Monday, October 15, 2018

Step Into My Week

Happy Monday. First, I want to address how shocking it is that October is already halfway over. October is typically one of my favorite months of the year, and I can certainly claim that to be true this year. I feel like my last few Step Into My Week posts have been packed full, and that trend looks as though it may continue the remainder of the month as well. I hope that your October is shaping up to be equally as fun.

Monday started off very normal with me hitting snooze once not wanting to get out of bed. My to-do list at work filled every box in my Day Designer and shockingly I was able to check everything off which doesn’t always necessarily happen. After work, I met Nell at her apartment to go for a walk and embrace the cooler weather we had instead of heading to the gym. Once I was home, I got cleaned up, put on pajamas, made dinner, and enjoyed it while doing some blog work and watching Gilmore Girls. I know I can’t be the only one who depends on Rory and Lorelai to get me in the fall mood once the weather officially agrees to co-operate. I forced myself to have an earlier bedtime which I thanked myself for on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, I had a two-hour meeting to plan out content for our magazine for 2019 which was really interesting to be involved with. Our whole team was together (one of our team members
is usually based in Washington), so it was good to be able to bounce ideas around in person and form a general outline of the different stories that will be covered. Aside from that, work was very normal, and I fell back into a podcast hole (check back Thursday for more on that). The weather was so nice (in the 80s instead of 90s), so I decided to skip the Y and instead go for a run through Mountain Brook. While this was really nice, it was a reminder that Mountain Brook has some serious hills that I don’t really think about when driving them. Afterward, I went home, showered, made dinner, and watched Gilmore girls while finishing up a blog post and painting my nails.

Wednesday, I slept in a little bit (5:45 instead of 5:30 woohoo) and still had time to take a couple of pictures of items before heading to work. I had a very productive morning and got to know a few of the other girls my age better in the break room as we all went down at the same time upon receiving an email about warm monkey bread and extra icing. I’m good at ignoring a lot of those test kitchen emails but with it being gloomy outside that one really got me, and I’m glad it did. The afternoon was pretty normal as I worked my way through my to do list before heading out. I came home and made myself enough food for the next few meals I would be in town for and worked ahead on blog posts while watching Gilmore Girls. I got in bed around 9:30 and decided to go to bed.

I knew Thursday would be a day filled with a long after work to do list in preparation for heading out of town, so I decided to get started on that before heading to work. I went ahead and put my suitcase out and began gathering things that I knew I would want over the weekend but wouldn’t necessarily need before then. Work was pretty typical with a meeting in the afternoon, but the gloomy weather definitely had me wishing I was curled up in bed. Fortunately, it cleared off later in the day and was absolutely beautiful. Because of that, I took my laptop and worked outside for about an hour in the afternoon. After work, I went to Publix and then came home to put a load of laundry and get a couple of pictures for this post before going for a run around my area. Once I got home, it was time to move my laundry to the dryer and take a shower before eating dinner. After dinner, I did some packing and responded to some blog emails before finishing up my to-do list and eventually going to sleep.

Friday morning, I woke up excited since after work I was heading to Greenville! I packed up my car before going to Starbucks for my typical Starbucks Friday. I was so tempted to go early to Starbucks to sit there and enjoy my coffee but decided to go ahead to work and start my day since I’d be able to leave a few minutes early if I did that. I used that time gained by running to a bakery in Birmingham, Pastry Arts, on my way out of town to grab some Baby Bites (delicious tiny cakes) to take with me to Greenville as a thank you to Sophia for letting me stay with her. We had been texting most of the week about what we would do while I was in town so by the time I was on my drive I was ready to be there even though a 4-hour drive felt very do-able. I arrived around 7:00 Greenville time and went directly to Sophia's apartment to put my stuff down. We went to dinner at Up on the Roof (they have the best chicken lettuce wraps ever) and ended our night by watching Hocus Pocus enjoying the Baby Bites and prosecco I brought. We had agreed to hold off on watching Hocus Pocus until we were back with one another and I’m glad we did. After watching the movie, we decided to call it a night to rest up before our fun day ahead.

Saturday morning started with homemade pumpkin spice lattes and homemade pumpkin bread enjoying the fall weather on Sophia's porch. We had plans to get our nails done at 10:00 which was relaxing and a good way to catch up during our pedicure until we didn't end up next to one another while getting our nails done. We went back to her apartment to change before heading to Tandem (the best crepe place in Travelers Rest near Furman). Tandem is one of our go-to spots and was on the way to Sky Top Orchard in North Carolina which is where we went next. We weren't the only ones who thought the weather was perfect for picking some apples since it was so crowded. Sophia wanted to make an Apple Pie, so we picked a full basket and grabbed an apple cider slushy before we left. We really wanted to get some of the Apple Cider Donuts but with a ridiculously long line and plans later on decided that the slushy would suffice. We went back to Sophia's apartment to get cleaned up and ready for dinner that night. I had texted a bunch of our friends in Greenville, so we could grab dinner together at Cantina 76 (my favorite Mexican restaurant). Downtown Greenville was so crowded due to Fall for Greenville happening downtown, but luckily we were able to get a table and catch up some over dinner. We walked through Fall for Greenville after that and ended the night grabbing a drink at SIP before calling it an early night. Once we got home, Sophia and I watched part of Halloweentown before deciding it was bedtime. 

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Sunday morning we slept in and went to breakfast at Swamp Rabbit Cafe with Sophia's fiance. Sophia and I went to The Village Grind after breakfast before I headed out. The weather was a bit gloomy on Sunday, but the temperature still felt like fall which I appreciated. The drive back to Birmingham was pretty uneventful although I was able to listen to some podcasts and catch up with my brother on the phone. Once I got back, I unpacked immediately (unheard of for me) and then met up with Nell for a walk. We walked through Mountain Brook and caught up about our weekends. I came home and showered and made dinner while talking to my parents. I ended the weekend with Gilmore Girls before heading to bed.

I hope that y'all had an equally as great week and are also finally soaking up some fall weather. 

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