Thursday, October 18, 2018

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

After heading “North” to South Carolina this weekend and the temperature cools down a bit in Birmingham this past week I am officially ready to wear all of my favorite Fall pieces. My mom is coming this weekend (with two hang up bags of fall clothes in tow) and while I am obviously excited to have my mom in town, I am also excited to finally have fall clothes in my closet again.


When thinking about having my fall clothes back, I started to think about the pieces I would consider to be my fall essentials. Personally, I love classic pieces that can be worn a multitude of ways without getting too tired since my fall wardrobe inevitably is my winter wardrobe too in the south. Darker shades incorporated through scarves and sweaters pair nicely with the more neutral palette my closet tends to take as the weather cools. Another tell-tale sign that it is fall to me is the variety of textures I tend to choose. From suede, like in this navy skirt, to velvet on the bow mules I've been living in, I don't discriminate! This outfit brings together so many closet staples to scream fall even in places where fall isn't as crisp. Because these are pieces I reach for time and time again, I don't mind investing a bit more in their quality and in turn spending more. Fortunately, though, I've included so many of my fall favorites from affordable retailers, but since they are classics it wouldn't be hard to find them a variety of places depending on your price point! 


top // scarf // skirt // mules // bag

While I’m sure I am forgetting something, I thought it would be fun to share what I thought of with y’all. Keep in mind, living in the South certainly impacts what I find to be essential regarding outerwear practicality. I've shared some of my essentials for each category below for you. 

Outerwear: waxed Barbour jacket, j.crew vest (another great more affordable option), peacoat (really love this one too), waterproof anorak, suede jacket (I own in 2 colors and love it), quilted jacket, oversized pullover (so cute too)

Misc: easy dress (more of those here), pajama set, weekender bag, hat

I'd love to know what else you would add to this list!

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