Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $15

We all have those people in our lives who we want to give presents to but don't have a ton of money to spend on them. That is where this next gift guide comes in handy! I have compiled quite a few gifts that are under $15 that your friends will just love!

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $15

1. Nail Polish: You can never have too many so buy a fun color that reminds you of that person and it will be the perfect way to brighten their day.

2. Hair Ties: I use these no crease hair ties daily and love them! Practical gifts are always appreciated.

3. Pajama Pants: Every time the recipient puts these on they will be reminded of you and PJ pants come in so many colors and prints that you are sure to find something that the recipient will like!

4. Key Chains: A cute key chain in a fun color is another practical find that is also great to give a new driver!

5. Socks:I love fuzzy cute socks and you can never have too many therefore you can't go wrong with a fun patterned pair!

6. Older Movies: Grab some popcorn and plan a girls night with movies you've picked out that suit the recipients taste!

7. Reusable Grocery Bags: Buy one in a fun print and it can easily be used for groceries, function as a gym bag, or even carry other peoples gifts in it!

8. Monogrammed Ornament: DIY post here!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Monogram Lover

It comes as no surprise to any of you that I am monogram obsessed! If everything I own could be monogrammed then that is the way I would have it! Etsy is the perfect place to purchase monogrammed goodies and if you are interested in finding where the specific items below are from then click on the picture which will take you to my polyvore. 

Monograms are becoming extremely popular and would be the perfect personalized gift for anyone on your gift list!

Holiday Gift Guide: Monogram Lover

1. Monogrammed iPhone Case: Nowadays it seems that everyone has an iPhone so why not have something that differentiates yours from someone else's? A personalized phone case is the perfect way to do so and you can even find some for under $20.

2. Monogrammed Necklace: Another ever so popular trend occurring recently! I have three monogrammed necklaces and love them all. Whether you get it in silver, gold, or acrylic you can't go wrong.

3. Monogrammed Tervis Tumblr Water Bottle: Perfect for the sporty prepster in your life, why not stay hydrated in a fashionable way!

4. Monogrammed Sweatshirt: A fun and cute way to stay comfy and warm as these chillier months approach!

5. Monogrammed Playing Cards: Does this need explaining? TOO CUTE!

6. Monogrammed Nike Shorts: Everyone knows girls are obsessed with Nike Shorts so what happens when you add a monogram to an already great thing? You get something even better!

7. Monogrammed Coffee Mug: I've become coffee obsessed lately and I would love receiving a cup like this to fuel my coffee addiction! You could even add a gift card for their favorite coffee shop in it!

8. Monogrammed Rain Jacket: I have a monogrammed rain jacket and love it! It is so practical and brightens up those dreary rainy days when you wear it.

9. Monogrammed Serving Platter: A perfect hostess gift! This would be great with food on it or you could use it in other places as well. How fun would it be to have a tray like this holding nail polish in your bathroom.

10. Monogrammed Scarf: Another fun gift for the winter time! These scarves come in so many colors and patterns that the possibilities are endless!

What monogrammed gifts are you asking for this holiday season?


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Makeup Lover

What girl doesn't love to be primped and pampered? If you have a girly girl who you need to buy a gift for look no farther than this gift guide!

Holiday Gift Guide: Makeup Lover

1. Perfume: Perfume is an item that can easily become a girls signature. Make sure when you are picking out a scent you either know what to get or instead give an IOU for a perfume of the recipients choice and y'all can then make an outing out of a christmas gift!

2. Chapstick Set: I've heard awesome things about this set (Sugar) and by purchasing gifts in packaged sets you usually get more than your moneys worth because they are made to be more valuable than the cost.

2. Blush Set: I chose this based on the cute factor within the packaging and then thought about how practical this set is. These blushes in my opinion, are any of the colors you could ever want so why not purchase them all together. This would be especially great for girls who are just starting to discover makeup!

4. Lip Gloss Set: This is another fun one for both the new to make up girl as well as the tried and true makeup lover. Again, the packaging of these products are so stinking cute and the size of each lip gloss tube is perfect size for your purse!

5. Bubble Bath: After a stressful day a bubble bath always sounds delightful and why not give a set that smells like Christmas!

6. Nail Polish: While this Kate Spade polish is too cute for words, other brands like Essie and OPI sell equally fun sets that allow you to try multiple colors in a smaller size bottle!

7. Makeup Palette: An all in one gift that is in an easy to travel with container is sure to put a  smile on any girls face! I am definitely a neutral girl but these types of palettes are available in a wide variety of shades!

If these ideas don't suit you a gift card to makeup stores like Sephora and Ulta are the perfect way to acknowledge the receipts interest while allowing the freedom for them to choose what they really want. Another fun idea would be to give an IOU for a manicure or pedicure that y'all could do together!


And here is an interesting info graphic discussing beauty that ties in nicely to the subject at hand!

beauty infographic v2 1 Cost of Beauty Infographic

Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Men

Today begins my Holiday 2012 gift guides! Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone Christmas is in full bast! I am excited to share some gift ideas with y'all and hope you will give some to me as well!

This first gift guide is perfectly applicable to any of the boys in your life whether you use it for your dad, brother, uncle, boy friend, husband, or cousin hopefully you will see smiles on their faces as they unwrap your gift.

Holiday Gift Guide: Men

1. Needlepoint Belt: This particular belt is from Smathers and Branson and is the SEC belt. I have grown to love needlepoint belts because the images on them are usually fun and liven up an outfit! The amount of detail that goes into each belt is incredible and a belt like this would surely be worn often.

2. Leather Wallet: Another daily use item that is practical and necessary for any of the boys in your life. A nice leather wallet is sure to last a while and be used often.

3. Monogrammed Leather Coozie: Coozies or Huggers are perfect whether you are tailgating or boat riding so why not get one that the recipient can claim as their own. the leather and monogrammed detail on the Coozie adds a personal touch to the gift!

4. Boxer Shorts: Boxers come in fun patterns and colors so why not choose a few to give! Boxers also could be the perfect stocking stuffer! Why not give a gift that is practical?

5. Dopp Kit: Girls seem to care more about how their "cosmetic bags" look while a guy would rather a sturdy, durable, and easy to clean dope kit that can remain a travel companion for ages.

6. Baseball Hat: Baseball hats are the perfect low cost gift item that you know will get use whether it be in the summer at the beach or in the backyard grilling. Try picking out one with something on it that is of your recipients interest!

7. Key Fob: Another practical everyday item that can be personalized with the recipients name or favorite sports team! Key Fobs also help to locate lost keys quicker because of the typical bright colors involved.

8. Bow Tie: Whether you choose a tie or a bow tie either are fun gifts to give! I happen to love bow ties especially the one in the image above because similarly to a baseball hat, you are sure to find one with something of similar interest to the recipient. And if not, the shot gun shells on the one above are hard to beat!

I hope these gave you some ideas for that hard to shop for guy on your list! My advice to you is stick to practical and useful and your gift is sure to be a hit!

What are you giving the boys on your list?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Packing Tips

I'm going to start by stating the soon to become obvious, I am not a light packer. In fact, almost every time I pack to go somewhere I end up overpacking! Granted, this is an overview of what I packed last Sunday to take with me to my grandparents house where I am staying until Saturday, so in my defense, I needed a lot of clothes! Here is an overview along with some tips and tricks!

I know, I know, that is a lot of clothes. Indeed this is true and one thing I should have done to condense the number of items I brought is to lay out outfits. By doing this you can lay out exactly what you are going to where and what pieces can be put together to create your outfit. Another advantage to this is the fact that getting your outfit ready in the morning is mindless since you already know what you are planning on wearing.

I brought:
3 sweaters
3 layering shirts
3 vests (If you couldn't guess, I really love vests)
2 button up shirts
3 pairs of jeans
2 pairs of leggings
2 pullover jackets
1 set of pajamas
3 longsleeved t-shirts
4 pairs of nike shorts and t-shirts to match
Bean boots
Nike frees
Tory Burch Flats

Fortunately I have the perfect duffle and know how to pack it! I have had the same large vera bradley duffle since seventh grade and these bags hold a ton! You would think it was magic with all of the stuff the can fit inside. When packing a duffle you have to do so strategically! I put outerwear in the bottom and tend to have two side by side stacks. I like to put all of my bulky stuff

If you have room, take a separate shoe bag! By taking a separate shoe bag you have extra room to store odds and ends that you didn't account for! This is also great for when you do some shopping, you have the perfect amount of room to store a few goodies!

I hope these help and I hope y'all have a happy black friday!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for The Farm and a Giveaway

I can't think of holidays without thinking of my grandparents house or as we call it, "the farm." I love knowing that Christmas and Holidays are spent with family in a location I love!

I find this post to be the perfect Thanksgiving post since the farm is a place that I am truly thankful for. I have grown up here!

The farm is an hour and a half away from my house and is a drive through the country to say the least. The farm is in a small town with To Kill A Mockingbird as its claim to fame considering the story takes place here and the author, Harper Lee, lives here. 

I especially love the farm in the fall. The color change in the leaves is much more drastic here then at home. A large field greets you on the left as you drive down the driveway and see the flag as you near the entrance.

The "Sewing Barn" is my grandmothers barn while my grandfather piddles in a "real" barn with motorcycles and tractors galore! My favorite part of the sewing barn is the monogram machine and the memories I have of wrapping presents in their.

How could you complain with a perfect fall view from the living room! The trees on the edge of the pond epitomize fall with their vibrant oranges and reds!

One perfect memory I have of the pond happened when I was probably four or five and my brother was reaching around me to grab some fish food and "accidentally" knocked me in.

And how could I forget the cabin! The perfect place to host sleepovers and have a girls trip! With a hot tub attached and a bunk room how could you not love inviting friends!

And how cute is my grandmother with her fall decorations on the porch of the cabin!

I am so thankful that I have a place with its 60ish acres to roam around, enjoy the outdoors, and create countless memories with family and friends. It is something to be truly thankful for! As we gather around on Thanksgiving I am reminded how much I have to be thankful and grateful for and I hope you feel the same way!

Eat Up!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CEA Monograms and Gifts

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend, sorority sister, or anyone you know then look no farther than CEA Monograms and Gifts! The owner has the perfect selection of monogrammed shirts and sweatshirts with your choice of an embroidered or appliqué monogram! I received a quarter zip appliqué monogrammed sweatshirt from this shop and have worn it non stop since!

I love the quality of the jacket and it recently seems to be my go to outerwear choice! The material of the jacket is made to be like a sweatshirt but the quarter zip allows a unique design appearance! The prices of all of the merchandise in the shop are great and all of the products are too cute!

For the monogram I chose black chevron fabric to be used and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out! It is so versatile and I love the way the monogram is arranged to appear as a circle! This jacket is the perfect alternative to a plain old sweatshirt and the versatility its offers is supurb!

If you have any girl who you are having trouble buying for checkout CEA Monograms and Gifts on either their Facebook Page or Etsy Shop and the choice will be clear!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bubble Necklace Giveaway

* Rafflecopter for whatever reason won't let me announce the winner (Hannah W.) but I have emailed her! *

Recently I was contacted by Southern Luxe to review and giveaway a product! Who would turn that opportunity down? I got to choose a product to keep and a product to giveaway and I chose the ever so popular Bubble Necklace. I got it for myself in black and white for y'all. I had never heard of Southern Luxe before but am now so glad it has been introduced to me. Not only do they have an etsy shop but they also have a Facebook page that you can look for products on!

Want to win?
Enter Below using the Rafflecopter widget!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck,

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Joules Jewels

How could you not love bright, fun colors added to your warm winter gear? This brand, Joules, was started in Great Britain as an equestrian brand and has since expanded. 

Joules Jewels

I think their wellies are soon to rival Hunters! I love the fun colors and bows added to the boots which give them unique flair on a gloomy day. With clothes, shoes, and accessories for all ages I think it is worth checking out!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY Monogrammed Ornaments

I wanted to share with y'all the perfect personalized gift for around $5. I made 22 monogrammed ornaments to give out at Cross Country Christmas. I think they turned out great so I wanted to share the easy process with you!
DIY: Monogrammed Ornament

You will need:
-ORNAMENTS: I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby for $5.99/box but at that time they were 50% off
-DECALS: I purchased mine off of an etsy shop called Cuttin Crazy and it turned out to be a little over a dollar per 2" decal, I suggest going with a smaller decal size in order to ensure smooth application
-RIBBON: I went with two different ribbon designs and I thought each went well with the ornaments
-SCISSORS: to cut the ribbon
-LIGHTER: used to heat seal the ribbon edges

Here is an overview of the supplies:

To begin, take your first ornament and make sure the surface is clean.

Then, peel the white backing from the decal while being careful not to touch the sticky side of the letters.

Now, position the decal to the middle of the ornament and press down. To smooth it is best to use a credit card but be sure not to push down too hard or your ornament might break.

After that, I cut my ribbon into 6'' pieces and heat sealed the ends. After the ends are heat sealed thread the ribbon through the ornament hook and attach a longer hook around the ribbon. Viola, you have just created an adorable christmas gift in a matter of minutes!

To package, I placed the ornaments in a clear plastic cup and placed the cup inside of a plastic gift bag and closed it with some gift string. 

I hope you found these instructions helpful and I hope you enjoy making your own monogrammed ornaments!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cross Country Christmas

Cross Country Christmas is a tradition my schools girls cross country team does the night before our state meet! This has been going on since before I joined the team six years ago. Each girls brings enough gifts for all of the girls on the team and we all gather in a hotel room and exchange them. Everyone looks forward to this event and it is a great way to occupy our time without worrying about the race the next day.

As you can see, this year's Cross Country Christmas exceeded all expectations. Everything pictured, including the white fuzzy blanket all the gifts are on top of, was received during our cross country christmas. We also received TONS (a ziplock bag full) of candy which I did not picture.

Socks are always a hit during this event and this year we got three different fuzzy pairs! Two of the pairs are aloe infused and they are the softest most comfortable socks ever!

Monograms have become quite the hit among the cross country team (I may have helped expedite this...) and we received a plethora of monogrammed goodies! The biggest of these being the blue and green (our school colors) monogrammed backpack. The backpacks are so cute and our team looked intense (as intense as you can look with a monogrammed backpack) walking to our tent at the race. Another monogrammed goody were the monogrammed ear warmers. Sadly it was not cold enough to wear these during the race but I know it will be so nice for soccer season. Monogrammed Nalgene water bottles were also a hit for the hydrating conscious team. I gave monogrammed ornaments which I will have a DIY post about in the near future.

One of our teammate's dad owns a t-shirt shop and he created t-shirts for us that turned out so cute! They are super girly and looked good with our running shorts.

Picture frames are also a favorite among the cross country girls. I have never left cross country christmas without a picture frame and am glad this year was no exception!

Other happys include mason jars with our teams sticker on it, headbands, chapstick, race ribbons (not pictured) and ear warmers with headphones attached.  

My favorite gifts were the sweet notes some of my teammates wrote me. I'm not going to deny the fact that I cried while reading them. With six years devoted to this sport and team it is sad to see it end but I am so grateful for every moment of it!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Cross Country State Champions

It is so unreal that I just typed that! I am still in shock that we won a state championship and I couldn't be more excited or proud of my team! It is incredible to end my sixth and final year on the cross country team with a state championship! Below I am including all of the photos from the weekend:

We celebrated my best friends birthday on the bus ride up!


So proud of my team! I love them all!


Friday, November 9, 2012

C. Wonder Lust List

If you have never heard of the website/shop C. Wonder then you are seriously missing out! C. Wonder is an awesome shop with precious products that I adore! Recently I have been lusting over some of their products and I am so excited to share them with you.

C. Wonder Lust List

Precious, right? I sure think so!

Clockwise from the top:

iPhone Bull Horn Speaker- How funny is this! I love that it miss vintage and modern and at $10 this would be a perfect stocking stuffer! 

Suede Signature Driving Moc- These shoes look so comfortable and are a fun twist on traditional moccasins. I love that these could add a subtle pop of color to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Tipped Mid Length Cardigan- Where to begin? The tan and pink color combo is to die for! Such an easy way to spruce up jeans and an oxford while still being fashion forward.

Chinese Icon Stationary- I love the variety offered in the design of this stationary and these notecards are so elegant for such a reasonable price.

Skinny Colored Jeans- With nine colors to choose from in this product there is no way anyone could go wrong hitting the town in these bright and peppy jeans! I love this ruby color and think it is absolutely perfect for fall!

Bangles- I love the initial enamel cuff paired with two of the bloom bracelets for an elegant arm party with the perfect amount of individuality. I think any of C.Wonder's bracelets would look perfect with Kate Spade's idiom bangles!

As I am sure you can see, C. Wonder offers a vast array of products that are sure to please many different people! 

Check it out for yourself!

Which products are your favorites?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Charleston Monograms on Etsy

Finding amazing etsy shops is always so exciting and today I am ecstatic to share with you one of my most recent finds, Charleston Monograms. As a mother and daughter team these lovely ladies create some adorable monogrammed goodies! As you could probably guess from the name, they are based out of Charleston and started as I way to make sorority shirts for English's friends, but as you may have noticed, they grew into doing monograms for others as well!

 I was able to try out some of their products and can honestly say the quality is impeccable and the compliments I receive when wearing their products are flattering just like the clothing! With such beautiful monograms and high quality materials one may think that their products may break the bank but in reality all of their merchandise is super affordable!

This navy fleece pullover with a pink plaid monogram pairs nicely with my navy and green school plaid. I love that it still applies to uniform guidelines while staying unique! This jacket is also so comfortable which is what I strive for when going to school.

This shirt is short sleeved with a green fabric pocket (it is actually usable unlike some that are sewn on) with a hot pink monogram!

This next shirt is short sleeved and has a green monogram in a cursive font. I love that this shirt goes so well with my lime green nike shorts!

And this monogram is one of my favorites! It is a blue and green appliqué monogram on a long sleeved t-shirt! Perfect for the changing temperatures that are quickly approaching.

Also, how cute are these boxes!? My shirts were folded into monogrammed boxes that matched the shirts! Purchasing a box for your shirt is the perfect way to complete a gift and provide a storage container for later use.

Which Charleston Monogram's products are your favorites?


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