Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Spotlight: Barrington Gifts

If there's one brand that makes up most of my accessories in my closet, I'd have to say it's Barrington Gifts. I love a good tote bag and am unlikely to turn one away especially if it has a pretty print or a monogram. Barrington Gift's St. Anne Tote have both making them a no-brainer as staples in my closet. I shared how I like to keep everything organized inside in this post but with an exterior as pretty as all the prints you can choose from this is one time that I think no-one is all too concerned with what's on the inside. 


While my love of the St. Anne Tote is hard to top, the most recent addition to my Barrington collection is the Kennedy Key Ring. I have had one of their Kent Key Rings since either sophomore or junior year and boy had it served me well! If I leave the house, it goes with me, so it's kind of spectacular that it held up so well for so long. That durability can be attributed to the brand's commitment to craftsmanship, luxury materials, and an innovative design. While I loved my past key ring, I am obsessed with the new features that the Kennedy Key Ring offers. With a zipper at the top (as opposed to a snap) I feel like I can easily access any cards or cash I need to keep with me while keeping it secure and the multiple rings sent on the key ring allows me to better organize the various keys I have which is a win. 

And don't think I was going to talk about how much I love it without mentioning the print. The Axis print is one of my all-time favorites from the brand (you'll see that I have it in a St. Anne Tote as well below). While the material is super easy to clean, I know that this one won't look dirty even after taking it with me everywhere. The new stripe and monogram style offered on the site is another favorite of mine since the choices seem endless. Ultimately I opted for a pink on pink monogram, and I love the boldness of it! If you've never been on Barrington's site and played around with all of the different combinations, you can make then I highly suggest it. Just be warned that you'll probably end up with quite a few products in your cart! When I was in Greenville, Sophia started playing around with all the different combos that can be made on these products and was hooked as well. Below you'll see some of the prints that have found their home in my closet. 


From laptop cases and duffle bags to everything in between, Barrington Gifts has plenty of perfectly practical and cute items to add to your shopping or wish list for the upcoming holiday season! I think my next buy will have to be their wallet! If you're itching for your own key ring be sure to check out my Instagram later this afternoon for a giveaway to win your own! In the mean time here are some of the fun combinations I've created on Barrington's site! 

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