Friday, August 30, 2013

Initial Offerings

With a motto that states "Make it special, make it personal, make it with Initials" I feel like have the perfect excuse to get everything monogrammed! Initial Offerings can personalize anything from home decor to tech cases and everything in between!

I have an adorable laptop case from the site and every time I have taken it to class I get loads of compliments on it! This one is different than most laptop sleeves because it can be connected to the laptop using elastic in the corners making it stay together while standing up as shown in the photos!

I also have what is called the Kate Bag which I find perfect to use as a grocery bag for those heavier items that are more likely to break your other reusable bags. I love that it can be worn as a satchel and it would be perfect for traveling as well!

I love that Initial Offerings easily groups their products so that when you are shopping for a gift (or even yourself) the products are easy to find! 

One especially adorable item available on the site that I have never seen before is their Sorority Recruitment Folders, talk about making a good first impression!

What are your favorite monogrammed possessions?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Preppy Prodigy

We all know how much I LOVE school supplies and I have found the cutest new notebook company that not only gets you a fabulous new notebook but also gives one to a foster child!

Insert Preppy Prodigy, the perfect shop for all you organized prepsters like myself!

Talk about Win Win!

These notebooks are all adorable and can be personalized! For a personalized notebook they aren't that expensive either! At $12 for one you are getting a sturdy notebook for yourself and also donating one to a foster child who needs one as well! It's a guilt free purchase!

Which design is your favorite?
I love my Crest and Whale one!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Advice for High School Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors!

In honor of my first day of college classes I consolidated my high school tips into this post. I have links to the original posts if you would like a more in depth look at my advice for each grade level!

Good Luck to you whichever grade you are in!

Advice for High School Freshman

Advice for High School Sophomores

Advice for High School Juniors

Advice for High School Seniors

If you have any other advice that you believe should be included be sure to leave it in the comments below!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dorm It Yourself: Fabric Covered Headboard

Headboards have begun to become a staple for college girl's dorm rooms! You can find them on lots of online dorm targeted sites but often times they are very overpriced for what they are. I knew that I wanted a headboard in my dorm room but I was not willing to pay the price to have someone make it. Instead, my mom and I made mine and I am so excited with the way it turned out. Lucky for y'all, we have created a set of instructions on how to make your own dorm headboard!

I am not providing all measurements only because it is all up to you and your preference.

If you enjoy this Dorm It yourself then be sure to check out my last Dorm It Yourself on Recovering Storage Ottomans!

Happy Crafting!

DIY: Fabric Covered Headboard

Supplies Needed:

Lauan Wood (Super light wood which makes it easy to hang in a college dorm) or Campaign Sign | Fabric of your choice | Foam | Batting | Sand Paper | Circle Saw or Jig Saw | Staple Gun + Staples | Scissors | Spray Adhesive (Make sure to get the type that works with foam) | Iron and Ironing Board


How to:

1. Gather all of your supplies. We did this the day before we started the project because we had some hiccups trying to get the wood. Some of the best advice I can give you is to get your wood from Lowes because they can cut it for you (many smaller hardware stores are not allowed to cut it for you). Lauan wood is sold for about $10 in an 4 X 8 sheet. We had the friendly man helping us at Lowes cut our sheet in half so that it would fit in the car. If we were smart we would have had him go ahead and cut one part of it 40 in (wide)  X 48 in (tall) because that is the size I used for my headboard. Once it is cut to the general size you desire be sure to sand the edges so they aren't so rough and won't snag your fabric! The way we cut mine was the easiest way we could think. We measured to the middle of the top or our wood and made a mark, then from each side we measured in 10 inches in and 10 inches down. From there we took a ruler and connected our 2 dots on each side. 

2.  Instead of searching for foam an getting it cut from a fabric store my mom and I used a twin foam mattress pad ($10-$15) and pieced the foam so that it would fit the headboard size. Next, we took the headboard outside and used spray adhesive (follow directions on can) to attach the foam to the wood. After that we used batting over the entire headboard to soften up the edges and ensure that the foam would stay in place.

3. Next you will want to iron out your fabric and then cut it so that you have room to fold it up along the back side and staple it but be sure not to leave too much excess because that can make it hard to manage.

4. Finally, begin stapling the fabric to the headboard. We folded the corners like presents and it kept the fabric very tight however when you are doing the final side of our headboard be sure to pull the fabric pretty tight so that you don't leave any parts gaping!

You now have the perfect dorm headboard and it cost you less than $30!
 (In case you are curious, we are hanging it with command velcro since it isn't very heavy.)

Here is a better look at the end result! I can not wait to move in to my dorm and set everything up!

What do you think?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dorm It Yourself: Storage Ottoman Recover

Around my house it has been dorm projects for days! It seems that lately, as college approaches, that every afternoon has been a crafternoon.

Storage is an important aspect of a college dorm and what better way to get it when combining it with seating!

Storage Ottomans have become increasingly popular with college bound girls and Target has a great selection of colors that are sure to coordinate with any room at a very low price. I decided to spruce mine up a bit by recovering the lid in order to make it a little more personal and accent my room a little bit better.

DIY: Recovered Storage Ottoman

Supplies Needed:

Target Storage Ottoman | Fabric of Choice | Staple gun (electric if possible) | Iron & Ironing board (these will be your best friend) | Scissors | Optional: Pins

How to:

1. Gather supplies

2. Iron creases out of your fabric, we ironed our fabric pretty side down just to be sure that we didn't stain our fabric.

3. Next, cut your fabric. While I don't have specific fabric sizes, the best way to judge where to cut your fabric is to pull it to the black lining of the lid and add about 1/2 an inch to that so that you can fold the fabric in order to have a nice looking seam. In order to have the appearance of  nice seams, iron your fabric on the edges leaving a crease to ensure that it stays put.

4. Start stapling the fabric to the lid. The best way to approach this is by beginning on a side. If you have a patterned fabric this will allow you to make sure that the pattern is in a place that is suitable to you. Work your way around making an L each time you switch sides (don't go from top to bottom instead go from one side to another in the shape on an L). After you have done two parts then work on the corner. You can do the corners however you like, its easiest if you fold it like a present. Once you do the same thing on the other sides then TA DA you have yourself a precious and personal storage ottoman!

Only 4 days until I move in!
Let me know if you try this and what you think of them! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Chapter, New Design

I figured that since I am starting a new chapter in my life, I figured it was time for my blog to grow up a little with me!

The talented Aubrey of Kinch Designs designs

What do y'all think, I am loving it!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School Basics: Notebooks

Notebooks are one of those things that aren't exactly required but really come in handy! Technically you could just use notebook paper and then put it in your binder but I love notebooks for other things! My favorite thing to use notebooks for is study guides and to do lists!

Back to School Basics: Notebooks

Notebooks from Target or Staples seem so basic when you can find such cute ones online. Etsy has great ones and some of my other favorites include Maybook, Preppy Prodigy, and Lifeguard Press!

Another cute option is to purchase a fun colored notebook and get a vinyl monogram decal to put on the front!

What type of notebooks do you use?


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School Prep: Binders

An essential for anyone in school in order to stay organized is a binder! I am a big fan of binders and I usually purchase one for each of my classes and I base how big the binder is based on how many notes I tend to take. Read all about how I like to organize my binders here!

Below shows some pretty, preppy binders that are adorned with monograms and will make note taking more appealing.

Back to School Prep: Binders

I found all of these binders and binder covers from etsy so if you would like to see exactly where on etsy they can be found then click on the polyvore image above and then click the product you want to be taken to the site it came from!

Another awesome option besides these lovely binders is purchasing a typical binder from target, walmart, or staples and printing a cute binder cover (I talked about that here) or purchasing a binder cover from etsy!

Now your binders are sure to be the cutest at school!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to School Prep: Agendas

Welcome to the first day of my Back to School Prep series! Todays post is all about Agendas (check out last years post here) and where to find some cute and preppy planners!

One school supply that should never be overlooked is an Agenda. This is something that, in my opinion, should be used whether you are in school or not because it is the perfect item to plan your days! With all of your information in one place you will never forget an appointment or assignment. There are many different companies and brands that sell agendas so you are sure to find a style that works for you! 

Back to School Prep: Agendas

For me, I am faithful to my Lilly Pulitzer planner and have been for 3 years! Lilly Pulitzer planners are available on Lifeguard Press's website! Lifeguard Press now offers Kate Spade agendas as well that are beautifully made in typical Kate Spade fashion.

Maybook is another great place to purchase agendas as well as notebooks.You get to completely design your planner however you want and you get to take part in every detail of the design process. 

All of the other agendas in the image are from etsy!
If you would like to know exactly where each is from click on the polyvore image above which will take you to polyvore's website and then click on the product which will lead you directly to the site it came from!

What type of agenda do you use?


Lulubelle Bead + Giveaway

Statement necklaces are all the rage but so often they can be so overpriced. Fortunately, I have discovered an adorable etsy shop that sells all of the most popular statement necklaces for an affordable price!

Lulu Belle Bead has been kind enough to host a giveaway for one of y'all to win a statement necklace of your own!

Statement necklaces are great because they can really dress up an outfit making it look super put together! I love putting one jeans, a white blouse, and one of these necklaces for a cute and easy outfit.

Want to win your own? Enter using the  Rafflecopter Widget below!

Love it to much to wait? Enter code PREPINYOURSTEP15 to get 15% off of a necklace!

Good Luck!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Overdue Graduation Photo Post

Although graduation occurred quite a while ago, I have just gotten all of the pictures together and want to post them on here for me to look back on! I am so blessed to go to a school that has such a beautiful ceremony and share it with such sweet friends and family!

Receiving my diploma!

2 of my best friends and I used monogram decals to monogram our hats!

I'm 5'7'' and I had to stand on a stair higher in order to be the same height as my friends...

Our class!

Look out for another post this afternoon!


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