Thursday, October 8, 2015

Apartment Bedroom Tour: Navy & Light Blue

Eep! I am so thrilled to *finally* be sharing this with y'all. It has been a long time coming and I know a lot of y'all have been anxiously awaiting this post which makes me even more excited to click publish! I am still hoping to share a few more of my friends rooms with you but the 10 days of rain we've had over the last week and a bit made it so that every photo I took had the weirdest lighting. The other morning when it was finally nice and sunny I was ready and determined to snap these pictures and share them with y'all.

If you don't know, I am a junior at Furman University and live in an on campus apartment with 3 of my sorority sisters. We all have our own bedrooms and then I share a bathroom with one other roommate and we also have a nice sized living room, kitchen, and foyer. Needless to say, it has been awesome! I love having my own room and of course adored decorating it. Get ready to scroll through quite a few photos, I tried not to leave out any details! 

(I'm still looking for many of the pieces but they will all be shoppable here soon!)

curtains // body pillow (fabric covered, local fabric store)




diy pom pom tote // nail polish dish // necklace holder


And there you have it, my blue and white humble abode. While I adored my colorful dorm rooms I love how mature this color scheme can look. I added a few whimsical details to make it a bit more fun and useful and can't help but adore all of the little knick knacks that tie the space together. I have tried to link as many of the items below but since I've had some of these pieces for a while some may be similar options instead of the ones identical to mine. I would LOVE to know what you think! 

PS this will be uploaded in video form this afternoon so stay tuned to see that for a better look at how the room flows. You can subscribe to my youtube channel here in order to be the first to see the video!

Also, if you want to see a look at my closet or desk then check out these videos.

I also talk about a lot of the items found in my room in these videos. 


  1. This room is literally perfection; it's so cute!! I love it!


  2. Insert 500 heart eye emojis here! I'm utterly obsessed with your new bedroom! It's ADORABLE and so "you". Totally love it!

    Xo, Kate //

  3. Your room is so cute! I love the colors!
    Miss Olivia Says

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your bedroom,it's too cute!


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  7. Do you have a hard time with your white bed set at all? I've always wanted to do that scalloped set in my room, but I'm just so worried about keeping it clean!

    Carly June |

  8. Hello! My daughter has requested that we redo her bed for her birthday to look just like yours! Your bed is so adorable. I've been able to find most of the pieces but I wondered if you would share the name of the blue and white patterned fabric on your headboard? We found a couple of cute fabrics but none as graphic as yours. Thanks!

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  10. Wow, your apartment bedroom looks absolutely stunning! The navy and light blue color scheme gives off such a serene and cozy vibe. The attention to detail in your decor is impressive, and I love how you've managed to create a personalized space within your on-campus apartment. The natural lighting in your photos captures the essence of your room beautifully. Can't wait to see the shoppable items and get some inspiration for my own space! Ayuda Violencia Doméstica Nueva Jersey | Violencia Doméstica Registro Nueva Jersey


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