Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bubble Necklace Giveaway

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Recently I was contacted by Southern Luxe to review and giveaway a product! Who would turn that opportunity down? I got to choose a product to keep and a product to giveaway and I chose the ever so popular Bubble Necklace. I got it for myself in black and white for y'all. I had never heard of Southern Luxe before but am now so glad it has been introduced to me. Not only do they have an etsy shop but they also have a Facebook page that you can look for products on!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY Monogrammed Ornaments

I wanted to share with y'all the perfect personalized gift for around $5. I made 22 monogrammed ornaments to give out at Cross Country Christmas. I think they turned out great so I wanted to share the easy process with you!
DIY: Monogrammed Ornament

You will need:
-ORNAMENTS: I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby for $5.99/box but at that time they were 50% off
-DECALS: I purchased mine off of an etsy shop called Cuttin Crazy and it turned out to be a little over a dollar per 2" decal, I suggest going with a smaller decal size in order to ensure smooth application
-RIBBON: I went with two different ribbon designs and I thought each went well with the ornaments
-SCISSORS: to cut the ribbon
-LIGHTER: used to heat seal the ribbon edges

Here is an overview of the supplies:

To begin, take your first ornament and make sure the surface is clean.

Then, peel the white backing from the decal while being careful not to touch the sticky side of the letters.

Now, position the decal to the middle of the ornament and press down. To smooth it is best to use a credit card but be sure not to push down too hard or your ornament might break.

After that, I cut my ribbon into 6'' pieces and heat sealed the ends. After the ends are heat sealed thread the ribbon through the ornament hook and attach a longer hook around the ribbon. Viola, you have just created an adorable christmas gift in a matter of minutes!

To package, I placed the ornaments in a clear plastic cup and placed the cup inside of a plastic gift bag and closed it with some gift string. 

I hope you found these instructions helpful and I hope you enjoy making your own monogrammed ornaments!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cross Country Christmas

Cross Country Christmas is a tradition my schools girls cross country team does the night before our state meet! This has been going on since before I joined the team six years ago. Each girls brings enough gifts for all of the girls on the team and we all gather in a hotel room and exchange them. Everyone looks forward to this event and it is a great way to occupy our time without worrying about the race the next day.

As you can see, this year's Cross Country Christmas exceeded all expectations. Everything pictured, including the white fuzzy blanket all the gifts are on top of, was received during our cross country christmas. We also received TONS (a ziplock bag full) of candy which I did not picture.

Socks are always a hit during this event and this year we got three different fuzzy pairs! Two of the pairs are aloe infused and they are the softest most comfortable socks ever!

Monograms have become quite the hit among the cross country team (I may have helped expedite this...) and we received a plethora of monogrammed goodies! The biggest of these being the blue and green (our school colors) monogrammed backpack. The backpacks are so cute and our team looked intense (as intense as you can look with a monogrammed backpack) walking to our tent at the race. Another monogrammed goody were the monogrammed ear warmers. Sadly it was not cold enough to wear these during the race but I know it will be so nice for soccer season. Monogrammed Nalgene water bottles were also a hit for the hydrating conscious team. I gave monogrammed ornaments which I will have a DIY post about in the near future.

One of our teammate's dad owns a t-shirt shop and he created t-shirts for us that turned out so cute! They are super girly and looked good with our running shorts.

Picture frames are also a favorite among the cross country girls. I have never left cross country christmas without a picture frame and am glad this year was no exception!

Other happys include mason jars with our teams sticker on it, headbands, chapstick, race ribbons (not pictured) and ear warmers with headphones attached.  

My favorite gifts were the sweet notes some of my teammates wrote me. I'm not going to deny the fact that I cried while reading them. With six years devoted to this sport and team it is sad to see it end but I am so grateful for every moment of it!


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