I hate to say it but I feel like Cyber Monday is kind of losing its excitement considering so many of the big sales started well before Thanksgiving this year. But fret not, we can and will make the most of this "holiday." 

I so wish I could say that I am spending the day snatching up all of the gifts I'm giving to friends and family today but I've only just begun to decide what to give others. I am usually super great about keeping a running tab on my phone of things people have mentioned they like or want throughout the year but somehow this year none of those items I had written down really struck me as "great" gifts and I take pride in being a good gift giver. While I am slowly coming to terms with what to give others (let's not even think about how I haven't even made my own Christmas and Birthday list for my parents who keep asking....oops) I thought that this would be a great time to share some fun gift ideas with y'all since most of my Black Friday guides were geared towards items you may be purchasing for yourself. 

And since there isn't anything wrong with browsing some of the best sals for pieces for yourself here is a list of some of the deals I'm most likely to shop (aka sites I adore that are *basically* giving their items away). And if you're looking for my favorite pieces from many of these retailers you can find those here.

Anthropologie // 20% off full priced items
ASOS // 30% off everything with code: THANKFUL30
Barrington Gifts // 10% off everything with code: THANKS10
Baublebar // 35% off 2+ items with code: SAVE35
Club Monaco // 25%-30% off depending on how much you spend with code THANKS
GAP // 50% off everything with code CYBMON
Gigi New York // 20%-30% off depending on how much you spend
H&M // up to 30% off depending on how much you spend
J.Crew // 40% off everything + free shipping with code: MONDAY
J.Crew Factory // 50%-60% off site wide
Kate Spade // 30% off everything with code: WIRED
Kelly Wynne // 20% off everything with code: CHEERSTOYOU
Lilly Pulitzer // free gifts with any purchase
LOFT // 50% off everything with code: CYBERMONDAY
Madewell // 25% off with code THATSALE
Nordstrom // 40% off designer sale
Old Navy // 50% off everything
Shopbop // 15%-25% off depending on how much you spend with code: GOBIG16
Tory Burch // 30% off $250 or more with code: THANKS
Tuckernuck // 20% off everything with code: GIVE20
I hope that y'all have a wonderful Monday and that this post has helped you hone in on your shopping skills finding items for yourself and ideas for others! I'd love to know one thing you're asking for this holiday season and/or one thing you're really excited to give (desperate for ideas over here)! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Step Into My Week {Winter Formal, Deb Ball, and Thanksgiving Break}

Happy Sunday and busiest travel day of the year. Such a thrill that last part is especially considering I am contributing to it by heading back to school today. Fortunately, I am getting an early start so hopefully I'll be able to avoid some of the traffic but I foresee a generous amount of coffee to get me through the day. It's crazy to think that in just a few weeks I'll be heading back home for Christmas break before my last semester of college! With that scary realization aside here is a look at what I've been up to in the past week and let me be the first to tell you it was a fun one! 

Last Friday (well technically two Fridays ago I suppose) was my sorority's winter formal. This was the first function in a year that I didn't have to be in charge of and I took full advantage of that lack of responsibility. I was able to hangout with friends ahead of time, enjoy myself at the function, and not have to stress about the buses, venue, or our members. The end of presidency is already having its perks. We had the event at one of my favorite venues in Greenville and it was so fun to spend time with friends before a short week and heading home for the break. I wore this red dress (previously available here) to the event with my favorite nude heels (on super sale here) and know I'll be repeating this look the rest of the holiday season! 



The rest of the weekend was filled with more KD stuff as we had recruitment workshop all weekend. In all honesty I really do like recruitment so I didn't mind having it although a nap on Saturday did sound very nice. I woke up on Saturday and cooked pancakes for our apartment and then went to that which lasted until 2:30. Nell and I went to a fun Christmas gift market that afternoon before shooting some blog photos and getting Mexican food for dinner before a play on Saturday. Sunday was similar in that I got up and got some stuff done prior to our workshop which lasted until about 3:30 and then got ready for my last chapter as president. Fortunately, Sunday morning we were able to get some photos of our outgoing executive council and I know that these are photos I'll appreciate for a while as it is bittersweet to officially be done!

 The chapter gave me flowers and a number of members wrote me letters which meant so much to me (I am a sucker for handwritten notes). I definitely cried a little but am so excited for our new president, Grace (pictured below) as I know she will do such a terrific job.

On Tuesday it was time to head home for the break and as always I overpacked! This break has been pretty relaxing as I was able to get a decent bit of blog stuff done while also working on a huge project I have due on Tuesday. It's nice to be able to come back and feel like I've gotten a bit of school work accomplished since it makes things slightly less stressful. 

On Wednesday night however, I attended a friend's deb ball. I went to the same deb ball last year but this time stayed a bit longer and saw more people. I must've seen 10-15 people that I haven't seen since I graduated high school which was kind of odd but was also able to enjoy time with some of my close friends as well. I was super skeptical of the dress I ordered for the event but could not be more in love with it! I think the thing I was most worried about was the shine as it's more iridescent than a typical long gown. It definitely appeared shinier online which I was thankful of and it fit as though it were made for me with it hugging perfectly around the waist and brushing the floor in this pair of heels. While the cut on the front and the pleats is great, the back is what really drew me in. The bow cascading down the back looks even prettier in person than it appears in the photos! I decided to pair it with these pale pink tassel earrings and couldn't recommend the combo a single bit more. If you have any reason to wear a long gown in the coming months this one is under $100 and comes in pale pink as well! I am already excited to wear it again although I'm not sure when that will be. 



The rest of this break was spent at our beach house with my grandparents. My brother didn't come home for this break so it was just my parents, my grandparents, and myself which made things pretty quiet. We lucked out with the weather and ended up being able to go on a long boat ride on Friday which was nice but aside from that spent a lot of time enjoying the views from the porch.

I can't say I am too bummed to get back to school though since my roommate Sophia and I made an agreement not to watch the Gilmore Girls Revival without one another. If I had to guess if you need either of us we will be hanging out in the living room of our apartment binge watching these episodes! I'd love to hear more about your week and what you've been up to or what you think of the new Gilmore Girls episodes (don't spoil anything though)! 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Best Of This Weekend's Sales {My Top Picks}

I hope that y'all have already been enjoying some of the amazing deals offered this weekend that I rounded up on Thursday but this post is even more exciting because it is my top picks from everything I've looked at thus far. We are talking items that I own and adore majorly discounted as well as pieces I would love to purchase for myself! Completely worth taking a break from the ball games (roll tide) to shop around online for a bit. 

navy cross body bag // striped turtleneck // sunglasses // black suede over the knee boots (the first thing I purchased on black friday) // pink earrings // barbour // faux deerskin tote // tan riding boots // hunter rain boots // white v-neck sweater (definitely guilty of ordering this) // grey turtleneck sweater (worn here) // kendra scott necklace (I've only taken mine off a handful of times since I got it sophomore year) // cognac sweater // green cocktail dress // sherpa coat // neutral new balances

And since the deals are still THAT good I've included another round up of some sales going on at my favorite online retailers. While some of these are the same I've added in a few new ones that are worth shopping! I hope that y'all find these helpful as you're trying to wrap your head around which sites have the best deals this weekend. 

10% off with code THANKS10

25% off $125, 30% off $250, 35% off $400 with code THANKS

20% off everything with the code HOLIDAY

20% off entire purchase plus free shipping with code 5188

40% off with code HOLIDAY

50-60% off everything, no code needed

25% off with code THATSALE

Tons of markdowns plus 20% off selected sale items

50% off, no code needed

15% off $200, 20% off $500 with code GOBIG16

20% off site wide with code GIVE20 

That's a bunch of good stuff if you ask me. I hope you'll check back tomorrow for a slightly belated (but with good reason) Step Into My Week post to see all that I've been up to since this break began and all the fun that was had the past weekend at KD's Winter Formal. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful + Black Friday Deals From My Favorite Online Stores

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! I hope you are enjoying your day with your friends and family and reveling in all that you have to be thankful for in the spirit of the holiday! I'm so thankful for another year of friendship, school (even sometimes including all the work I have to do), family, and especially blogging. This year especially I've grown to understand just how much I adore having this platform to post on and how much I'd eventually love to pursue working in a PR or blog type business. 

Originally, I had planned to post my round up of all the amazing Black Friday deals tomorrow but since SO MANY retailers are starting the discount codes now I figured that posting them today would be the best way to keep you in the know. Funny how we talk about how thankful we are but are so eager to shop! While this is by no means every site on the World Wide Web that has a sale today it includes a number of my favorite online retailers as well as the some of my favorite pieces from each place that are currently discounted. Now is your chance to go ahead and stock up on some items for yourself while also gathering gifts for others while they are on sale! 

I know I'll be scrolling through some more websites as the weekend progresses and would be happy to share more picks with y'all as Cyber Monday approaches but for now this should be a good start. As always, if you click on the retailers name you will be taken directly to their site however if you click on the product name beneath the graphic you'll be taken directly to that item. Hopefully that makes your shopping a bit less stress free. On your mark, get set, shop! 

20% off everything with the code HOLIDAY

20% off entire purchase plus free shipping with code 5188

40% off with code HOLIDAY

50-60% off everything, no code needed

Tons of markdowns plus 20% off selected sale items

50% off, no code needed

20% off site wide with code GIVE20 

Whew! Talk about some great products on some super sales! I hope this entertains you while your delicious Turkey dinner settles and well into the weekend. I've never been one to do actual Black Friday shopping so this is as good as it gets for me! I'm hoping to get some more posts up in the coming days featuring a roundup of my favorite things available on Black Friday sales from a variety of retailers as well as a compilation of some great gifts to stock up on now while they are on sale. For now, I'm going to enjoy some family time and hopefully get some homework knocked out in the downtime I do have! 

Happy Happy Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sites College Girls Should Know About

I'm officially heading home! Oh how I love a good break from school back in my hometown. I feel like all so often breaks are spent enjoying family, catching up on sleep, and attempting to actually get some homework done. This will certainly be the case for me as I am guessing that the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break will be a whirlwind. 

Because it would be crazy not to at least take a little bit of time for yourself I thought it would be fun to introduce two sites to y'all that are well fit for college girls! You may be familiar with these however if you're not you'll be scrolling through these during the entirety of the Gilmore Girls revival. If you're like me then you're always looking for resources that are applicable to life now, the stresses you encounter, and the solutions you can come up with (hey, maybe that's why you're on my site) and these sites do just that. 

First, The Every Girl. Of the two I feel like most of you may be familiar with this site! With topics ranging from finance to beauty there is something for just about everyone to connect with hence the name The Every Girl. I think the first time I discovered this site a year or two ago I spent hours reading through informative articles on things I didn't even know I would someday need to know. For you girls stressing about jobs in the future or moving to a new city and knowing nothing the site has an entire job board as well as posts on a given area of the country, a resource that I know many of my friends will appreciate as they start the job hunt. 

Similar to the Every Girl but unique in its own way is a new to me site known as Bond Twenty. I discovered this maybe two weeks ago and have been raving about it to my friends ever since. Bond Twenty has a wide range of informative posts as well but seems to have a more relatable writer base as any member of the community can write posts to share with everyone else! Bond Twenty also has an incredible job board that has me almost wishing I didn't know what I'm going to be doing my first year post grad. 

I'd love to know if y'all have any suggestions of similar sites for me to explore with the bit of free time I'll have this week.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Suede Skirts & Chunky Sweaters

Happy Monday! Well technically since it's a short week we could say Wednesday but I get thrown off enough when I don't have school the whole week so for the sake of convenience we can just stick to Monday. I can not believe how quickly Thanksgiving has come. In a way I feel like I was just home for fall break but also I've done so much between then and now. When someone said there is only about a month until Christmas the other day I had to take a second to process that, where has time gone? 

I am pretty thrilled to be sharing this outfit with y'all since it has become a recent favorite that looks so put together but is equally as comfortable. If you're getting dressed up for thanksgiving or any event this winter I couldn't recommend these pieces enough. They are "on trend" yet different enough that you won't look identical to everyone else at your gathering. Let's talk about how ideal of a Thanksgiving outfit this would be for a minute... An oversized sweater could not be more perfect for looking the part for fall without feeling like the amount of trips you've taken to get more of your favorite sides is too noticeable. And the softness of this suede skirt makes it feel as if you're wearing a blanket. Paired with some grey booties and my favorite bucket bag I've already worn this outfit more frequently than expected. 

While I am doubtful that it will be cool enough to wear this on Thanksgiving at home this year paired with a light weight sweater or blouse this skirt could still look the part. 



sweater (equally as cute with jeans) // skirt (more sizes here) // purse // booties (other good options

Somehow the lighting in these photos turned out really cool (thanks Nell). I think it may be due in part to how orange our sunsets in South Carolina have been lately due to the wildfires in the mountains nearby. It has definitely been a bit smoky but the sunsets and the moon have looked increasingly impressive as of late. 

I'd love to hear what your plans for the upcoming holiday weekend are! I will be working to put together some fun gift guides for y'all and will of course be keeping you up to date about all of the best sales to shop so be sure to stay tuned! 

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