Saturday, October 31, 2020

Saturday Shopping vol. 64

 Happy Halloween! I did most of my Halloween celebrating last night, so tonight, I’ll be taking it easy and watching football on our back deck. I wish I could say I’d be handing out Halloween candy, but I live on a pretty steep hill, which I think discourages kids from coming down our street for candy. I can’t blame them, though, considering walking up the hill often leaves me winded at the end of my runs and walks. 

I know you’re not here to listen to me ramble about and instead are here to look at some of the cute new arrivals I saw online this week. I just got the masks featured in the image in the mail and am a big fan! If you happen to see something you like from the collage below, you can click directly on the item to be taken to where it can be shopped! 

Friday, October 30, 2020

Cute Fall Sweaters Under $30

Yesterday the weather decided to quickly switch from the 80-degree evenings we've been having to a brisk one in the matter of an hour. I only know that because I was on a walk and at the beginning was comfortable in a t-shirt and by the end of it was shivering in a jacket over that t-shirt. I'm so glad it feels like fall finally came back after the short stint of it we had in September! Now it's about time I finally move my spring and summer clothes out of my closet to make room for fall sweaters and winter jackets that have had no use until now. 


Getting dressed in the fall seems so easy since I can reach for  my favorite jeans and a comfortable sweater, and the only real decision I have to make is what shoes and accessories I want to throw on with those items. Even though I know sweaters are something that will get a ton of wear in my wardrobe (in the winter, I rely on putting a coat over them, but they still serve the same purpose) unless they are a really nice material, I don't see a ton of use in spending a lot of money on them thanks to the affordable options out there that are equally as cute! 

Since it's always fun to add a few new sweaters to your closet this time of year, I decided to put together a post featuring cute and affordable sweaters for fall that are all under $30 (at the time of me posting this, at least). The sweater in these photos was a recent Amazon find and a nice change-up from the white and grey sweaters I tend to gravitate towards. Y'all know how much I love blue, and the blue and grey detail on  this sweater was different enough from the sweaters I already own for me to justify it. Plus, the price made it worth the risk of not being able to try it on in person. Fortunately, Amazon didn't fail me, and I'm a huge fan of the fit and quality of this turtleneck sweater. I ordered it in a size medium since I like my sweaters roomy! 

Below you will find sweaters I found while scouring some of my favorite sites that all ring up under $30. If you see one you like that may not be in a color you need, it may still be worth clicking on it since most of the ones featured come in quite a few colors. From the college, I own  this cute ruffle neck sweater that is definitely a dupe Madewell's more expensive version,  this classic white sweater that was another great Amazon find, and  this more casual striped sweater that I love pairing with leggings. Topping my personal wish list from this post are  this marled crewneck sweater with ruffles at the shoulder,  a white ruffled sweater,  this square neck find from H&M, and this  polka dot sleeved find. And as a head's up, Target is currently having a buy one, get one 50% off sale on their sweaters, which you can shop  here.

If you see any sweaters below you like, you can click directly on them in the image below to be taken to where they can be purchased! Happy shopping.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

October 2020 Favorites

 With November on the horizon, it’s time to narrow down and share with y’all what I have been loving in October. I really don’t feel like I’ve tried all that many new items so coming up with this list was a bit of a challenge, but scrolling through Instagram to see what I’ve been posting about in the past month helped! Overall, October was a really good month, although a fast one. I think I could make a pretty solid argument that is my favorite month of the year, so maybe that’s part of why it seems to fly by, but I’m excited for the next two months as well, given that I love the holiday season. But before we get into that, below are the items I loved this month! 

I am not sure why I didn’t think to include this necklace in an earlier monthly favorites post, but I pretty much have not taken it off since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale back in August. In the past, I’ve been somewhat off and on with necklaces since I often don’t want them to overpower an outfit, but this dainty one has the perfect amount of sparkle to be an understated but well-appointed accessory. While a real version would be nice someday, nothing about it looks “fake” to me, and the price point is much more attainable than the real deal would be. If you’re looking for a dainty accessory or a good gift idea, I think this necklace would fit the bill. 

Chappy Wrap Blanket

I wish I could say we have been experiencing real fall weather here in Alabama, but we got more of that in September than we have in October. Fortunately, it’s supposed to cool down tomorrow, and maybe that means I’ll finally move my summer clothes out of my closet to make room for my sweaters. Regardless of the temperature outside, I find myself curled up on the sofa under my Chappy Wrap blanket most nights. No matter how many times I wash it, it remains just as soft as ever, and the large size makes it so that you don’t have to worry about not being fully covered up when using it. While it’s a bit of an investment, I know it’s something I’ll use for years to come. Plus, they have a dog size blanket that our family dog, Scout, always sits on. 

The Makeup Eraser

One of the most fun parts of this month was attending my friend Macy’s wedding in Fairhope. Since I was in the wedding, I didn’t necessarily hit all of my Fairhope favorites since we had various events occupying our time. Instead, that makes me especially excited to head home for an extended period at Christmas to visit some of my favorites. Her wedding weekend was the first time in a long time that I felt like I had to look constantly presentable and actually put on a full face of makeup. At the end of the night after her rehearsal dinner and reception, the last thing I wanted to do was wash my face, but using my Makeup Eraser before washing it to get the makeup off made it a bit less of a chore. Not to toot my own horn, but I discovered The Makeup Eraser when they were a pretty new brand and loved seeing the reactions from my friends when I gifted them their own, and they tried them out for the first time. It’s truly magic, considering all you need is water to make the cloth into your own makeup remover. Plus, you can wash them and use them time and time again, saving you from having to buy makeup remover and cotton rounds. This would be another great gift idea for the upcoming holiday season. 

Target Floral Dress

Since I didn’t get any of my fall clothes from Fairhope until halfway through the month, I had to do my best, making the fall clothes I did have in my closet work for me. That meant shamelessly repeating outfits, and this dress was one that got a lot of wear. It was one of those Target buys you make when going in for one cleaning supply and mindlessly wandering around the store and ending up with a handful of hangers in the clothing section. Oops. Even so, I am glad to have found it since it’s a great fall dress for weather that hasn’t entirely made the switch to the new season. The length is great (I’m 5’7” for reference), it has pockets, and the puffy sleeves are on-trend without being overwhelming. I’ve been wearing it with sneakers and slides all month but plan to pair it with booties soon! 

J.Slides Tassel Shoes

If you’ve paid attention to my Monday Step Into My Week posts where I include the outfits I’ve worn, you may have noticed the constant reappearance of these shoes. I’ve had these since my junior year of college, and every year I reach for them. The tan suede makes them a good pick for fall and winter, and I love that the tassel differentiates them from the other shoes I have that are a similar style. Recently when I had them on, a friend of mine asked me to send her a link to them when I discovered they are now offered in a leather version too. I’m tempted to order the tan leather just to add a bit of variety to my outfits!

DL1961 Cleo High-Rise Jean Shorts

I got on Instagram stories at the beginning of this month to rave about these jean shorts, and I stand by that review of them. I have always struggled to find jean shorts that fit me, and this is the closest I’ve ever gotten! I probably wouldn’t have purchased them if they hadn’t been on sale and, after reading some reviews, realized that sizing up was necessary. I ordered the 27 and am pleased with the way they fit. My waist is smaller than my hips, and these still do a good job of fitting there without being overly tight across my bottom. The length is great, and I love the fact that they are loose around my thighs. A win all around! 

I’d love to hear what items you have loved this past month! You can shop my favorites in the links above or by clicking on the items below. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

2020 Holiday Survey

Whew, this week has been a full one, and it’s only Wednesday. I have spent most of my free time this week preparing the blog for the holiday season and the gift guides I am to create each year. On the backend, that means finally nailing down everything to have an updated site soon (!!!) while looking at the analytics of which posts and gift guides y’all enjoyed last year. While personally, I love creating these guides since giving thoughtful gifts is something I take pride in, it’s always nice when y’all seem to enjoy them too. So instead of just looking at analytics and what gifts you were more likely to purchase last year, I thought it would be helpful to come straight to the source and ask you a few questions as you begin preparing to shop for the approaching holidays. 

Below you will find a ten-question survey I’ve put together with some questions about the gift guides you want to see, how much you’re hoping to spend, and what might be on your list. Completing this would be especially for me as I continue to put together content that is not only inspiring and festive for the holidays but also helpful!  

Create your own user feedback survey

Monday, October 26, 2020

Step Into My Week 10.26

It’s unreal to me that today is the last Monday in October. The second half of this year has flown by, and similarly, last week did too. I think I stayed so busy that time each weekday flew by. Outside of having three shoots last week and other work tasks to get done, I am already starting to think about the holiday season and the blog content I want to get live during that time, which kept me busy outside of my regular work hours. Unlike last week’s overload of photos, I didn’t remember to take a single picture until Wednesday, oops! Here’s the recap. 

Most of Monday, I felt like was spent yawning after such a fun weekend for Macy’s wedding. I slept until six and worked in bed with a cup of coffee until I needed to get ready for video meetings in the morning. I worked from home all day (with a second cup of coffee in the afternoon) and went for a walk with my friend Emily that afternoon. I came home from that to unpack, make dinner, and get cleaned up before watching Haunted Mansion while working on a few blog tasks. I got in bed around 8:30 that night and was asleep soon after. 

I had a shoot on Tuesday and hadn’t yet pulled my props for that, so I woke up especially early to finish up a blog post before heading into the office to gather all of my props. We shot until around 1:00 when I pulled props for the following day’s shoot, and then I went home to work from there. The recipes we were shooting for work all contained crawfish, so I brought some of the crawfish bisque home and took it to a friend’s house that night for us to eat dinner while we watched the first episode of The Haunting of Bly Manor. I came home around 7:30 so that my roommate and I could watch the first episode of The Bachelorette before going to bed. 

Wednesday was day 2 of our crawfish shoot, so I went into the office after doing some blog work on my computer in the morning. We finished our shoot around 11, and then I went ahead and pulled props for the shoot I had on Friday before heading home to make lunch and work from home in the afternoon. Once my work for the day was wrapped up, I went on a walk in the Crestline park with a friend before we made dinner. He had stuff for steak and potatoes, and after a quick trip to the grocery store, we had asparagus to make too. We watched the second episode of The Haunting of Bly Manor before I went home for bible study that night. That lasted until around 9:00, and I went to bed soon after. 

I didn’t have a shoot on Thursday, which made for some excitement around getting to work from home. I had a video meeting in the morning and got through a few work tasks before going for a run during my lunch break. After that, I finished up a few more work tasks after showering and eating lunch. I went for a walk with a friend in the afternoon, and he needed to go to the store to grab a notebook, so I eagerly tagged along since I love shopping for school supplies. After that, we decided to get dinner at a Poke bowl place in Homewood and then watched the football game that was on TV once we got back. 

I had my last shoot of the week on Friday, so I got to the office around 8:00 to grab the last of the props I needed for that. The shoot lasted until 11:30 when we completed our third and final recipe shot before I put everything away and headed home. I made myself lunch and showered before sitting on the sofa to do some blog work and brainstorming of Christmas content for the blog. That night I went to Taco Mama and Big Spoon with a group of my friends since one of our friends will be in Virginia until December for her PA school rotations. I got home around 9:30 and promptly got in bed!

Saturday morning epitomized a lazy morning, given how rainy it was and how long I stayed in my pajamas. I went to the store in between a couple of the downpours to get everything I needed to make buffalo chicken dip to take over to a friend’s house who was hosting us to watch the game. After doing that, making the dip, and getting ready, I went to Hunter’s house so we could figure out where to get lunch before venturing out to watch the game. We ended up at Ashley Mac’s in Homewood and both got sandwiches, which were delicious but maybe not necessary since when we got to our friend Wayne’s house to watch the game, he had made chili. Wayne and his roommate were also fostering two puppies, so most of the game was spent petting and watching them. We stayed there until the end of the third quarter when Hunter and I left to go to one of his friend’s houses to celebrate someone’s birthday. We left around 8;00 to grab dinner nearby at Saws and then went to his house to watch the next episodes of The Haunting of Bly Manor. I fell asleep midway through the third episode we watched and left to go to bed once it finished.

Since I did fall asleep during the third episode of the show the night before, I went to Crestline Bagel to get coffee and take it to my friend’s house so that I could get caught up on what I missed before attempting to be productive the rest of the day. Once I got home from that, I put laundry away while listening to a podcast, vacuumed and dusted my room, and eventually decided to go on a walk. It was really overcast but made it a little cooler for my walk, although trekking up the hill to my house at the end was still just as brutal as ever. After that, I showered, talked on the phone with my parents, and eventually took my dinner to Nell’s apartment so that we could hang out and watch the Netflix series on The Challenger. I stayed there until around 9:30 and came home to go to bed early in preparation for this week. 

I hope to get a big head start on next month’s blog content this week, so if you have any specific requests, please don’t hesitate to send them my way! 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday Styling vol. 12

I may say this every week, but I think today’s Sunday Styling post may be my favorite yet. I suspect that is because all of these outfits (but especially the more casual ones) are something I’d love to wear and could see myself wearing. Sweaters and jeans are my uniform of choice in the late fall and winter, so finding especially cute versions of them and accessories to match has my creative juices flowing for the next time I pick out an outfit. If you are the plan-ahead type, then this first outfit would be a particularly cute pick for celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with a single one of them! 

If you see something you like in the outfits featured below, you can shop the items using the links beneath each image! 
Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:

Outfit 4:

Outfit 5:

I’d love to know which of these outfits is your favorite. 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Saturday Shopping vol. 63

 I had these finds ready to go live last weekend for y’all, but time got away from me while in Fairhope for my friend Macy’s wedding, and I never got around to clicking “publish.” Hopefully, y’all don’t mind seeing them this week, and the delay in posting is putting me ahead on Saturday Shopping finds for the next couple of weeks, which feels productive. 

The forecast says there is a chance of rain today, so I’m not entirely sure of how I spend my day, although I do know I’ll be heading to a friend’s house later on in the day for an at-home tailgate to watch the Alabama game. Beyond that, I guess time will tell!

If you see anything you like, you can click on the item in the image below to be taken to where the product can be shopped. Happy Saturday! 

Friday, October 23, 2020

What To Wear To A College Football Game - Gameday & Tailgate Outfit Ideas

Tomorrow is the third Saturday in October, which for Alabama fans means that Alabama and Tennessee are playing. While attending football games isn’t something people are doing in person as much this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress the part. This year I’m all about dressing casually when watching the games either with friends at a brewery or gathered at someone’s house. 

This sweatshirt is one I’ve had for a while but is still available this year. I’ve included it as well as some shirts and sweatshirts with similar spirit below, but after finishing up, this post discovered another fun site perfect for those of you wanting to be comfortable while dressing the part. Enter Kickoff Co. They have so many unique styles for plenty of different teams! 

Even though I gravitate toward more comfortable finds, at least this year,  I’ve found a lot of cute finds in case you’re looking for something a bit less casual. You will find the links to these pieces below the image with a few additional finds in these color schemes in a widget at the bottom of the post. Whether you’re shopping to support your team or are intrigued by some of the pieces in these different colors, I hope you find something you like! 

From Left to Right
crimson: sweater // jacket // top // dress
navy: top // dress // plaid top // jumpsuit
purple: sweater // dress // top // romper

Shop additional pieces in these colors below.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

 As I’ve gotten older, I think I’ve come to appreciate Halloween more now than in college, given that it is one of the few times I have an excuse to dress up. It seems like every other week in college, there was some sort of themed party to attend, but now Halloween is pretty much all I have (aside from the Tiger Kings and Dancing Queen party my roommate wants us to host). Even with it being a rare opportunity to dress up and my love of a good theme, I still seek out easy to execute Halloween costumes. I usually don’t think about what I am going to be until the last minute and am scrambling, but not this year! Since some friends rented out the outdoor space at a brewery, I wanted to be able to incorporate a mask into my costume and have something that works, whether it’s going to be hot or cold. Enter my costume this year, a pig in a blanket.  

I’ve included some other easy (and quick to ship) costume ideas for y’all below in case you’re looking for something creative yet simple. A lot of these costumes could also work well with items you may already have in your closet! It'll become especially evident that I love a clever costume that plays on a pun, so if that's not your cup of tea then these may not be your first choice.

Pig In A Blanket

pig snout mask // ear, tail, and nose pig costume set // pig shirt // pink blanket

M&M (lots of different colors available)

Holy Guacamole

avocado shirt // angel wings // halo headband // avocado mask

Party Animal

Smart Cookie

Cat's Pajamas

pajama set // cat ear head band // cat mask // slippers

Crocodile Hunter

Bread Winner

sweat bands // wonder bread mask // olympic shirt // patriotic medal

I would love to hear some other easy costume ideas y’all may have or what you are being for Halloween this year! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Recipes I Want To Make This Fall

Just like how I feel at the end of each season when it comes to being overall the clothes in my closet, I get like that with cooking too. I have a few go-to recipes but tend to get in a rut right before the weather begins to change again. After resorting to salads and sandwiches the last few weeks instead of getting excited about making my next meal, I am glad to have recently been more motivated to try some new recipes. 


One of my favorite parts about fall and winter cooking is how it finally feels seasonally appropriate to eat soups all the time. When it comes to cooking, on weeknights, especially, I want something relatively easy that doesn’t take too much thought and effort. Soups feel like an easy solution to that since I can often put everything in a crockpot or heat something using just one pot on the stove. After looking through Pinterest and a few different sites, I found plenty of recipes ideas that have me ready to spend more time in the kitchen. I know this post will serve as a resource for me the next time I feel like I’m in a rut, and I hope that maybe you’ll find something worth cooking too! 

I've included the link to where you can find each recipe above the corresponding image of it. Hopefully, this makes it easy if you like seeing a visual of the food before you make it! 

I pretty much never find myself in a rut when it comes to baking, which has resulted in me having far more baking supplies than ones used for cooking. Before you go and preheat your oven, I thought I’d share some of the tools and accessories that I think would encourage me, even more, to make my way into the kitchen. Since storage space is limited and I don’t have a bottomless budget, these items will remain on my ever-growing “maybe someday” wishlist, but maybe you have more room than I do. I will say I have and LOVE the items in the top row, so consider those my recommendations to you! I'd love to hear which of the above recipes you want to make first, or any of your favorite kitchen tools. 

You can shop the above items by scrolling through the items below.

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