Tuesday, December 6, 2022

My 2022 Christmas & Birthday Wishlist

Over a year later and I FINALLY have a new blog post for you! I never intended to take as long as a hiatus as I did (or one at all for that matter), but we can catch up on all of that at a different time! For now, I am just glad I remembered how to get everything to where it needed to go to ultimately wind up on my website. 

I’m eager to get into some type of groove when it comes to posting here again, but with the business of the holiday season can’t make any promises that I’ll be back in full force just yet. I’m also determined to finally get everything transferred over to the new website I’ve been working on that’s on WordPress so that hopefully when I do get back in the habit of posting it will be on a more user-friendly and updated site. Just putting these hopes out there as a way of hopefully holding myself accountable! 

For this first post back in quite some time, I am sharing my Christmas and Birthday wishlist. Part of the motivation for getting it here on the blog as opposed to just Instagram is because I know my parents can easily shop it and since they are the ones that request a wishlist around Thanksgiving each year who am I to deny them the opportunity to shop for gifts I’ve been eyeing. Since this is where they will be coming to do that I’ve included any size and color details they may need to make the shopping as straightforward as possible. I’ve also included a short blurb about why each item made the cut since when looking at other people’s guides I enjoy knowing what needs non-self-explanatory items may be filling. At the end of the day though, remember that this is a wishlist filled with some ideas (some being pipe dreams) of giftable items I’d enjoy that will hopefully help you with your own holiday shopping too.

New Workout Leggings

Size: Medium // Color: Black

My workout clothes drawer is in desperate need of an overall starting with leggings. I have quite a few that have pilled or aren’t feeling in quite as good of shape as they once were. I had seen someone talking about this pair of Amazon leggings on their blog and would love to give them a try! I’ve been hoping to find a pair or two of affordable options that I can slowly use to replace those that are a bit more worn out! 

Gold Etched Bangles

My mom loves antiquing and estate sales. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to enjoy them as well, but she tends to find hidden gems more often than I do. I like to put one or two things for her to keep an eye out for as she’s shopping these sales throughout the year and gold-etched bangles have been on that list for the past few years. She knows what to look for in terms of etching and clasps and I completely trust her judgment on these finds! It’s fun for both of us when she comes across a great deal on one and I eventually get to unwrap it. 

Ninja Coffee Maker

In the past few weeks, I have done a ridiculous amount of research on coffee makers. The Keurig that I have had since my junior year of college has been on its last leg for at least a year now, and I’m ready for an upgrade. I knew I wanted something compact with hot and cold functions as well as the ability to use coffee grounds or a K-Cup pod and this seems to do it all! When I make my coffee in the morning I want something that will make it quickly but also not be a total eye sore. The compact design of this one won’t take up too much counter space which is a win in a rental house and I suspect the built-in milk brother would be fun to experiment with on occasion! 

Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm

In the winter my face needs all of the moisturizing it can get. That goes for my eyelids as well which tend to do worse than the rest of my skin when it comes to cooler temperatures. One of my favorite Instagram follows, @mallykgoldman, swears by this product year-round and even says it would make her list of desert island products if she were stranded with limited options. Those claims have had me add this to my Amazon cart more times than I can count, but I always talk myself out of purchasing it making a Christmas wishlist the perfect place to ask for it!

Brooks Ghost 14 Running Shoes 

Size: 8.5 // Color: Grey/Pink/Sulphur Spring

Boring I know, but when purchasing a new pair of workout shoes feels like punishment for being active I’d much rather receive them as a gift. I’ve worn the Brooks “Ghost” running shoes for years which makes buying new workout shoes even more boring since the only thing I tend to change up is the color. Why fix what isn’t broken?

Neely and Chloe Navy Wallet

No embossing/monogram

I think it’s officially time for me to have a wallet like a big girl. I’ve relied on the card holder attached to my car keys for years but would like something a little bit bigger that can fit more. Since I haven’t had a true wallet in years I think this one would be the perfect size for easing back into carrying one and I suspect the color would hold up very well! 

White Quilted Jacket with Black Scallop Piping

Size: Medium

This is definitely a want more than a need, but how could I say no to a classic-looking quilted coat with adorable scallop detailing? The answer is that I just couldn’t! If this isn’t your style I’ve seen so many cute pieces on this website although I don’t have any first-hand experience ordering from them before. 

Rosae Paris Crossbody Bag

I’ll be the first to admit that this Parisian handbag is a bit of a pipe dream, but after I discovered this brand over the summer this bag has continued to be on my hypothetical wish list. Now that the time came to create a real wish list it’s only fair to include it here as well. I need to either start planning a trip to Paris to visit Rosae or they need to open a store statewide because everything on their site is so chic. 

Glamorous Wash Diva Detergent

I don’t think a gifting occasion has gone by in years that this detergent hasn’t made the cut to be asked for. I know I’ve said it before, but I can blame my mom for getting me hooked on this after putting a container in my Easter basket one year in college! My trick to making it last longer since it is on the pricier side is to mix a cap full of Glamorous Wash with a free and clear style detergent (I usually choose All). You can stretch a container much longer doing that and then maybe can rely on always getting a refill when the holidays roll around! 

Camp Skyline Needlepoint Canvas or Custom Dog Canvas

My dad is big on the idea of everyone having something to “play with” on Christmas. I think it stems back to when we were younger and spend hours with our Christmas treasures spread out only to be disturbed by meals and wanting to see what other family members were playing with. A needlepoint canvas could be my adult version of something to play with and I am particularly drawn to the one with my camp logo or a custom one of Winnie! I’m not sure how I’d display these once completed if I were to receive one, but I have no doubt I’d be able to come up with something. 

Tavi Noir Sticky Socks

These are the socks I love wearing for the workout classes I go to and my stash could use a couple more pairs! I love the grey and black pairs in this set and considering I’ve put off buying them for a while it seems like a great gift option! 

Rattan Coffee Table Book & In With the Old Coffee Table Book

I love coffee table books and think I come by it naturally. The point of the books are to display beautiful pictures and inspire, so what’s not to love? These two are ones that I’ve had in and out of my Amazon cart always moving them out before placing an order but ones I’d love to add to my collection nonetheless. 

In Kind Magazine Subscription and Back Issues

Having worked in the print magazine space in the past I’m of the mindset that a physical copy is always better than a digital one and I don’t think I’ve seen a prettier print copy of a publication. Beyond the pretty binding, In Kind has featured articles from plenty of people I admire and continues to get rave reviews! I recently listened to the How’d She Do That episode with the founders and after looking through their website and social media am certain this is one of those subscriptions I’d want to devour every page of. 

Walking Mat

I feel like I may be a little behind the times on this since I know these were a hit when gyms were closed during covid, but I’d love a way to better make sure I’m getting my steps in, and since I’m usually the only one at the Hibiscus House showroom working I imagine myself really loving the ability to walk while doing computer work! After looking at all the different walking mats out there I noticed that this one had great reviews and seems like it’s somewhat transportable. Hunter isn’t great at surprising me and not very secretive so considering he used my amazon account to “look at” this I may or may not know it’s already on the way…I’ll report back with how I like it at some point! 

CZ Solitaire Necklace

While the real deal would be fabulous, I would love to replace the identical necklace I have of this with one that may not look quite as worn. After three years of wearing it 24/7, I’d say that’s a pretty good life expectancy for this type of piece! I took mine off about a month ago given that the silver was looking tarnished and have really missed having a necklace to wear. I’m hopeful that Santa was scared of what appeared to be a diamond on my wishlist but was relieved when seeing its price! 

Blue Coupe Glasses

I love that fun glassware has become so popular. I have a few stemless Estelle wine glasses that I love, but since I had more on my wish list last year without a bite I’m going to try my luck at this coupe glass set that looks like Estelle but has a lower price tag! Espresso Martinis would just taste better out of these, right!? 

Now it’s your turn to share what is at the top of your wishlist! Do we have any overlap? Happy to slowly be making my way back into blogging, and I hope to talk again soon! 

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