Monday, September 30, 2013

This Place Called Cookout

When my friends see this I know that they are all going to laugh but I figured that if I didn't know about this before I came to school then it would be news to some of y'all as well.

At Furman, Cookout is a hot spot to go on Friday and Saturday nights no matter what event you have just come from. I am sure most schools have this type of place where you can grab a cheap snack and a delicious milkshake while seeing plenty of familiar faces. 

While I have never tried the food from cookout, I have enjoyed quite a few milkshakes. They have over 40 flavors and my personal favorites include oreo mint and peanut butter resses!

During my first experience at cookout my room mate and I thought our other friends were taking us to a bonfire of sorts, we had no idea what we were getting into let alone that we would end up right off campus at a fast food restaurant. Now it has become a place you look forward to going after being off campus!

Have y'all ever been to cookout?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

College Week Three and Four Photo Recap

Here is a photo recap of weeks three and four of my college experience at Furman! Hopefully I will do these weekly so that I can look back on all of this later on as well as you getting to see what is happening in my life. Also, now that I am in college it is very unlikely that I will have posts up everyday. Believe me, if I had the time I would but school comes first and let me tell you, school is a balancing act! Don't think I won't be posting though because you will see plenty of posts from me, it is just unlikely that they will be daily!

My Tie!

Happy Birthday Caroline, it is Furman tradition to throw you into the lake on your birthday (we were nice enough to just put her in a fountain though).

My roommate and I!

Caroline's birthday dinner and swing dancing.

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Our first Furman football game!


Enjoying the new stadium.

Redneck, White trash, Blue Collar


Monday, September 16, 2013

First Two Weeks of College Photo Recap

Here is a look into my life as a college freshman at Furman University!

First photo with our new friends! My roommate is on the far left and the two girls next to us our now our closest friends, you will probably see them a lot on here. 

Black Out Rave

O-Week Olympics

First time downtown as college students.

O-Week Carnival

In case you didn't know, Shannon (from Prep Avenue) and I go to the same school!

Accidental Matching

White Oaks President Picnic

First Day of Classes

Walks around the lake with a stop at the Belltower

First College Party

Labor Day Lake Fun!

Check back tomorrow for pictures from week three and four!

Happy Monday!

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