Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Complete College Packing Checklist

When looking through emails I realized a common trend, many people emailing me were soon to be college freshman asking me about different things to take to college! I know I wish I had a bit more advice about what to take before heading off so I have created this Complete College Checklist!

Think of it as your own personal packing list for all of the things you could possibly need and want to make your college dorm feel more like home! Take into account that these are my personal recommendations and that your list may vary to fit your personal needs. Regardless, I hope this helps you to remember some things that might be easily forgotten! 

I have tried to make this as complete as possible however if you see that something is missing then feel free to comment below what I have forgotten so that I can add it to the list! I also HIGHLY suggest that you communicate with your roommate in order to split up some of the higher priced dorm necessities! By communicating in advance you will hopefully not show up with an overlap of essentials and may even be able to coordinate your bedding if you'd like! Also, it is helpful to check out your universities housing page to find out what all is included in your room. For instance, Furman University provides a micro fridge in the dorm rooms and therefore it was not necessary for my roommate or myself to bring one!

For your bed:

*Comfortable Mattress Topper
*Mattress Pad
* 2 Sets of Twin XL Sheets
*1 Extra Pillowcase
* Twin Size (or XL if you can find it) Quilt, Comforter, or Duvet
* 2 Standard Size Sleeping Pillows (make sure these are comfortable!)
* Euro Size Pillow 
* Euro Size Pillow Case
* Accent Pillows + Pillow Cases
* Body Pillow (for against the cold cinder block wall)
*Throw Blankets
optional: headboard (see a DIY here) , bed risers, dust ruffle / bed skirt, back rest pillow

For your bedside:

* Some sort of bed side table or storage cabinets (mine were storage cubes from Target and they were perfect for a bedside table with additional storage)
*Alarm Clock
* Cup
* Picture Frame
* Chapstick and lotion


* 3 or 4 body towels, 2 hand towels, 3 washcloths
* Shower Caddy 
* Shower Flip Flops
* Shower Wrap or Robe

Personal and Toiletries:

* Shampoo
* Body Wash
* Face Wash
* Makeup Remover
*Shaving Cream
* Razor + extras for later down the road
* Lotion
* Face Lotion (spot treatment, toner)
* Hair Products (hairspray, leave in conditioner,  heat protectant, hair brush, comb, hair ties, bobby pins, clips)
* Make Up
* Perfume
* Make Up Brushes
*Feminine Products
* Q-Tips and Cotton Rounds
* Nail Polish
* Emory Boards + Clippers
* Nail Polish Remover 
* Toothbrush + Retainer (if you have one)
* Toothpaste + Floss
* Mouthwash
* Floss
* Tweezers
* Deodorant + Extra for when you run out
* Jewelry
* Tissues
* Hair Dryer + Straightener + Curling Iron
* Sunscreen 
* First Aid Kit ( with extra band aids)
* Medicine ( tums, cold medicine, throat lozenges, Tylenol, Advil, allergy medecine, Neosporin, Vitamin C, Airborne, Vitamins)


* Cloth Storage Cubes
* Storage Cubbies (like the ones I used as my bedside table)
* Organizational bins for Cubbies
* Plastic Drawers
* Storage Ottomans (see a DIY here)
* Under the bed bins (I love Lilly Pulitzer's and a Laundry Basket would work great too)
* Under the bed bins with lids ( Scout makes awesome ones of these)


* Windex
* Paper Towels
* Disinfectant Wipes
* Trash bags
* Air Freshener
* Dawn
* Sponges
* Laundry Bag
* Laundry Detergent 
* Dryer Sheets
* Wrinkle Spray
* Stain Treatment
* Lint Roller
* Small Vacuum Cleaner (a real game changer) 
* Hand Soap
* Toothbrush Holder
* Mini Steamer
* Iron + Mini Ironing Board


* Microfridge (if not already provided by university)
* Mugs
* Cups
* Brita Water Pitcher + Extra Filters
* Kuerig + K-Cups
* Ziplocs
* Chip Clips
* Paper Plates
* Plastic Silverware
* Melamine Plate
* One Set of Real Silverware
* Snacks
* Waterbottles
* Travel Mug
* Paper Bowls
* Tubberware


 * Trash Can
* Printer
* Drawer Organizers (a life saver)
* Lamp
* Desk Chair Cover
* Pens
* Pencils
* Notebooks
* Post-It Notes
* Binder
* Dividers
* Copy Paper
* College Ruled Notebook Paper
* Tape Dispenser
* Paper clips
* Binder Clips
* Blank CDs
* Agenda
* Wall Calendar
* Index Cards
* Sheet Protectors
* Stapler
* Hole Punch
* Markers
* Folders
* Ruler
* Scissors
* Duct Tape
* Glue
* White out
* Pen Cup
* Colorful Pens (I love LePens!)
* Backpack
* Pencil Pouch
* Desk Hutch
* Magazine Organizers
* Personal Makeup Mirror


* Laptop
* Printer
* Ink Cartridges
* Extension Cords / Surge Protectors / Power Strip
* Calculator
* TV + DVD player (optional)
* Chargers
* Ethernet Cord (just in case) 


* Slim Felt  Cascading Hangers
* 4 Tier Skirt Hanger
* 4 Tier Pant Hanger
* Command Hooks
* Tension Rod
* Shower Curtain
* Storage Bin


* Rug
* Wall Monogram
* Cork board or Dry Erase Board
* Paintings and Wall Art
* Picture Frames
* Memo Board
* Curtains
*Futon or Small Couch (optional)
* Printed Photos From Home
* Fake Flowers
* Vase


* Lap Desk
* DVDs
* Leisure Reading Books (1 or 2 is suitable)
* Headphones
* Fan
* Acrylic Organizers (necklace, cotton balls, tray)
* Camera
* Flashlight
* Ipod + Speaker
* Umbrella
* Tote bags
* Duffle Bag
* Suitcase
* Batteries 
* Safety Pins
* Magnets for fridge
* Tool Kit
* Full Length Mirror
* Stationary
* Stamps
* Command Strips + Sticky Putty
* Hot glue gun + extra glue sticks

WHEW! I better start packing for sophomore year starting now! I hope this helps you out no matter which year of college you are about to tackle! Please let me know of anything that I could be forgetting so that I can add it to this list to make it even more complete! I clearly did not include clothes in this list because that is something more personal that you will need to tackle however i do recommend periodically switching out your closet between seasons so that you only have clothes necessary for the present season with you at school!

Good Luck and I'd love to know what you think!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Delicious Summer Snacks

I am a snacker! Meals are great but I can't function between meals without snacks! 

This summer I have found lots of new favorites when it comes to snacks! For me I don't want a super heavy snack in my stomach with the hot summer sun and all of these snacks keep me full without feeling sick while facing the heat!

For breakfast (which is a meal but I love this as a snack) I have been loving a big bowl of Kashi Go Lean Cinnamon Crumble! This cereal has a great crispy texture and a yummy flavor to go along with it!

I will forever be a fan of granola bars! They are the perfect snack to stick on your book bag and purse to eat on the go and they are usually pretty filling! My favorites are Luna's Peppermint Stick and Kind's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Almond (I think that's what it is called)/

Salsa in the summer sounds like heaven. Your own little fiesta in your mouth! My absolute favorite is Paul Newman's Mango Salsa, once you try it there is no turning back! I like mine with Garden of Eatin' Blue Chips!

For a bit more filling of a snack I like to take one of Quacker's Caramel Rice Cakes with a big ole' spoonful of JIF Natural Peanut Butter and then I sprinkle a few Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips on top for a sweet summer treat!

While Raspberry Lemonade is a welcome and refreshing treat in the summer nothing quite beats a popsicle! Lately my favorites are Blue Bell's All Natural Mixed Berry Fruit Bars, they are delightful!

And during your snack break check out this awesome jewelry sale and let me know what your favorite summer snacks are!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What To Wear During Recruitment {Style Guide For Girls Rushing}

For many universities, the lovely ladies considering joining a sorority are heading to school to make their dorm rooms home while finding a home within a greek organization at the school. While I am no pro considering Furman University (the school I attend) has Winter recruitment I have been in your shoes with the struggle of deciding what to wear! 

Know that all schools do it a bit differently and many very large universities have multiple days in some of the beginning rounds so these looks will just give you an idea of what to wear during the recruitment process.

I know that picking out outfits can be super stressful but add in the fact that it is for recruitment and I am picturing a torn through closet with me seated in defeat. Be sure to pick out your clothes prior to leaving for school (if your school does recruitment right away) so that you don't have to worry about that as you are placing your last throw pillows on your bed after moving in!

 (Round One) OPEN HOUSE / ICE WATER TEAS: (some universities expect this attire for philanthropy and a sundress for open house) This is the most casual of the rounds! Typically the ladies in charge of your Panhellenic Recruitment will have made a shirt for all the Potential New Members (PNMs) to wear. If this is the case for you then you are halfway there! Now to choose a pair of bottoms and shoes! I recommend a cute pair of chino style shorts that match the color of the design on your shirt! Sadly you can't express your style that much when you are in a uniform shirt as all of the other girls but accessorizing with jewelry is a great way to make an attempt! Choosing a pair of comfortable sandals is crucial to making it through the day! Make sure you have worn these shoes before so you don't end up with blisters! (Hair: Perky pony tail, braided pony tail, half up)

Chino Shorts (a lighter weight version that is ideal if it's going to be incredibly hot) | Sandals ( I love Jacks as well) | Monogram Necklace | Name Bar Necklace |

(Round Two) PHILANTHROPY: At Furman philanthropy round was still semi casual! A fun skirt with a flouncy, flowy blouse would be a great way to show off your style. Philanthropy round digs deeper into what it means to serve as a member of a certain sorority and will more than likely include a craft or activity to complete so be sure you can move around in your outfit! (Hair: braid into pony tail, half up)

| Bright Colored Skirt  | Flowy Blouse | Sandals |

(Round Three) SKIT: Skit was by far my favorite round of recruitment! All of the skits put on by different sororities were so entertaining and it was great to get to know girls on a more personal level! For skit a cute dress and a pair of wedges would be perfect for this round. You can accessorize with a fun statement necklace but think a bit more casual. Save your nicer dress for Pref! (Hair: down and pinned back)

| Casual Dress | Wedges | Necklace |

(Round Four) PREFERENCE TEA: This round is much more formal! Definitely don your favorite wedges or heals and wear a fancier summer frock! Dress up your dress with some of your favorite jewels but don't overdo it! (Hair: down, curled or straight)

| Dress (UNDER $50!) | WedgesEarrings |

Hope this helps address any outfit dilemmas you may encounter!

Monday, July 28, 2014

My Favorite Coffee Table Books

Although I will still be in a dorm room this upcoming school year I can't help but imagine an apartment filled with fluffy furnishings and a coffee table full of colorful books filled with pages of inspiration!

I always pause on Pinterest when I come across a living room with a coffee table covered with books! I adore reading novels and flipping through magazines and this is the best of both worlds combining pictures and text. As frequently as you hear to not judge a book by its cover with coffee table books I definitely do! 

| I Want To Be Her | Essentially Lilly (hard to find, look on ebay) | Cupcakes and Cashmere |
| Markets of Paris | Laudree | IMPACT |
The Perfectly Imperfect Home |  Kate Spade Things We Love | Domino Book of Decorating |

Other awesome decorative books!

Which coffee table books have you been lusting over?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

50 Obscure Facts About Me

It's weird for me to think about having readers read my blog posts or like my instagrams without even really knowing me. I always feel like I am writing posts to close friends that I have known for years that know loads of stuff about me. When I really sit and think about it however, I am reminded that y'all only really know what I share with y'all. Mind. Blowing. 

One of my favorite things to do with my friends when we are out in public either waiting for a meal at a restaurant or walking around downtown is to create a story for the people around us. My friends find my stories quite entertaining and it helps pass time too (feel free to ask them about the white water rafting dinner date scenario I once came up with). I can't help but enjoy imagining what other people's lives might be like and I am sure y'all are probably the same way so I am here to provide some clarity and insight into y'alls story of me!

1. I am a perfectionist.
2. I have freckles in my eyes. They aren't exactly freckles but I do have brown specks in my green eyes which is kind of cool.
3. I am a night shower-er and the thought of getting in bed without being clean grosses me out.
4. I stress out A LOT about school stuff!
5. I love hummus and my favorite brand of hummus is Roots (you can buy it at Whole Foods, it's so good).
6. I own well over 30 pairs of nike shorts!
7. I hate it when I don't have my nails painted and I can't stand long nails!
8. I adore breakfast foods, pancakes, waffles, omelets, bacon, hash browns, YUM!
9. I LOVE getting mail!
10. I HATE lizards, they are kind of my irrational fear! If only y'all could have seen my dad and I trying to chase down and capture a lizard that got in our living room! It was quite the spectacle and the whole time I was hopping from different pieces of furniture and squealing with a piece of tupperwear in my hands! When we couldn't find him (the lizard, I am not quite sure why I gave him a gender) for a little while and my dad left the room he returned asking if "I had heard any further contact from the aliens?" For any on lookers it would have been quite entertaining. * He was eventually caught and as my dad was putting him outside I firmly advised the lizard not to return.
11.  When I was younger I used to want an RV for my 16th birthday because you didn't have to buckle up while in them. I later wanted a red VW bug that I would put black magnets on and have a license plate that said BUGOFF.
12. In my mind if I am not ahead then I am behind, I always try to have a weeks worth of blog posts scheduled at any given time. 
13. I love sweets, dessert could easel pass as my favorite meal!
14. I have pretty fair skin for having dark hair.
15. I love asian style food, especially fried rice!
16. I can do 5 pull ups, which seems like a lot to me (Thanks to my brother for challenging me that I couldn't even do 2).
17. I LOVE puns!
18. Going along with number 17, if I can't think of a somewhat clever caption for an instagram photo sometimes I won't post it!
19. I LOVE to bake! Cupcakes, cookies, anything sweet!
20. I was obsessed with DW from Arthur when I was younger. If I can find the photo of me in my DW costume I will put it in here but we honestly could have been twins aside from the fact that I was not an aardvark I had headband ears that could have fooled you.
21. I ADORE shopping for school supplies and have for as long as I can remember. I used to spend hours labeling everything and organizing them.
22. I used to HATE jeans and now I am still picky about which pairs I pick out!
23. I have fat fingers.
24. I LOVE Harry Potter and wish I could have a marathon of watching the movies every weekend.
25. I didn't have hair until I was 3. I was a bald baby and toddler for that matter.
26. I obsessively match my outfits even just hanging around the house outfits. I match my t-shirt to my shorts and my sports bra to my shirt! People at camp always make fun of me for it too.
27. I don't really like hamburgers, I really have to be in the mood for them.
28. I DISLIKE germs. I do not drink after people and I will not take a bite of something if someone else has already taken a bite off of the same piece. 
29. I am incredibly indecisive. I am so indecisive that I have still yet to order my Lilly Pulitzer agenda because I am still weighing the options in my head. I mean this is a big choice, I will be pulling my agenda out multiple times a day and want to make sure that the print is exactly what I want it to be!
30. I am bad at remembering the names of celebrities in movies, most of the time you are better off telling me the role they played as opposed to their real name.
31. I am 5'8'' tall.
32. Tulips and Peonies are my favorite flowers.
33. I really enjoy murder mysteries, whether that be in a book or an episode of Monk!
34. According to my dad I have a quirky sense of humor.
35. I am almost positive that I am tone deaf however, that does not stop me from singing out loud in the car. My friends always laugh when I request them to turn the volume up so that I can't hear myself singing. 
36. I don't watch TV very often but I adore watching movies even though I usually fall asleep during them.
37. I've never been out of the country although I desperately want to travel! (And I am a bit bitter that my brother has been out of the country on at least 4 different occasions).
38. I can't leave target without purchasing something! My family refers to it as my mothership.
39. I ALWAYS overpack. Even when I am just going over to a friends house for the evening it never fails that I bring options of outfits to wear even if that just means two different Nike short options! I guess my overpacking problem can relate back to #29 and my extremely indecisive nature!
40. I HATE unpacking after trips! It is such a pain!
41. My head and face are pretty small, I can wear child size Rayban Aviators and they look like the regular sized ones on me.
42. I LOVE confetti and balloons and bubbles! 
43. As a child I had extreme OCD tendencies (which is probably why I am obsessively organized now as well). I had a blanket that had fringe all around it and I wouldn't take my nap until all the fringe was orderly and tucked outside of the blanket, talk about high maintenance, sorry mom and dad!
44. I don't really like bread. On that note, I don't love sandwiches! Although I do enjoy a Panera Cinnamon Crunch Bagel!
45. I HATE doing my hair however I don't love the way it looks unless I do something to it.
46. I LOVE to read and am always looking for more suggestions of good reads!
47. I really want to learn how to bake macarons even though I have heard it is difficult.
48. I LOVE stationary and any pretty paper good for that matter.
49. I have never broken a bone.
50. I barricade myself in pillows when I sleep. At home I sleep with 9 pillows in my queen bed and at school I sleep with 6 pillows in my twin size bed.

Do you relate to any of these facts?
Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Decked Out Dorm: Target + Exciting News

If you didn't see my first installation of this series check it out here! I adore piecing together home goods from a variety of different stores to complete a look that is completely your own. Target never fails me and their home goods definitely abide by that statement! The other day I even tweeted that I can't get past the first aisle without needing a basket and that is the truth!

Target's home section is knocking things out of the park as students are preparing to head off to college and one could easily outfit their entire dorm in Target pieces without anyone ever knowing the incredible deals you scored because of the outstanding quality!

Shop Target's home section for pieces like these and even more great options!

Have you found any great pieces at Target lately?

(Look what is back and on sale at J.Crew Factory! Get them quick before they are gone again! The herringbone vest made a come back and they released a new color!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Decked Out Dorm: PB Teen

As excited I am to begin my sophomore year of college I am kind of sad that I won't be re-designing my dorm and facing all of the choices an incoming freshman may face when designing her space! The stress in choosing the perfect bedding will not be missed however I do adore mixing and matching different pieces to build a space that can become my own! 

In the next few weeks I will sporadically be showing y'all some room choice options that would be perfect for decking out your dorm, or any space for that matter! I am making these posts based on specific places online that I have found to be great places to find bedding and accessories! Mixing and matching pieces from these places is definitely encouraged and I hope that you will be inspired to add a few finishing touches to any rooms that you think may need a little something more!

I obviously had to begin with the mecca of  perfect bedding and home goods for any girls (or guys) space, my personal favorite, PB Teen! I have always imagined completely starting over with my room and furnishing it with everything PB Teen. While that is not in the least bit practical for my room at home, it is the perfect place to stock up on dorm room bedding and accessories! For this dorm room idea I went for navy, pink, and grey fully loaded with monograms, pom poms / fringe, and a little bit of pattern!

I wouldn't skimp on the pillows because of the cozy touch they add and by keeping all of our greys patterned it adds playfulness while not overwhelming you with prints! I envisioned a desk that doubles as a vanity so of course storage options were necessary and a lamp is required if you need to stay up and study while your roommate is catching up on some zzzs!

 So when can I move into this room?

For more awesome dorm bedding in various colors check out PB Teen!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Update from Camp

Hey y'all!

My time at camp this summer is slowly dwindling and it feels as though first session just started but instead, here I am, halfway through third session where I can count my days left on my hands! As you could probably tell because of my inconsistent posting, I have run out of pre scheduled posts and therefore won't have posts up for y'all everyday, I hope you understand!

There is never a dull moment when you work with 6, 7, and 8 year old girls all summer and I have pictures to prove that! (For the campers security though, I will not be including photos of my campers).
Below are camp taken photos mixed with selfless and snap chats that give you a minuscule glimpse at what I've been up to while I've been gone!

Our entire summer staff

One of my best friends from school, Caroline, was working at a neighboring camp and I was lucky enough to spend some time with her while we were both working!

We get four nights out during our two week sessions and while you might assume that we enjoy getting dressed up and eating food in Chattanooga, TN and Rome, GA it is not that uncommon for us to end up 15 minutes away exploring Walmart and eating less delectable cuisine.

The dance with two of our neighboring brother camps is so entertaining to observe as counselors! Think blown fuses in the cabins, too much axe, and campers way over dressed for the magical venue of a tennis court!

Counselor Hunt is one of the few times where you will see me dressed in camo to guarantee that I stay out of sight of the campers! These past two sessions I have not been found and I am hoping to continue that streak!

A between session trip to Atlanta was much needed for rest, relaxation, and of course, shopping!
My camp best friend, Mary Hall (our campers think we are twins and it isn't rare for us to show up in completely matching outfits, see images above and below) and I were excited for a quick getaway and properly celebrated National Lilly Day!

One of the few times anyone will ever think of me as being "intense." Although I am still unsure if the running skirt I was wearing can fit that bill.

Having campers attack you with water balloons and dump buckets of ice cold water on you during activities isn't that uncommon either!

And sometimes we celebrate the Fourth of July for three days in a row!

Dressing like a boy isn't completely unheard of either…

Identical outfits? No wonder the campers get us confused!

Nights Off always involve ice cream and being thankful that we can sit down for an entire meal without fearing that a camper is going to spill their drink!

I hope you enjoyed this tiny glimpse into what I've been up to this summer and understand that I'll be back super soon with tons of fun posts coming your way!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Guest Post: Inspiration From Merritt

I am so excited to have one of my good friends and co-counselor from camp guest posting over here today! Merritt is here to share some wisdom with y'all and she is so great it comes as no surprise that the girls adore her almost as much as I do!  I feel like I frequently talk about camp and what it means to me and all of the crazy things we do that seem "normal" but it takes another camp person to truly understand what I am talking about. Fortunately she is here to convey to y'all one of the most important things we can teach to the girls right here on Prep In Your Step! You Can! Whether that is making your bed, riding a horse, jumping off the zip line (for our campers at camp) or starting your own blog, putting yourself out there, or going against the normal flow of routine (for you at home), YOU CAN!


Hey Y’all!

This is Dorothy’s friend from Camp, Merritt. I’m such a huge fan, that I wanted to write a post for this adorable blog! She couldn’t keep me away for too long!

(Here she is! And fittingly enough this is a camp photo!)

I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of inspiration today! Like I said, I work at Camp with Dorothy, and I stay will the girls who are six to nine years old who stay for two weeks; Fifteen girls from the age of six to nine. All my friends think I’m insane, and sometimes I think I must be. But here’s the thing. I love it. Sometimes it can be a little stressful, but it is totally worth it when I see how these kids are able to grow up; mentally, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even though this is such a great thing to do, I need some inspiration too!

One of the hardest things that some of these kids don’t really understand is that they CAN do things. Even though they’re seven, they can sweep, or fold their clothes, or kill that huge spider by their bed. They CAN. That is the best thing for these kids to learn. That no matter what, they can. And if in the beginning it’s hard, that’s because some things are difficult. But eventually, they are able to do almost anything.

You can, too. You can do anything that you set as a goal. It could be something as simple as finishing that dumb paper that is due in two hours, or it could be the hardest thing you could ever imagine. But you can do it. Believe me.

You can!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

If you're anything like me and so many other girls and boys alike then you probably spend time during your day catching up on your instagram feed! I personally have two which totally justifies double the instagram time for me, right? (I have a personal one for just people I know and where I tag my friends in pictures in addition to my blogs instagram which is posted on much more frequently and you should definitely follow, @prepinyourstep).

I follow a lot different accounts on my blog feed so if I am in a pinch for time there are a few accounts that I am completely guilty of searching just to see if they have uploaded anything new since I last checked (I promise I am really not creepy in real life)!

Behold, a few of my favorite instagram accounts!

I highly recommend you go check out the fabulous stylings and did bits of their life picture by fabulous picture! You'll be happy to discover that many of these lovely ladies have blogs of their own incase instagram stalking inspiration isn't quite enough!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Reflect Your Style With One Kings Lane

There is something about interior design that has always enticed me! I use to spend more time building and decorating houses on the Sims then actually playing the game. I guess some things never change considering I am just as interested in outfitting a room as I am myself!

I think that the space you get yourself ready in should be just as unique as your personality and I can't help but adore all the trinkets and accessories that can add to that space! I feel like statement mirrors can really enlarge an area not to mention the light they bring into a room and I am swooning over some of the mirrors One Kings Lane has to offer!

I am really not a fan of getting ready in the bathroom nor am I a fan of being rushed while preparing myself for the day so when I thought about reflecting my personality through a vanity I know that comfort and convenience is a necessity!

By adding in a few additional pieces that provide storage I could easily coverup the fact that my desk oftentimes acts as my vanity and you will never hear me complain about a few extra compartments for this and that!

Also, One Kings Lane is having an awesome fourth of July sale that has me lusting over loads of pieces! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Perfect Everything Tote

We have discussed my chronic overpacking problem before…oops! Well, this tote is completely conducive to me overpacking in the most organized way! It really is the perfect everything tote! As lame as this sounds I am already planning to use this as my teacher tote (elementary education major if you didn't know). This tote is completely customizable and an amazing option brought to you by Barrington Gifts. I got this the day before I left for camp and I immediately transferred the contents of my trusty large navy Longchamp to this nylon and leather beauty (so durable!).

For my tote I chose a tan ikat option. I have so many incredibly bright totes already that I thought a practical tote would be a nice addition!

Tote (℅) // Planner (get the new ones here) // ID case / Kelly Wynne clutch (℅) //

Can we just take a minute to talk about how incredibly spacious this tote is!

Whether you use this tote for work or school you really can't go wrong with the amount of space and storage it has! And, it would be the perfect company for a well put together business outfit every time!

Above you got a glimpse at what I've stored in mine but you couldn't quite see ALL of the pockets this bag has! In the back zipper compartment which is huge, I have stored a pair of fold up flats (so comfortable) by Yosi Samara. If I were wearing wedges all day I love to have the option of throwing on flats and this back pocket is the perfect place to store them!

In this image you can now see that there are three front pockets as well which is super convenient for smaller items that I need to grab on the go! I have stored my portable charger, phone, and sunglasses case in those pockets.

Do you have a favorite tote that fits EVERYTHING?

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