Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Step Into My Week

Did Monday sneak up on anyone else or is that just me? That’s part of the reason this post isn’t going up until now since somehow this weekend flew by. I think that is due in part to some fun activities over the weekend that I’ll get into after sharing a bit about this past week. 

I’ll be honest, I had to flip through my planner to remember what all I had been up to this past week. Since I feel like these posts can be repetitive, I’ll only mention if something interesting happened at work instead of telling y’all that it was normal each day as I realized I’ve done in past posts. 

Monday night my roommate and I scheduled some roommate time and decided to order from her favorite Thai restaurant and watch Halloweentown. On Tuesday, I went to the gym with a friend before coming home and making the most delicious meal I think I’ve made in our house yet. I followed this salmon recipe and was so impressed with how well it turned out. I made it with broccoli and poured the remaining “sauce” from the pan on the broccoli making it pair very nicely together. Wednesday after work I went for a long walk, ate leftovers, and got in bed to watch Gilmore Girls after showering. Thursday, I got to spend part of my day at a photo shoot for one of the future covers of an issue. I went for a walk after work and attempted to tackle my after-work to-do list. As with most Fridays, I started my Friday at Starbucks. I went to work in a great mood and was able to interview someone for one of the first stories I am getting to write before leaving at noon! I ran two quick errands before heading home to clean all afternoon before my mom arrived. I love having a house to live in, but I’ll be the first to tell you that choosing to deep clean it all on the same day was not a wise idea considering it took forever! My mom ended up arriving right before I finished which shows how long it took to clean everything.


Before my mom arrived, I also attempted to make our extra bedroom look guest-room ready by placing a basket of toiletries, magazines, and my mom’s favorite snacks in the room. I helped her bring her stuff in (plus she brought my fall//winter clothes which was exciting) before I got ready so that we could go to dinner. This was her first time seeing the house not covered with boxes in the living room. We went to dinner at GianMarco’s Wine Bar, the Italian restaurant my brother and his fiancé went to with me the first weekend I was here. The wait was long but as it was last time, so worth it. Once we got home, we went to bed.

Saturday morning, I woke up around 7:45 and naturally my mom had already been up for a while. I got ready, and then we had some errands to run before her friends from high school came over for lunch. My best friend from growing up, Kate, happened to call me right as my mom and I were getting back to my house asking for my address to drop something off. She and her mom were in town to do some wedding dress shopping and dropped by. Even though it was brief, it was so fun to see her and show her around my new house. She asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding in May which was such an easy yes. Shortly after my mom’s friends arrived and I went to pick up lunch for us at Saw’s. We had picked up baby bites from Pastry Arts for dessert while running errands making for the easiest meal. We all ended up chatting for a while and after they left my mom and I decided to go to Irondale Pickers. We wandered around there for a bit before getting cleaned up for dinner at Dram in Mountain Brook Village. My mom and split their green bean appetizer and a burger with fries and then went home to watch a movie. I had never seen Steel Magnolias and had no idea it was sad until it went on. Fortunately, the humor in the movie is well timed, and I’m glad I can say I’ve seen it now. Once the movie was over it was off to bed.


Sunday morning we woke up and loaded my mom’s car so that she could head out after we went to breakfast. We went to Over Easy between Mountain Brook Village and Homewood which was really delicious. I love breakfast food so I have no doubt I’ll go back there before too long. My mom left after breakfast, and I went home to put away laundry and do some other tasks before getting ready to go to Nell’s white coat ceremony for PA school. That started at noon, and I was able to see and sit with her family which was much better than sitting by myself. The ceremony wasn’t as long as the school had said, but even with that, her family headed out after pictures since they had a 4-hour drive and instead of going directly back to studying instead of celebrating, Nell and I went to get a flight of ice cream from Big Spoon creamery. It was pretty cold in Birmingham yesterday, but we didn’t let that stop us from taste-testing six of their flavors. After that, we made a Trader Joe’s run before I dropped her off at her apartment. I had some laundry to do as well as closet organizing with my newly delivered colder weather clothes and spent most of my evening doing that. Usually, on Sunday evenings I am finalizing all of my blog posts for the rest of the week, but with a busy and fun weekend that wasn't the case. I attempted to go to bed earlier than usual but ended up reading until my normal bed time instead. 


Hopefully, the rest of the week's blog posts will go up when scheduled instead of a day late like this one! I hope that y'all had a great week and weekend as well. 

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