Wednesday, October 17, 2018

True Crime Podcast Recommendations

For those of you who have been reading my Step Into My Week posts or following along with Instagram Stories (@prepinyourstep) then you probably know that I’ve completely fallen into a podcast hole. I know that podcasts have been popular for a while, and I’ve listened to some before, but lately, I’ve been listening to them a lot more frequently.

Sometimes at work, I am able to listen to them while working on various tasks which is part of the reason I’ve been getting through so many of y’alls recommendations. As I mentioned on
social media, I really like murder/true crime style podcasts and prefer to listen to the ones that are solved. I’ve also discovered that some of the shorter ones (that are only a longer episode or two) are easier for me to keep up with than the longer series. Both are great, but for what I’m doing, lately, I’ve been listening to the shorter ones although, the longer ones are fun to throw into the mix and are what initially got me hooked.

Since so many of you shared recommendations with me, I thought I’d put all of your true crime style podcast recommendations in one place. The ones I have listened to go from True Crime Garage to Atlanta Monster and I expect to continue to make my way through some of this list! 

All of them have been entertaining to listen to if you are into that genre of podcasts. Some of y’all made suggestions for other great podcasts, and maybe once I get tired of true crime, I’ll take those suggestions. If you have any other podcast recommendations definitely leave them below since I’d love for y’all to be able to see what other people are suggesting!

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