Saturday, January 30, 2021

Saturday Shopping vol. 74

 This weekend feels like an early in quarantine one in that last night, my roommate and I decided to get drive-through frozen yogurt, watch a movie, and be in bed by 10:00 with no real plans for the remainder of the weekend. I’m sure we will come up with something, but so far today, I’ve been occupying my time reading, putting away laundry, and making a to-do list. Although it’s a little chilly out, I think I’m going to go on a walk while listening to a podcast, and maybe I’ll even stop into a coffee shop for something to warm me up midway through. I’m hoping this grey day in Birmingham doesn’t bring about my typical February funk early (for whatever reason, every year in February, I feel a bit in a funk, really trying to avoid it this year).

Some colorful new arrivals will hopefully combat that and inspire any of you that also start to feel that way this time of year! If you see something you like, you can click directly on it in the image below to shop.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Where To Find Affordable Needlepoint Canvases & Canvases I Am Interested In Stitching

Most of y’all are probably doing a double-take at this post since I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve mentioned needlepoint on here. The other day I asked y’all on Instagram stories for recommendations of places to find affordable needlepoint canvases, and so many people were eager for me to share the suggestions. Since blog posts live on longer than Instagram stories (and I’m not looking to clog anyone’s feed), I consolidated your answers here. 

Before I get into all of those, I want to say thank you to all of you who responded, but also all of your suggestions are so great that I have now bookmarked so many different canvases I want to do now. I’ll share my needlepoint stitch-list (although I’ve yet to order any) at the end of this post in case you’re overwhelmed by all these great new needlepoint canvases. I need to go ahead and order one or two since a few of my friends are already all-aboard on the idea of us starting a stitch club, which sounds so fun! 

While all of your suggestions were beyond helpful, one reader, Elizabeth G, sent me so much helpful information via DMs. She was kind enough to allow me to share what she told me with y’all, so I am going to start with her wonderful suggestions. She even sent me some of her eBay finds, and I was impressed by some of the deals there! 


I can usually find fun ones under $40. You might look through 10 pages of vintage canvases to find one you are interested in, but you will certainly find about 20 along the way that are a good chuckle. I have found some great 60’s/70’s ones on there under $40 that aren’t like anything in stores. 


This isn’t a general rule per se, but some small independent canvas designers only sell there instead of wholesale to stores, and their prices can be more affordable, especially when looking at ornament rounds or key chains. For instance, I have gotten a few canvases from My Pink Sugar Life. 

Needlepoint Destashing Consignment Places

Great canvases at a discounted price. Sometimes offered preworked with some stitching in already. It can be worth the effort to buy the preworked canvas and rip out those stitches after it arrives.

Trunk Shows

Trunk shows at stores that may or may not be your LNS (local needlepoint store). Stores almost often host truck shows that have a different designer each month of the year. The trunk show will offer a discount on that designer’s canvases. If you have your heart set on a specific canvas, it’s worth seeing if a shop has a trunk show for that designer. 

Sale Sections Online

Especially given the pandemic, more and more stores are placing their inventory online, including sale canvases. Like any sale section, those can be hit or miss, but can definitely produce some real steals!

Following stores/designers on Insta help you keep track of trunk shows and store sales.”

Here are some of the other suggestions y’all offered via Instagram of where to find affordable needlepoint canvases.

Morgan Julia Designs

Lycette Designs

Chapel Hill Needlepoint

Needlepoint by Laura

Hobby Lobby & Michael’s

Needlepainters (Jessica Tongel is my favorite)

Penny Linn Designs

Local Needlepoint Store (ours in Birmingham is Magic City Needlepoint, which I think Nell and I need to take a field trip to)

Silver Needle

Pip & Roo

Eye of the Needle (Lexington)

Augusta Needlepoint


JoAnn Fabric

Thorn Alexander

Hook and Harbor Co

Le Point

Needlepoint This

Sassi Stitch

Pocket Full of Stitches

KC Needlepoint

Frances Mary Needlepoint

When I saw some of these suggestions and was shopping for my favorites, I couldn’t help but smile because I happened upon an Etsy shop where my mom and I ordered some adorable needlepoint keychains that she stitched for my friends for our high school graduation. My mom has quite the stash of projects in Fairhope, so I have a feeling next time I’m home, I’ll be asking for her expertise and to maybe raid her stash. I can already picture my dad rolling his eyes when he walks into the living room to find my mom and me stitching together over glasses of wine. 

From all your suggestions and the deep dive I did while hunting for cute projects, below are some of my favorite finds. You’ll notice that I tried to stick to things with straighter lines to make things easier for myself as I get started, but below this image is a scrollable widget that will let you shop any canvas I thought was cute while creating this post! 

 Taco Mama // Staying In Is The New Going Out // Ice Cream Truck

Furman University Round Ornament // Piñata  // Pink Mixer Ornament

Bluebell Vanilla Ice Cream // Plum Christmas - Merry // Waffle House

Oysters on the Half Shell // I Would Prefer Not To // Rose and Macarons 

Thursday, January 28, 2021

New Year, New Books

 I’m happy to report that I am finally back in a good reading routine. I hate that sometimes I fall in and out of my reading routine, but sometimes it comes down to my prioritization and/or how tired I am, meaning that I only get through a page or two of a book before falling asleep at night! I just finished Jenna Bush Hager’s Everything Beautiful In It’s Time and am multitasking, reading two other books while listening to a third. So it seems as though I’ve gone from 0 to full speed ahead. 

I tend to be pretty impressed when people can juggle a few different books once, and my friend Phoebe is a pro at this. Last year she read so many books, so I love when she shares some suggestions with us here in her monthly posts and her blog, Read & Wright. From her suggestions below, I just added The Hunting Party and The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore to my hold list on the Libby app! 

January is the month that always feels the longest, doesn’t it? Especially this year, adjusting to the post-holiday glow version of winter is always tough. But luckily, I’ve found some of the best unputdownable books that ease the winter blues! They are perfect for curling up with on a quiet weekend and get lost within their pages. Plus, I’ve included some exciting new releases to look forward to as well! 

Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas

If you’ve read The Hate U Give, this is a must-read! Even if you haven’t. This is the prequel to Starr’s story about her father, Maverick, and his teenage years. 

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V.E. Schwab

One of the most buzzed-about books of 2020! If you enjoyed The Age of Adeline, I think you’ll like this book! It’s about Addie Larue, who makes a deal with a devil-like character to live forever. But in order to live forever, anyone she meets will not be able to remember her, until one day, a man does remember their meeting. 

The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore by Kim Fu 

A story of friendship and the pasts we can’t escape. Five girls descend on Camp Forevermore for all the normal camp activities: camping, hiking, friendship bracelets until an overnight kayaking trip leaves them stranded with no adults to turn to for help. 

The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

If you’re up for a cozy murder mystery in the highlands, this is the book for you! A group of friends heads to a hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands the week between Christmas and New years for their annual merriment. Everything is fun and games until one of their friends goes missing, and another is responsible. 

Beartown by Fredrik Backman

One of my favorite books of all time! A small town in Sweden on the edge of the forest is ruled by hockey. Its people are hardworking and believe the next good thing is coming their way. When the junior hockey team plays in the national semifinals, a violent event leaves a young girl traumatized and the town divided. Content Warning: sexual assault 

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

If you ever had the option to read a book about the different paths your life would have taken had you made different choices at any point, would you? The Midnight Library follows Nora, who is faced with that exact choice and must contemplate what makes life worth living for. 

Faye Faraway by Helen Fisher

Faye is a mother in her late thirties when one day her life is turned upside down: she finds herself in 1977, the year before her own mother died, and can reconnect with her. Though her mother doesn’t recognize Faye, the two women form a close friendship that leaves Faye with the difficult choice of choosing the people she loves in the past and those she left in the future. 

Outlawed by Anna North

This is Reese Witherspoon’s book club pick for January, and it is described as The Crucible meets True Grit! After a year of marriage and no pregnancy, Ada flees her hometown to avoid being persecuted as a witch. She joins a notorious Wild West gang where she must decide what she’s willing to risk for the possibility of a new life. 

Happily Ever Afters by Elise Bryant

A young writer, Tessa, is accepted into a prestigious creative writing program, but once she begins, her words immediately dry up. Her teacher sets her the task of finding her own love story to inspire her writing but is it the love story Tessa has always wanted? 

Lore by Alexandra Bracken

A modern take on Greek gods and goddesses set in New York City where nine of the Greek gods are forced to walk the earth as mortals for the punishment of a past rebellion. 

New Releases: 

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

Historical fiction set in the Dust Bowl era of the United States. 

Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosimond

A contemporary novel about a single mother who finds herself balancing life as a writer and hitwoman. 

A Pho Love Story by Loan Le

A sweet YA romance! 

The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

A YA immersive stand-alone fantasy novel. 

All Girls by Emily Layden

A perspective coming of age novel following nine young women at an exclusive New England prep school. 

This year, I’m focusing on reading all the books that bring me joy. I love reading outside my comfort zone and trying new things, but I also know what I like and what makes me happiest! Do you have any reading goals for 2021? 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Valentine's Day Clothing and Accessory Finds

Just like how everyone was overly eager for Christmas, the decorations, and the festivity of the season, I’m kind of hoping everyone will be just as enthusiastic about celebrating (whether big or small) Valentine’s Day in the same way! I’ve always loved a theme, so putting together Valentine’s Day gift ideas for guys and girls while also scouring the web for fun outfit inspiration. I am so tempted to order this sweater and this sweater and may have just convinced myself that these masks could work seasonally and once February is over. 

Whether you’re planning to embrace this next holiday or just happen to love the color scheme, below are some cute clothing finds and accessories the will help you to do that! I have included links to the items featured in the image below. 

heart sneakers // heart mask set // love is love sweater // white sweater with trio of hearts // red quilted bag // white headband with red hearts // pink ruffle blouse // heart tortoise sunglasses // hot pink and red sweater // pink heart sweatshirt top // pink heart sweatpants // lips mask // like socks // pink sneakers // bracelet set // red midi dress // red fringe sweater // white striped top // heart stud earrings // red and white striped sweater // pink bow clutch // short sleeve pajama set // pink ruffle dress // navy heart loungewear set // heart sock trio // grey funnelneck heart top // pink toned sweater // red pants // sweater dress // heart ring // pink sweater // tie dye sweatshirt // heart belt // lip loungewear set // heart joggers // striped ruffle neck sweater // fuzzy pink sweater // dark red dress // giraffe socks // heart hairtie // heart hoops // pink check sweater // pink socks // mask and scrunchie set // heart t-shirt // pink blouse

In case you don’t want to have to find the items in the links above, you can click directly on the item of interest in the image below to be taken to where they can be purchased. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Tuckernuck Online Sample Sale Favorites

For those of you who have been here for a while, there’s no reason to explain my nearly decade-long love of Tuckernuck, given that you’ve been well aware for quite some time. If not, I think that last statement may have summed things up. I’ve introduced countless friends to Tuckernuck’s site and have been such a fan of the brand since I was in high school. If I could only shop from one place online, it would be hard for me not to want to choose Tuckernuck as that store, given their curated pieces fit for a variety of occasions. 

wearing a size small in this Tuckernuck top from last summer

While I hate that they are unable to host their in-person sale at their DC store, I am excited to finally have the opportunity to shop it myself online starting this morning (7:30 CST). The sale will be running today, January 26th, and tomorrow, January 27th, with new items added on the second day of the sale. 

wearing a size small in this Tuckernuck reversible vest that I received for Christmas

Although this is known as the Tuckernuck “sample sale,” there will be over 1000 items priced at 50-85% off in all sizes. There will be limited quantities, and all sales will be final, so you will likely want to shop fast if you find something you’re interested in. Because they sell a variety of brands, I can’t give a generalized sizing recommendation, but in the case of no returns, when I’m on the fence about what size I want to buy, I tend to opt for the larger of the two. 

Here's what I was able to get:

Blue and White Dress (fingers crossed the weddings on my calendar for this summer happen because I'm ready to wear this) // Cognac Crossbody // Blue Leopard Painted Tretorns // Pink Shirt Dress (didn't actually end up with this after checking out, I think it sold out in my desired size)

Things I'm Considering Going Back For:

Liberty of London Silk Printed Mask // Chloe Espadrilles // Under $50 White Jeans // Peony Statement Earrings // Grass Green Bow Dress (wishing this would've been available in my size because it would be so fun for summer weddings too)

Below are some of the items that caught my eye while browsing the sale!

Monday, January 25, 2021

Step Into My Week 1.25

 Happy Monday and last week of January. I have to admit that my attitude toward January and February isn’t always the best since it’s around this time that I start itching for Spring and a change in scenery. This year it hasn’t felt as much that way, which honestly surprises me since we’ve all been staying put now more than ever. I think I’m grateful to be back in a routine (or as close to one as I can get) for work and am trying to do the same when it comes to working out and blogging as well.

This week’s Step Into My Week post gets to start on Tuesday since I covered Monday (as it was part of the holiday weekend) in last week’s post. I worked from home on Tuesday, which was a great way to ease back in after a relaxing weekend, although I did have a couple of meetings in the morning. I sent out photo worksheets (which outline every shot we need to get during a shoot and how I plan to style each of them) and caught up on a few emails before working ahead to source products for some shoots I have in February. I went to the grocery store during my lunch break and treated myself to working from the living room in the afternoon. I eventually showered and then went over to a friend’s house to eat soup for dinner. We ended up watching Forrest Gump after that, and once it was over, I came home and went to sleep.

Initially, I was bummed to be in the office for a shoot on Wednesday, given that I wanted to watch the Inauguration Day coverage, but fortunately, I was able to watch it all on set that day. The shoot was for a summer story that featured all kinds of different fries, chips, and onion rings, which felt fitting and American for the day of celebration. We were able to finish relatively early even though we had a later start time, and I put away my props and pulled some for the next day once we did. I had a phone call that afternoon and got some work done at my desk before heading to Hunter’s nephew’s first birthday party. I got home from that around 7:15 and was able to log on to zoom for virtual bible study at 7:30. Afterward, I went to bed and read. 

When I was assigned my Thursday shoot, it was only supposed to be one shot of a cake, which quickly escalated into many more shots than that since other brands had a few final things that also needed to be photographed. Because of that, we were in the office until 4:30, trying to get everything finished for everyone. I was really glad when we did wrap since I was brain dead from having to switch my styling to fit a variety of different brand’s styles in a single day. I got home around 5:00, rinsed off, and sat on my computer in bed to relax before making dinner. I made a new-to-me recipe (here) with Banza pasta and was glad to have plenty of leftovers to eat over the weekend if I wanted them. While cooking, I listened to an audiobook, and then as I ate the finished product, I watched an episode of Schitt’s Creek. After cleaning up the kitchen, I decided to call it a night pretty early and got in bed to read. 

Since the workday doesn’t start until 8:00 for me on Fridays, I slept in until 7:30 before making a cup of coffee and getting to work. I worked in my room for a while and eventually moved to the living room to finish up my workday (which ends at noon). In the afternoon, I worked out, showered, and got my hair cut. After a few Criminal Minds episodes (and the rain finally letting up), Hunter and I decided to go for a walk at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens before they closed. We tried to come up with a dinner plan after that and ended up at Rodney Scott’s barbecue. Since we ate dinner especially early, we went to Carrigan’s Beer Garden for a beer afterward and watched an episode of Planet Earth.

Saturday morning, I woke up before 8:00 and had a relatively slow morning watching TV in the living room while doing some blog work. I organized some spots in my room as a break before going back to working on blog posts for the week. I made myself lunch and got ready and went and played tennis with a friend in the afternoon. We hit the ball around for about an hour and a half before sitting outside with a beer at a brewery before eating a very early dinner. I got home and showered, and hung out before heading to babysit that night. I finished up a little before 10:00 and went to Nell’s apartment on my way home since she had told me my Christmas and birthday present arrived. She got me the Cobalt Blue stemless wine glasses from Estelle Colored Glass, and I was so shocked. They are one of those things I’ve been eyeing but wouldn’t necessarily bring myself to purchase, so it was a perfect gift idea. After talking for a bit, I went home and went to sleep.

I woke up around 8:00 on Sunday morning and had a relaxing morning at home before going on a walk with Nell at 11:00. We walked three miles and then decided to have lunch outside at Saw’s since the weather had been nice. It did start to rain a bit while we were there, but fortunately, it was light and towards the end of our meal. I should’ve gone to the grocery store in the afternoon but instead finished up my blog posts for the week, watched a lot of Criminal Minds, and eventually folded my laundry and talked on the phone to my parents. Later in the evening, I showered and heated up some pasta I had leftover. I watched a bit more TV and got in bed early to read.

For those of you who may not have heard, Tuckernuck is doing a big online sample sale tomorrow morning. I’ll be sharing my favorite finds as soon as it’s live in a blog post, so stay tuned for that, but in the meantime, you can shop some of my current favorites finds on their site below. 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Saturday Shopping vol. 73

 I had convinced myself that I hadn’t found enough items to share a Saturday Shopping post this week, but after a little bit of time browsing online this morning, I have a healthy dose of “new arrivals” to share with y’all ranging price points. Topping the list of items I’d love to own from this list are these mugs (here and here). The last thing on earth I need is more mugs, so I’ll save my roommate and me the hassle of figuring out where we’d put them and instead hope that some of y’all can scoop up these under $4.00 finds. 

If you see something you’re interested in; you can click directly on the item in the image below to be taken to where it can be purchased.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Valentine's Day Gifts For Girls

 Did you catch yesterday’s post with Valentine’s Day gift ideas for guys? If not, it’s worth a read! In the same vein today, I am sharing the same type of post but this time geared towards ladies. I know plenty of guys are probably struggling with what to give for Valentine’s Day, so maybe this will prove to be helpful (and I won’t judge you in the slightest if you send a link to this post directly to your guy to give them a few ideas). In the grand scheme of things, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about showing someone you love them, which doesn’t necessarily mean a gift is necessary, but I have no doubt it would be appreciated. Since girls tend to also enjoy showing their friends how much they love them, I’ve included some lower ticket items in this post in case you’re planning to celebrate Galantines too! I have included links to the items featured directly beneath this image.

heart robe // monogram phone case // family crest ring // heart mask // clear floral pouch // blush joggers // pink stemless wine glass // cz earrings // bright pink knotted headband // heart keychain // face roller // birdies // tula eye cream // puzzle // lake pajamas // tan crossbody purse // teleties // bone toiletry case set // heart earrings // bluelight glasses // otherland candle // dyson hairdryer // pink coat // chinese checkers // heart cocktail napkins // pink pom pom hat // flowerbomb perfume // lafco candle // apl sneakers // heart pajama set // revlon hairdryer // heart stressball // flower coffee table book // white scarf // pink slippers // heart shaped jewelry case // porter ceramic to-go mug // pink notebook // chanel lipgloss // michele watch // x slippers // blush oven mitts // long sleeved pajama set // bubble bath // white and pink headband // barefoot dreams blanket // gourmet salad coffee table book // charging pad // corkcicle

And for even easier shopping, you can click on the items directly in the image below to be taken to where they can be purchased. Happy Friday! 

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Valentine's Gift Idea For Guys

 Now that we are officially in the second half of January, I figured it was about time to share an updated gift guide with you. After sharing so many different guides over the holiday season, I did my best to develop creative new gifting ideas to couple alongside popular favorites for those of you questioning what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day. 

I have included a variety of price points that hopefully you’ll be able to find something worth gifting no matter if you’re shopping for a boyfriend, fiancé, or husband. I know guys may not tend to embrace this holiday quite as fully as pink and red loving girls do, but many of these ideas are equal parts practical while still being fun. I have included links to the items featured directly beneath this image.

yeti cooler bag // Keurig coffee maker // Lululemon abc pants // red clay hot honey // royal highnies boxer set // grilling spices // lab tie // loafers // rivals for Catan 2 player game // breakfast sandwich maker // college town wall art // flannel shirt // shaving kit // collar stays // beer case // pistachio tray // mlb tumbler // extended length phone charger // blue pullover // bounce ball game // Lululemon shorts // desk golf // whiskey glasses // drone // leather catch all // slippers // olive backpack // hat // mini theragun // cooking multi-tool // snoop Dogg's cookbook // microwave noodle cooker // AirPods // mizzen main pullover // leather charger // neck massager // tile // portable speaker // cotton joggers // sunglasses // our place always pan // all birds // hyperchiller // phone magnet // dude diet dinner time // collapsible cutting board // le labo fragrance discovery scent set // custom dog socks // waxed duffle bag // boy smells candle // mesh grilling bags // device charger // indoor flame // bean boots 

And for even easier shopping, you can click on the items directly in the image below to be taken to where they can be purchased. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

January Moodboard

 I’d consider myself relatively easily inspired. I often get questions about how I continuously come up with ideas of what type of blog posts to write or what I choose to share, and most of the time, I keep a running list and haven’t found myself uninspired. As someone who is very visual, scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram has definitely helped me over the years to come up with different ideas. I love saving images on Instagram each month to reference and garner inspiration, and I thought it could be fun to share some of what I’ve rounded up this past month with y’all here. Whether you find new people to follow on Instagram or save it as your computer background (that’s what I’m using it for), I think this could be a fun series to start each month.

This past month you’ll see lots of pretty interiors and designs, most leaning toward a blue and green color palette (not surprising if you saw this post). Organization seems to be another trend when looking back through all these saves! I’ve included links to the Instagram posts that each of these images came from beneath the image (top row, from left to right) if you’re looking for a new follow!

I’d love to hear what you think of this type of post. I had so much fun pulling all of the images that have been inspiring me into a single post to share with you! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Step Into My Week 1.19

 It's feeling obvious that today is the first day back to work after a long weekend, and the delay in getting this post live just about confirms that. Even still, I hope you enjoy reading about what I've been up to over the past week. 

It didn’t feel too overwhelming to be the start of a new week on Monday since I had already done most of my meetings for the week the previous Friday, so I didn’t feel like I would be stuck on video meetings all morning and could instead get some of my other to-dos crossed off. I went to the office that morning and arrived there around 8:30, which gave me some time at my desk before pulling surfaces and props for a shoot scheduled for Wednesday. I was able to make some returns and send out a couple of emails between doing that and the meeting I had at 11:00 with our team of stylists. That meeting only lasted about 30 minutes, and once it wrapped, I headed home to work from there the rest of the day. I made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s on the way there to get a couple of ingredients for a dip I was making that evening. Once I was home, I spent my lunch break making a chicken and sausage gumbo recipe from The Defined Dish cookbook while listening to a podcast episode. My afternoon was spent sending out emails and responding to ones that came in with a 30-minute virtual tasting happening mid-way through the afternoon too. Once the workday was over, I rinsed off, made the swiss and bacon dip I had gotten ingredients for earlier, and did some blog work before a friend came over so that we could eat dinner before watching the National Championship game at another friend’s house that evening. Fortunately, the game didn’t turn out to be much of a nail bitter, so we were able to enjoy watching it and hanging out. It ended close to 11:00, which is late for me on a work night, so I read a little before eventually going to bed. 

shop this outfit here

Tuesday morning, I was tired but had a long list of work tasks I wanted to get done on my one full work-from-home day of the week. It felt like I was doing bits and pieces of everything without fully crossing anything off, which kind of frustrated me, but instead of letting that mess with my productivity, I decided to use my lunch break to go on a walk with Nell to break up the day. I was also convinced most of the day that it should have been much later in the week than it was, which threw me off. My afternoon was more productive as I was able to confirm a lot of things for upcoming shoots and try to get ahead. Since I was at home for the day, I also decided to do laundry and continued with my previous week’s organizing efforts, and organized the chest of drawers in my room once my workday was over. I did a Peloton arm and ab workout before showering, eating dinner, and heading over to Nell’s apartment to watch the previous night’s episode of The Bachelor. 

shop this outfit here

I had a shoot on Wednesday for a spring meal for one of our food titles. I had already pulled all of my props, so I was able to get to the office around 8:00 to get going on it. We finished up a little after lunch, and I put away my props from the day and went ahead and pulled props for the next day while I was there. I spent my afternoon getting some work done from home before deciding to go on a run. I hadn’t run since hurting my ankle back in October and was interested to see how it would go. I think the cold weather helped since I was able to run a 5k comfortably. I did a true40 glute workout when I got back and then showered, got a bit more work done, and ate dinner. I thought we were going to have bible study virtually that night, but that didn’t end up happening, so I could get in bed early and read before going to sleep. 

shop this outfit here

I woke up early on Thursday to get some blog computer work done before going to the office for my shoot. We were shooting summer desserts this day and flew through them, finishing before lunch. I stayed at the office to eat my packed lunch so that I could put my props away and get a few other things done while I was there. Once I got home, I decided to start some laundry and wash my sheets to pack for my weekend trip, and come home to a cleanroom. I was able to cross most everything else off of my to-do list that afternoon and successfully packed before heading out to dinner with Hunter. We went to The Filling Station in Crestwood before heading to his house to watch a show until I left to go to sleep.

shop this outfit here

shop these personalized pieces here

Friday morning, I finished up packing and had a couple of meetings before being picked up by Nell and our friend Mary to head to North Carolina for the weekend. One of our friends here has a mountain house in Brevard, so we were on our way for a laid-back girl’s weekend there. We stopped at The Varsity for a late lunch and made it to the cabin a little before 6:00. That night we had pasta and homemade bed and sat up talking over hot chocolate before going to bed.

Our plans for the weekend weren’t too structured, which meant waking up a little before 9:00 and making breakfast before heading to explore downtown, Brevard. We had lunch at a soda shop called Rocky’s, and it was snowing as we popped in and out of some shops. In the afternoon, we curled up in the living room with books and read and hung out for a while before making dinner. We built a fire that night and ate s’mores with our hot chocolate while just hanging out. 

Since we all had Monday off, we were able to enjoy a full-day on Sunday as well. We had a big breakfast of waffles, bacon, and eggs before venturing on a hike to a waterfall. It was chilly, but it felt so nice to be outside and stretch our legs. We had lunch out in the downtown area again and went to a pottery shop and the store before retreating home. I got started on dinner when we got back, and we all continued to hang out and do our own things in the afternoon. That night we decided to watch the new Little Women movie and ate dinner on TV trays downstairs as it started. I eventually snuck back upstairs for a s’more, and after the movie ended, we all decided to call it a night. 

On Monday, we packed up in the morning before eating breakfast and heading to walk around the camp Nell attended growing up. Everything was dusted in snow, which made it that much prettier. We then got in the car to head to Tandem (in Traveler’s Rest, SC) for lunch with my friend Sophia on our way back to Birmingham. It was so fun getting to catch up with her at an old favorite restaurant, even though it was brief. We made it back to Birmingham around 5:00, and I unpacked, talked on the phone with my parents, and showered in preparation for the week ahead. Hunter had made lasagna for dinner, so I went over to his house to eat that. We watched a couple of Planet Earth episodes before I fell asleep on the couch and left to go to bed. 

I hope that many of you were able to enjoy a long and restful weekend. It’s so nice that this week is a short one! 

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