Friday, October 31, 2014

Step Into My Week: 10/24 - 10/30

First of all, Happy Halloween! I hope you all have fun plans for the evening that consist of consuming lots of candy and watching at least one Halloween movie! 

As I mentioned last week, this past weekend was homecoming and is to date one of my favorite weekends at Furman. I had an absolute blast working on our float and participating in all the activities that revolved around homecoming. Our theme was UP and although we came in second in the homecoming week competition I couldn't get over how perfectly everything turned out! Along with out homecoming week partners, Pi Kappa Phi, we built an entire house and blew up enough balloons that a small child could have probably floated away if they grasped all of them at once!

Friday night we completed our float and enjoyed the homecoming carnival put on by organizations on campus. Think rides, carnival food, friends, and swing dancing. It doesn't get much better than that!


Saturday we woke up and were at it again enjoying tailgates, float admiring, and a bit of football. Unfortunately we lost (quite terribly actually, 45-0) but we had a lot of fun during the process so I guess that is ok. It was so fun seeing so many alums and their families wandering up and down the mall and reuniting with some of their college friends!



Saturday night we took it easy and watched a movie with some pizza we ordered. A great way to relax before another school week. All of Monday I could have sworn it was Tuesday making for a week that felt a bit longer than it should have. Fortunately though, last night Kappa Delta hosted our Shamrock Spaghetti Dinner and it was such a blast and we raised a bunch of money for our philanthropy and it was so nice to see our community support us with this endeavor. We have the 5k on Sunday and I am looking forward to being there and helping out our philanthropies!




And what better way to end the night than with s'mores?

Sorry for the picture overload but if you have made it this far I am super impressed!

I have been listening to Taylor Swift's new album non-stop since it came out and the more I listen to it the more I like it. It is really different than anything she has done before which is refreshing!

J.Crew Factory's New Arrivals are all so great and they are having a flash sale this weekend so be sure to check that out!

I recently got this dress and am definitely planning to live in it seeing as it is the most comfortable dress ever (and inexpensive too)!

Oh how I wish I were a kid again because I want everything from the Gap Kids + Kate Spade Collaboration. You can bet that if they still had the navy bow coat in an XL or XXL I would shamelessly be wearing it. Be sure to shop fast because lots of the styles have already sold out!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Seeing Isn't Believing {Instagram v. Reality}

I am completely guilty of lusting over a seemingly perfect instagram feed that looks as though the photos could have been ripped straight out of a magazine. I know I am not the only one who gets stuck on the idea that a perfect instagram feed translates to perfection in that real life! As a blogger myself and a lover of so many other blogs it can be hard to remember that just because a single image makes it appear as if someone has it all together the chances are that they are just as scattered as all of us! I've talked about this before but I feel like this is something that gets overlooked and we continue to allow ourselves to be consumed with the idea that perfection can be defined by a picture. 

Just because someone makes it look easy does not mean it necessarily is for them. We all have some sort of facade that we put up of varying thickness and we have to remember to allow others to see through it to form relationships that are meaningful aside from materialistic. Vulnerability is something I have become much better at accepting and although I tend to really only post positive things I just want to remind y'all that I have just as many faults (if not more) as everyone else and am still figuring life (well school and grades at least) out like everyone else!

I encourage you to appreciate (and even like) the seemingly perfect pictures but just remember that we are all guilty of making it look like we all have it together when we don't. Maybe that is why I love the phrase "fake it until you make it" so much! By pretending I have it all together I work harder to make that demeanor a reality!

I know these posts were popular earlier in the year but I thought it would be fun to toss out my own version. Behold, my instagram photos vs. what I was really thinking / doing.

So this picture you saw yesterday is of an outfit I've actually worn and love. Y'all seem to really enjoy outfit photo posts and in all honesty I am usually so embarrassed when having the photos taken for these. Thank goodness Nell does them for me but finding a place to take these pictures is so much more difficult than you'd ever imagine. Not to mention that I duck whenever a person or car comes by while taking these, Nell would completely vouch for my embarrassment the last time we took outfit photos.

I stood up to take this picture when I was in the library one day because the lighting was bad where I was sitting. No one actually holds their arm across their body like that but I really wanted my bracelets to be in the picture. Also, I had just painted my nails (in the library no less) because I hate it when my nails are naked. 

Bright, colorful, and cheery right? Internally I was having an anxiety attack because I did not feel prepared for my bio test. This picture totally makes it look like I have my life together even though it felt like I could fall apart because of a lack of sleep at any moment. 

And pretty much all my other photos have similar stories behind them even if the puny caption makes it sound like my life is fully together. Does this mean I am going to stop posting photos like this? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I do however, want y'all to know that I am just as confused about school (math) and any other challenge in life as y'all are!

Just remember, seeing isn't always believing!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Casual {Shop Bella C}

With the weather this week you honestly wouldn't think that is fall if it weren't for the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet and the autumn hues that cover the trees. 80 degrees does not sound like October to me! Because I refuse to submit to dressing like it is August I have been really enjoying the days where I can layer without sweating to death. Some class days it is really hard for me to convince myself to look put together because I always want to be comfortable but with the right sweater and comfortable shoes that mindset can be fixed. 

A recent favorite of mine has been the Girl Next Door Sweater from Shop Bella C. It is the perfect weight and has a nice texture to it and I know it will find its way into my wardrobe rotation. While it is super cute alone I love pairing it with some of my favorite vests to spice it up a bit and make it look like I'm wearing an entirely different outfit when the only thing that has changed is the color or pattern on the vest!

I recently took a leap and got converse which I never thought I would hear myself say. I am shocked by how much I like them and how versatile they can be. Of course, me being me, I wouldn't settle for plain converse since that would be too bold for me to pull off and I opted to get a navy monogram on the tongue of mine! I've already worn them a few time and really am warming up to them. They are perfect for dressing down an outfit or wearing on a day when you feel like all you're doing is running about doing different errands!



sweater (℅) | vest | jeans | converse | bracelets (1, 2, 3

Check out some of my other favorites from Shop Bella C!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Makeup Favorites

Whenever I ask on twitter (@prepinyourstep) which posts y'all are dying to see I always get at least one response that is asking me to do a makeup routine or makeup favorites kind of post. This kind of surprises me because I don't really dedicate much time to my makeup on a daily basis but since y'all are intrigued I am happy to share! I have put together my favorite makeup products in the image below although it is SUPER rare for me to wear all of these products at one time. 

Eyeshadow and eyeliner are typically reserved for special events and the same goes for foundation I am a huge fan of tinted moisturizer! Oh, and lipstick is terrifying to me so I stick to a tinted chapstick! Maybe one day I'll learn techniques but for now this is as complex as it gets!

1. Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow Palette (also adore this bobbi brown one!) : I love palettes like this because it puts all of the neutral eyeshadow colors I could need conveniently in one container which is so great for travel! The color in both of the palettes I adore are super pigmented and last a long time without falling all over the rest of your face (something I always get nervous about when wearing eyeshadow!).
2. Benefit They're Real Mascara: This mascara is so great at lengthening your lashes and the brush does an awesome job of separating individual lashes. I need a new tube of it because I've nearly finished the one I have now.
3. J. Edwards Concealer: I never put concealer on blemishes I have because I feel like it makes them stand out even more however this creamy concealer is PERFECT for use under my eyes after I have stayed up a bit too late. As you can see I have hit the bottom of the container and will definitely be getting a new one when I completely run out. 
4. Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation: When applied with this brush this foundation looks super natural and has really great coverage (although I am used to only wearing tinted moisturizer). I wear this when I have an event to go to but I am sure it would look great on a regular basis if you are looking for a more full face of makeup. I use two drops and it covers my entire face and neck!
5. Pixie Bronzer: Bronzer had always scared me until I found this stuff. It is the best and gives a light natural color to your face. I put a tiny bit on my cheekbones before applying blush and it really brightens up my entire face.
6. Baby Lips Color Chapstick: As I said earlier, lipstick scares me. This stuff on the other hand gives such a great natural color to your lips without the fear of messing up and having to start over. It also is a wonderful moisturizer!
7. Maybelline Babyskin Primer: I don't use primer all the time but when I do I use this amazing drugstore one. I love the way it feels on my face and it really does help my makeup stay on longer than if I haven't applied primer (I've heard it is a dupe for this one).
8. Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara: I always use Benefit's They're Real but when I want my lashes to be even more defined I put this on first! It does a great job of making my eye lashes look more full!
9. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: This is my second tube of this product and when I say it lasts forever I completely mean it. I have been using it since second semester of my senior year of high school and I am only on my second tube. I apply it with this beauty blender and like that while it is still very light it covers up some imperfections. I use this daily and know that I will continue to use it for years to come, definitely worth investing!
10. Bobbi Brown Powder Blush (in desert pink): This is the most natural looking blush ever. Even if I don't want to do makeup I can put a little bit of this on my cheeks and call it a day. It gives a natural flush and highlights my freckles which I like!
11. Nars Blush: This blush is great if you want a bit of sparkle and shimmer on your cheeks! When I am going for a more full makeup look I put this on before my bobbi brown blush and they are great alone and even better together!
12. Bare Minerals Powder: This is a great foundation when you aren't really in the mood for makeup but realize you need it and also works great as a powder. I can take a small brush and get a little bit of it and use it as my concealer and it does a great job as that. You can also use this as an all over powder after a foundation. Super versatile and has always been present in my makeup drawer ever since I started wearing makeup. (My mom swears by it too and mom knows best!)
13. Same as number 9, oops!
14. Stilla Midnight Blue Eyeliner Pencil: Awesome color, smooth application, and easy to touch up which is exactly what I need! I bought this in this set (such a good deal) and adore all the colors but especially this one, it really makes your eyes pop!

Not pictured is the best cream eyeshadow ever! While it is a bit more expensive than some it is the best looking shimmer eye shadow I have ever seen. My friend Caroline always wears it and her eye makeup always looks so great because of it and it is the only product she uses! The best part, the application is so simple!!

I hope this answered any of your questions about my makeup you could have possibly wondered! If you try out any of these products let me know and be sure to share your favorites in the comments so I can try them out as well!

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Perfect Pullover {Marley Lilly}

So as y'all may have seen from Friday's post, I went hiking last Saturday and stayed cozy in the elevated mountain temperatures thanks to this most perfect jacket! This jacket is from Marley Lilly and is a heather grey color with the coziest fleece interiors. It reminds me a lot of Patagonia's Better Sweater Pullover but is so much better because of the option to have it monogrammed (not to mention it is less expensive too)! Marley Lilly's website now allows you to see how your monogram will appear on each article so go test out your monogram on this one! I chose the block font with chocolate brown thread!

The jacket has a large kangaroo-esque pocket wit plenty of room to interlock your hands if you're feeling especially cold! I am positive that this jacket will accompany me on many chilly days of class and hours spent in the library.

Most of my sweatshirts are a lot longer and this one will be perfect to dress up with jeans and a vest without look slumpy but still feeling extra comfortable!

And because in reality this photo below summarizes how most solo photographs of me appear.

Be sure to check out all of Marley Lilly's monogrammed products and if you are even remotely considering a jacket like this one jump on it quick because I would hate for them to run out!

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