Monday, October 29, 2018

Step Into My Week

Today’s Step Into My Week post is much more timely than last week’s, and for that, I am saying the week is off to a solid start. This past week was one of the fastest ones I’ve had in a while. On Thursday I thought it was Tuesday if that tells you anything. I’m convinced it went by quickly thanks to long to-do lists and busy days at work. There were times when I didn’t know if I’d make it through my to-do list and I fully expect this week to be similar. We go through waves of things being crazy busy and then slowing down a bit and right now crazy busy describes it best (currently finishing up two different issues at once). Fortunately, I really enjoy doing the things on my to-do list. 

Somehow, I have managed to only get four outfit pictures the past couple of weeks and sadly this week was no different. Thinking back, I can’t even think about which day I forgot. Goal for this week is to remember to get all 5 outfits on camera. 

Monday I was in a really good mood in the morning (not always the case when getting ready on Monday morning and I know I’m not alone on that) which set a good precedent for the week and day. I spent time working on outlining and working on a story from an interview which took a while, but as a work in progress so far, I’m pleased with it. After work, I ran by Publix before Nell came over for dinner. I made us poppy seed chicken, green beans, and crescent rolls I saw in one of our magazine issues (I am usually not a bread person, but these were good). We cooked everything and ate in the dining room which isn’t always the case.

Tuesday I had an interview to do for a work story and spent most of the morning working on that and then transcribing it. Something that I am not fully used to is working on multiple writing pieces at once. Lesson plans and blog posts seemed more separate than writing pieces for work, so I’m definitely adjusting to that. Fortunately, most times when I come back to a piece I am able to actually put into words what I was trying to say earlier. After work, I went to the Y to work out before coming home to make dinner and relax before bed. 

Wednesday we had a bunch of returns and errands to do after a photoshoot. One of the errands happened to be right around lunch time so for the first time since starting my job I actually spent my lunch break at home. My roommate thought I was sick when she came home, and I was there haha. After those errands, I continued doing various things in the office and worked out after the day was done. I came home to a box of cookies from Nell's family which was the sweetest surprise!

On Thursday morning I had my first feedback session with our editor and managing editor. It went really well, and they had such positive things to say which made me feel good. I also enjoyed having some time to sit down with them and get to know them even better. Thursday night a bunch of us had plans to go to a see Hocus Pocus at an outdoor venue. The weather was stormy, so that was canceled, unfortunately, but Rebecca and I decided to watch it at home anyway. We started it so early that we were confused when we were ready for bed right at 8:30. We watched a bit of a Gilmore Girls episode but still called it a night pretty early.

Friday came, and as per usual I treated myself to Starbucks on the way to work (Pike’s place with hazelnut syrup is my new go-to). The work day flew by, and afterward, I worked out in an attempt to remain semi-productive. After my workout, I made some returns, cooked lunch, and got showered. The weather still wasn’t the best, so Rebecca and I decided to grab dinner and go see A Star Is Born. If you saw my Instagram story, then you know that up until 2 minutes before buying our tickets I thought it was a documentary. 

Saturday was the laziest day I’ve had in a while, and it was wonderful. I slept in a little bit and spent most of the day watching movies and drinking an unnecessary amount of coffee for how little energy I was expending. Saturday night we had dinner plans with friends and went to El Barrio in downtown Birmingham. Afterward, I added another movie to my count since we watched My Friend Dahmer at a friend’s apartment. I ended up falling asleep during parts of it, but the parts I did see weren’t quite as eventful as I was expecting.

Sunday morning I woke up and worked on some blog stuff before getting ready and heading to church with Rebecca. I went straight to Trader Joe’s after church and decided to head to the library for a bit to work on blog work before going for a long work while catching up with my family and friends. I spent the rest of the afternoon meal prepping and getting ready for the week ahead. I definitely didn’t get as much done as I should have this weekend but I feel rested and ready for the week ahead. I certainly hope that y’all feel the same way and had an equally good week! 

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