Monday, September 29, 2014

Dorm Room Tour (Sophomore Year)

I know there has been a decent bit of anticipation for this post especially after y'alls positive responses to last years so I am really excited to finally be sharing it! One of my hesitations for posting this post is that the lighting in the pictures is kind of crummy and because of the way things are angled in our room it was incredibly difficult to get a shot that really captured the look and feel of my space. Que sad blogger. If only I could have each of you pop by and pay me a visit to see it for yourself (individually of course since it's itty bitty) because it's much brighter and inviting in person.

Despite those qualms your requests will always win and I am excited to show you how changing a couple of things can completely transform your space. I mixed up maybe five or six things and this room looks completely refreshed from last year.

This desk organizer was such a life saver in our itty bitty space this year. Whoever decided to make rooms L shaped without enough room for a bed to fit in the L is not on my good list. Regardless, I love the extra storage and display space I have on my desk and you really can't beat the price tag! I adore organization so deciding where to put various items on my shelf made me more excited than it should. The bright white of the organizer and the colorful trinkets placed on them adds some life to typically drab dorms.

I decided to print out some of my favorite pinterest inspirations out and hang them up with washi tape in the awkward space between my desk and the other wall. They are the perfect thing to see when I first wake up!

How cute is this camel print by Evelyn Henson? I hope to continue to add her fun prints to my collection. I never even hung it (or in dorm room terms, attached a command hook to it) because of how perfectly it looked perched on my shelves. 

(This is when the lighting gets weird…sorry) I used the same headboard as last year as well as the same dry erase white boards. This year I hung them horizontally instead of vertically and hung photos of some of my favorite people and events on it with a bit of washi tape. From this angel it honestly looks as though my desk is an extension of my bed but I promise there is a chair and a bit of room between the two!

You can kind of see in these photos the awkward space between my desk space and bedside table but don't think that space goes unused. It is the perfect place to store my mini ironing board and reusable shopping totes. While the space may look odd I really had to make do with what I had to work with. On top of the bedside table I have a couple of my favorite coffee table books with my lamp perched on top for some added height, two picture frames, a small painting, a monogrammed silver dish, and a jewelry organizer making it very multifunctional.

I used majority of the same bedding I had last year and threw in some great additions from Leigh Deux Dorm to update my room a bit. I love the way it turned out and surprisingly I love having my own little nook of an area for all of my stuff! This tight space is especially convenient when I am already in bed and need to grab something since it is all within my reach.

I love having the windowsill to put picture frames and most importantly put my cacti on! I also decorated either side with picture frames although there main purpose is to hold down my curtains since they blow due to the air conditioner if they aren't held down. I used the same fabric memo board that matches my headboard as I did last year and was able to perfectly fit it between the wall and opening of the closet. The D beneath it was used on my door last year and I love the way it was repurposed as decoration this year. 

At the end of my bed I have another cubby shelf like the one I use for my bedside table and it is the perfect little printer stand! I like to keep a square glass dish on top of the printer as a catch all for my keys and I also keep a few picture frames in this area since it really personalizes the space. 

I hope you loved this peek of my side of the room, hopefully soon I can take some better lit photos of my room to share with y'all but for now hopefully y'all will find this suitable! I love to hear your feedback and would love to know what you love about my room.


  1. you did an amazing job with decorating! everything really flows, and there's such personality in all the details. very lovely!

  2. Hey, I love your blog, it's so cute! I found it through pinterest and just started following :) I'm a senior at BYU right now so it's always fun to find more college students. Good luck with all your school work and tests!

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