Friday, October 31, 2014

Step Into My Week: 10/24 - 10/30

First of all, Happy Halloween! I hope you all have fun plans for the evening that consist of consuming lots of candy and watching at least one Halloween movie! 

As I mentioned last week, this past weekend was homecoming and is to date one of my favorite weekends at Furman. I had an absolute blast working on our float and participating in all the activities that revolved around homecoming. Our theme was UP and although we came in second in the homecoming week competition I couldn't get over how perfectly everything turned out! Along with out homecoming week partners, Pi Kappa Phi, we built an entire house and blew up enough balloons that a small child could have probably floated away if they grasped all of them at once!

Friday night we completed our float and enjoyed the homecoming carnival put on by organizations on campus. Think rides, carnival food, friends, and swing dancing. It doesn't get much better than that!


Saturday we woke up and were at it again enjoying tailgates, float admiring, and a bit of football. Unfortunately we lost (quite terribly actually, 45-0) but we had a lot of fun during the process so I guess that is ok. It was so fun seeing so many alums and their families wandering up and down the mall and reuniting with some of their college friends!



Saturday night we took it easy and watched a movie with some pizza we ordered. A great way to relax before another school week. All of Monday I could have sworn it was Tuesday making for a week that felt a bit longer than it should have. Fortunately though, last night Kappa Delta hosted our Shamrock Spaghetti Dinner and it was such a blast and we raised a bunch of money for our philanthropy and it was so nice to see our community support us with this endeavor. We have the 5k on Sunday and I am looking forward to being there and helping out our philanthropies!




And what better way to end the night than with s'mores?

Sorry for the picture overload but if you have made it this far I am super impressed!

I have been listening to Taylor Swift's new album non-stop since it came out and the more I listen to it the more I like it. It is really different than anything she has done before which is refreshing!

J.Crew Factory's New Arrivals are all so great and they are having a flash sale this weekend so be sure to check that out!

I recently got this dress and am definitely planning to live in it seeing as it is the most comfortable dress ever (and inexpensive too)!

Oh how I wish I were a kid again because I want everything from the Gap Kids + Kate Spade Collaboration. You can bet that if they still had the navy bow coat in an XL or XXL I would shamelessly be wearing it. Be sure to shop fast because lots of the styles have already sold out!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Step Into My Week: 10/17-10/23

Whew has this week been an insanely fun and busy one! With our first function of the year, a fun weekend with friends, and homecoming week I am beyond thankful that I didn't have any tests this week! 

On Friday night we had Flock. This has probably been my favorite function thus far since the theme is KD Flamingo Flock meaning everyone is DECKED OUT in pink. I had so much fun finding a costume for this and the event itself was so fun! My pledge class and our dates had a big pizza party before going and hanging out with other members of the sorority in the apartments!




 I thought that these pink carved pumpkins were the cutest thing ever! The event was hosted at Furman's golf pavilion and was the perfect place with plenty of room to dance!

The next morning was my friend Olivia's birthday so some friends and I got up super early and headed to hike in Pisgah along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. The weather was almost as incredible as the views and I loved being there as the leaves were changing colors. We hiked up different knobs of the mountain and were kept very cool because the temperatures were in the low 50s when we made it to the top!

This was from a knob a bit higher up and it was so cool to see mountains for miles. At one point you are 6000 feet in elevation which made the early wake up call so worth it.

Birthday girl "saves" the day.


After the hike we went to a campsite nearby where Olivia's parents made us the most delicious lunch complete with hamburgers, s'mores, hot chocolate, and any other snack we could've wanted. On the way back we stopped by the J.Crew Clearance Store in Asheville (I had gone over Easter) and I got a pair of Gigi Pants w/ Pockets (next I want these) and Pixie Pants for a total of $30, an amazing deal!

So as I said earlier, this week has been homecoming week and has been so much more fun this year than it was last year since we weren't involved in Greek life at this point last year. Tuesday night my friends and I took a study break to play laser tag on campus which was so cool! We were all terrible at it but the setup and game was sos well put together that we couldn't help but have a blast. Last night was probably one of my favorite nights of the year so far. KD is paired with Pi Kappa Phi and the activities we've done together have been really fun. Last night were the Homecoming skits and ours turned out really well and then we all headed out to the mall to work on our float and pomp our hearts out. It was an amazing way to bond with a lot of girls in the sorority you don't see all the time as well as the fraternity we are paired with. An organization on campus even brought out apple cider, Starbucks coffee, gourmet popcorn, cupcakes, and caramel apples. Everyone says that tonight is even more fun with the carnival and swing dancing so I am sure I will be updating y'all on all of that next week!

Now, for what is on my radar…

I've been on a bit of a pinning spree lately and you should check that out here and also stop by Nell's pinterest as well!

Nell also wanted me to recommend the Rosie Project to y'all because of its parallels between the content and her research class. However, if she were to really recommend to a book to y'all she would recommend The Swan House because of it's historical facts and story line.

I recently found out about a really cool monthly subscription service called Rocksbox and just got my first box from them! Basically, you take a style survey, wait patiently for your box to arrive, receive 3 pieces of designer jewelry (valued at about $200/box), wear it around town for as long as you want, and swap out your pieces anytime you want or buy them for 20% off. Have I mentioned that you get to do all of this for $19 a month? Crazy good deal right? Well it is even better because you can get your first month completely free by joining here!

This is a look at my first box! So what are you waiting on?

Also, be sure to check out my posts from this week from pumpkins, to stress managementcoffee, and blogging I've covered it all!

And lastly, the Tory Burch Private Sale started the other day and there are lots of great deals on cute shoes, purses, and clothing on sale, definitely check it out! Here are my favorites:

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