Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Holiday Dresses for Any Occassion (Over 50 of my favorite festive frocks)

Does anyone else feel like the holiday season is flying by? I read that there are less than two weeks until Christmas and kind of panicked. Fortunately, I have a lot of my Christmas shopping done, but I don’t feel like I have been able to fully appreciate all that the holiday season has to offer just yet. One of my best friends from college, Sophia, is coming to town this weekend and I have no doubt that we will be able to check some things off to make it feel more like Christmas. One thing that I think of when it comes to the holiday season is festive attire. That could be due in part to always having a winter formal or Christmas function to dress up for. This year I can’t say that I have either of these events to dress up for, but that didn’t stop me from spending the entirety of the movie The Grinch scouring the internet for the cutest festive frocks.

While I initially found close to 70 dresses that would be perfect for a variety of events (think Christmas eve church, seeing the Nutcracker, or even attending a work party), I narrowed it down to a much less overwhelming (ha) 50 something. I did my best to include a variety of price points, styles, and colors so that no matter what your budget is or the event you’re shopping for that there would be something for everyone. 

As with most of my shopping posts, you can click directly on the dress that catches your eye in the graphic below in order to be taken to where you can purchase it. And if you happen to have a plus one on hand for a holiday party feel free to send an invite my way, so I have an excuse to shop for one of these cute dresses too. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

Step Into My Week

I am sitting down to write this week’s posts with Christmas music playing in the background, a cup of hot chocolate next to me while it’s cold and rainy outside. Fingers crossed that sitting at my desk will help keep me productive in working on posts since I am thinking a Christmas movie will be calling my name tonight.

This week I was definitely feeling under the weather. I think that I had a cold of some sort, but it seemed to be in two stages. I went to sleep early most nights this week in an attempt to combat it and can finally say I think I’ve fought it off. I wasn't the best about getting pictures this week but will hopefully have more to share with y'all next week. 

My week started with a photo shoot on Monday for our 2019 Christmas cover that we had set up for the previous Friday. We finished up a little bit earlier than expected, so I was able to unload all of the props at the office and get some desk work done before heading home for the night. I think I made soup and was in bed before 8:00 if that at all describes how I was feeling. Tuesday I was in the office all day working on social posts, sending out complimentary copies, and helping a stylist prepare for the shoot we had the next day. I went straight home from work instead of working out this day too and was asleep by 9:00. 

Wednesday we had another Christmas photo shoot for next year. It was near my house, so I was able to work from home before heading to the house to begin setting up. We had our team holiday lunch and ornament exchange that day, so I was able to get away for a bit for that and wound up with a fun new ornament from one of the members of our team. I went back to the shoot afterward, and we were able to get the rest of the food shots done before packing everything else up and loading it in our cars. After work, I decided to go to the Y to workout before coming home and eating dinner, showering, and yet again going to bed early. 

Thursday was another day in the office aside from making returns for a stylist outside of the office for an hour. I was able to tackle a lot on my to-do list which always feels good especially since we work half days on Friday. As soon as 5:30 hit I headed home to get ready for a cocktail party for the Phoenix Club that I had been invited to. It was at a wine bar and art gallery in English Village and ended up being a lot of fun (sadly I didn’t think to take any pictures). We went to a bar in Mountain Brook afterward and I finally got home around 11:30 which is way past my weeknight bedtime (especially this past week). 

Friday I somehow woke up before my alarm despite being tired and decided to go ahead and get my day started. I got ready and then treated myself to Starbucks Friday with my laptop to continue working on gift guides for y’all. The office seemed especially quiet but was conducive to getting a lot done before leaving at noon. My afternoon was spent running to the store and then baking Christmas cookies, making appetizers, and tidying up our house before our friends came over at 7:15 to decorate Christmas cookies. I think I say this everytime I do things with this group of girls, but I feel really lucky to have such stellar friends here in Birmingham already. We ended up sitting around our coffee table in the living room devouring different appetizers before playing what do you meme and eventually decorating Christmas cookies. Before leaving, we played Dirty Santa, and I think all had a bit of a sugar high. 

Saturday morning it was cold and rainy here, so I ended up waking up and putting on comfy clothes with few intentions of leaving the house. I caught up with Sophia on the phone before deep cleaning our house in excitement for her to come to visit Birmingham next weekend. I worked on a lot of the graphics for this week’s blog posts. I did lots of laundry and watched the Grinch before Nell came over that night to watch the George H.W Bush special on NBC. We picked up dinner from Saw’s to eat while watching and ended up driving around and looking at Christmas lights afterward. The weather was getting really terrible, so we watched White Christmas and caught up before she went home. 

Sunday morning I got up and had a slow morning before going to church. My roommate and I ate lunch and watched The Princess Switch, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon/night preparing for the week ahead. I wasn't great about snapping outfit photos before work this past week but am determined to get all 5 days this week.

I hope that y'all had a great week and weekend! 

Friday, December 7, 2018

Gift Guide for College Girls

Happy Friday! I’m going to keep this intro short and sweet since I know that the gift ideas are the main reason you clicked on this post. If you are in college or shopping for a girl in college, I can guarantee that these gift ideas would be well received. Many of the items include are items I own and love. As with other gift guides, you can click directly on the items featured below to be taken to where you can purchase them! 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Gift Guide for the Young Adult

Boy has this cold taken a toll on me and my ability to get gift guides live. I finally am thinking that I’m on the mend (aside from constantly needing a tissue) which will hopefully mean that I’ll be able to publish my remaining gift guides in the coming days. I will say that that means there will be lots of items to shop and less insight from me but hopefully it will help you to feel productive checking off names on your Christmas gift list.

Last night I sat down and wrote out what exactly I have left to shop for and now that I’ve put it down on paper it makes me that much more eager to cross it off. I am more excited about some people’s gifts than others but that is the way it goes I suppose. 

One group of people that I know it can be tricky to shop for is young adults. Whether they have just graduated college and are looking to establish themselves or they’ve been out of school for a bit and have been climbing the career ladder it tends to be easiest to just dole out gift cards and call it a day. Since I know that some people don’t like doing that due to it feeling less personal, I’ve put together today’s gift guide specifically for these hard to shop for young adults. While many of the items are much more practical, some like the dog ornament (perfect if they have a dog of their own or miss the one they may have grown up with) or fancy detergent are an item they will love but not necessarily have purchased for themselves.

As with all of my recent gift guides, you can click directly on the image in the graphic to be taken to where you can purchase each gift idea. And for any of you college-girls or people shopping for one, tomorrow’s gift guide will be just the thing to help you out!  

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