Monday, October 8, 2018

Step Into My Week

Oops, it has been a few days since I chatted with y’all. I had every intention of having posts this past Thursday and Friday, but time and activities got in the way of that. I’m still attempting to give myself some grace when it comes to balancing blogging, work from 7:30-5:30, and doing normal everyday activities like working out and making dinner. There’s always room for improvement especially when I have a post idea list as long as what is currently in my agenda. Hopefully I can stay on track so that all of these fun ideas can be shared with you this month.

I’m having a hard time deciding whether or not I felt like this week went by fast or slow. Wednesday morning when I went to work I was confused as to how it was already Wednesday and then when I left work that same day it felt like it should’ve been Thursday. Funny how that happens sometimes. 

Thinking back to Monday and Tuesday both days were pretty busy in the office. I was able to get a lot done which always feels good at the beginning of the week. After work on Monday I went to the Y before cooking food for the week (that recipe is coming as a meal prep in your step very soon). After work on Tuesday, Nell and I went on a walk on the Jemison trail in Mountain Brook. Despite being in the same city and seeing each other often in group settings it is fun to have some time to catch up one on one too. I loved the trail we were on and definitely want to explore more of that area of town when walking!

shop this outfit here (pants are dark green, not jeans)

Wednesday, I had a bunch of sourcing of products to do at work and was also able to get ahead on social posts which is always a plus. After work it was off to the Y to work out before putting away dishes and laundry. A friend came over and borrowed some clothes for some weekend events she had. I packed my bags for the next day and attempted to go to bed at a decent hour knowing that Thursday would be busy. 

Thursday at work I finalized some product sourcing, had a meeting, and had to pick something up for a photo shoot happening this coming week. When 5:30 came around I quickly changed clothes and dashed off to dinner with friends before the concert we were attending. We went to Your Pie for dinner and then to Need to Breathe at the BJCC in Birmingham. Since there was a group of 10-14 of us we had to split up at the concert and Nell and I ended up sitting a little further down from the rest of the group. I have loved Need to Breathe for a long time and have really wanted to attend their concert for a few years now. Since two of the members of the group went to Furman they used to do free concerts there but since they had grown to be relatively well known once I got to college that didn’t happen. We were up in the nosebleeds, but it gave us a great place to people watch and their music was still incredible live. I’d undoubtedly go and see them again especially since they didn’t play my favorite song, happiness. We left the concert close to 11:00 which is way past my weeknight bed time as of late. Fortunately, work doesn’t start until 8:00 on Fridays so I got to sleep in a little bit. 


Friday was surprisingly busy at work. I was able to get a lot done before starting my weekend at noon. Instead of waiting to grocery shop on Sunday I decided to go to Trader Joe’s after work which made it so that it was a lot less crowded fortunately. I came home and put my groceries away before showering and taking a quick nap in the afternoon. That night Nell and I had planned to have a “sleep over” at my house since we both had roommates out of town. I had told her how embarrassingly excited I was for this since she only lives 3 minutes away and as roommates freshman and senior year it wasn’t like we hadn’t done that before. She came over and helped me with a few blog related things before we decided to meet up with her roommate that was in town as well as her brother and friends at the Greek Festival downtown in Birmingham. The lines were long, but it was worth it for the food. I think that was the best gyro I had ever had. We sat outside and enjoyed the music and getting to know one another before a small group of us ended up heading to Edgewood Creamery for some ice cream. It may because I am back in Alabama now, but it seems like every time I’m with a new group of people we always find ourselves playing the name game making obscure connections which reminds me that the world is in fact very small. After ice cream Nell and I went back to my house, put on pajamas, and made the BEST pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (as if we needed more sweets). I have shared the recipe before in this post so if you’re ever looking for a crowd-pleasing dessert then look no further. 

Saturday Nell woke up earlyish to go to a brunch which gave me a good excuse to enjoy a slow morning. I did things around the house before meeting a couple of work friends to furniture shop for one of their apartments. That afternoon I figured out how to set up a projector and hang a sheet on our back deck before friends came over to watch football that night. My roommate and I decided to get this projector and were so impressed (as were all the people who came over) by the quality of the picture and sound. I connected it to our apple tv and used the ESPN app to play the game and it worked perfectly. It was so nice to find an affordable projector that even played sound instead of having to figure out how to connect speakers to it as well. We lit a fire in our fire pit, set up a few sweet snacks, and waited for whoever wanted to show up to come. 

It started out as just the friends we’ve made who are in PA school and grew to include med students and friends of friends and even our across the street neighbors and the people they had invited over to watch the game. At one point I counted and there were 18 people, we felt like this was a major success. It was so nice to get to know more people here and they all seemed so content with our set up meaning that we will have to do the same thing again soon. Our 8 bags of marshmallows seem like a much more reasonable amount now that we have more friends to come over and eat them. 

Sunday morning Nell and I met Rebecca at church at 11:00 before heading back to our house for a bit. Rebecca and I spent part of the afternoon at Church Street coffee and even ran into some girls who are currently KD’s at Furman. I can’t remember if I mentioned this but in addition to Furman, Rebecca and I were also in the same pledge class. We made it a point to figure out who it was inside that had a KD Furman bumper sticker and chatted with them about life at Furman. They were sophomores so we had never met them before since we graduated in 2017 but the number of things in common were further reminder of how small the world is. 

After spending a couple hours at Church Street, I had to run by a lady’s house to pick up some notecards for a photoshoot at work taking place Monday. I went for a walk and talked on the phone to my parents before showering, making dinner, and doing a bit more blog work before kicking off the work week. 

Overall this was one of my favorite weekends in Birmingham yet and I hope that there are many more like it to come. 


I just finished this book by Bob Goff that I’ve talked about in past Step Into My Week (SIMW) posts and highly recommend it. I am currently trying to decide what to read next.

Listening To: Need to Breathe
Before and after concerts I fall into a trend of playing the music that I’ve just heard live. With this most recent concert it was no different. I’ve also been playing a lot of Dixie Chicks lately.

Watching: The Kissing Booth
Someone recently mentioned this Netfilix made movie and I think I need to stop listening to people when they say to watch these Netflix originals. This movie was one I had to watch in two sittings based on how cheesy it was at parts. The best Netflix original I’ve seen yet is To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before so maybe stick to that one. 

I fell out of the routine of writing in my Five Minute Journal when I was at home for a bit before Birmingham. Fortunately, now that I am very much so back in a routine I’ve been better about keeping up with this. You fill out in the morning and at night and it’s a great way to keep things in perspective. 

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  1. I love your outfits this week, Dorothy, especially the first one! The neckerchief is so cute! I used to have one like it... guess I need to repurchase it! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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