Friday, October 26, 2018

Things To Do On Sunday To Prep For The Week

I know what you're probably thinking and honestly, I'm thinking it too. Your thought process is a little something like this: It's Friday, it's too early to be worried about Sunday. Again, I agree completely and I have every intention of enjoying my weekend but since I didn't want you waiting until Sunday night to read these tips they are live today. 

My Sundays since moving to Birmingham have looked very different than my Sundays did in Greenville when I was still teaching. I don't really bring work home which is wonderful and makes Sundays pretty relaxing. While I know that isn't the case for everyone, fortunately, these tips will work regardless of whether you have the Sunday scaries or not.

Have A Slow Morning
You spend all week fighting your alarm clock and dreading getting out of bed during the work week so why do that to yourself on Sunday? On Saturdays, I am a lot more likely to have plans that I need to get up for so I try my hardest to allow myself a bit of extra time in bed on Sunday mornings. I have started going to an 11:00 church service instead of an earlier one which helps allow me to do this. For me a slow morning looks like getting up only to grab a cup of coffee and bring it back to my bed. I'll open my blinds to let some light in and scroll through my phone or watch something on my computer while sipping coffee before actually getting my day going.

Do Laundry & Wash Your Sheets
I feel more settled for the week ahead when the space around me is clean. While I do try to vacuum and dust beyond that having clean laundry that is put away and (every other week) clean sheets puts me at ease. Knowing that these are things that I won't necessarily have to do during the week takes a bit off my plate and allows me to enjoy week nights at home instead of doing "chores" of this sort. 

Go For A Walk or Do Something Else You Enjoy
I used to spend most Sundays lesson planning and working on grad school work so I understand if enjoying the day can't always be the case. But that's not to say you can't at least enjoy parts of the day between doing work to get ahead. Going for a long afternoon walk is one of my favorite Sunday activities and most times I'll even multi task and call my family and friends to catch up if I didn't decide to walk with a friend. 

Pack Your Lunch & Gym Bag The Night Before 
I don't want to have to think about lunch food in the morning so why not deal with packing a lunch while making dinner the night before. It's easy to do and makes it easy to grab and head out the door in the midst of the Monday morning rush. The same goes for packing my gym bag and it has made such a difference in the amount of time it takes me to be ready for the day on Monday morning. And while you're at it doing these things, do anything else you can to make your Monday morning go smoothly. For me, that's taking our trash out. I am bad about doing this on Monday morning and it tends to put me in a bad mood especially when I am already in a hurry. I could avoid this attitude completely if I would just put our garbage can at the curb on Sunday night instead of putting it off. 

Make A To-Do List For The Week

Y'all know I love a good to-do list and writing out what I know I need to do during the week helps relax me. I know that isn't the case for everyone but knowing that I won't miss an event or deadline because I've thought about it in advance is a great way to prep for the week. 

Go To Bed Early (or at least get in bed early)
This is coming from the girl who used to get 4 hours of sleep during junior year of college and at this point I can say I don't know what I was thinking. Waking up rested on Monday is hard to beat! 

I hope y'all have a great weekend and a restful Sunday that helps put you ahead for the week! 

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