Thursday, April 30, 2015

Decor 2 Ur Door Giveaway

I remember one of the most exciting parts about the end of senior year after deciding which college I would attend was getting to start brainstorming ideas of how I wanted my dorm room to look! Decor 2 Ur Door has been featured here before but every year they keep coming up with killer dorm bedding combinations that are sure to divert your eyes away from the cinder blocks that will likely line your walls. One thing that I realized throughout my time in the dorms was that the more decorated (without being cramped) your room was the more it started to feel like home. This is especially comforting as a freshman and the perfect phrase to use as you convince your parents to buy one of everything from this site. Because trust me, once you start playing around with the combinations you'll be convinced that you need it all. 

Another incredible option offered by the site is the ability to purchase a bed in a bag. While this may have you thinking of Walmart and the comforters and sheet sets they offer by this title Decor 2 Ur Door's are much more luxurious. These are also great if you are hoping to match your roommate! The site offers something for everyone and if you don't see it right away then you can design your bedding yourself (their pinterest boards are overflowing with inspiration)!


I am so excited that they asked me to team up with them this year to give one of y'all an Extended Length Bedskirt. You will have no idea just how useful this is to hide the clutter that may occur under your bed since you insisted to bring ALL of your clothes with you to college. You can thank me later! I have loved having a bedskirt and it really pulls together the look of a room making it look less like a dorm. Haven't decided exactly what you want bedding wise? No worries because you get to design this yourself! 

Enter by following the steps on this Rafflecopter Giveaway Widget!

Although I've had a great experience with dorm life I can't say I'm sad to be apartment bound next year!
Good luck to everyone entering! My fingers are crossed for you!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Library Studying Necessities featuring Spirit Jersey

Lately I have been spending far too much time in the library. With many exams and projects due in the next couple of days when I leave in the morning it is likely that I won't be back in my room until much later at night. When I know this is the case I strategically pack up my backpack and head off for the day.

While books and your laptop are essential lately, my Spirit Jersey has been my "jacket" of choice when darting out the door. With unpredictable temperatures in the library I like to make sure that I am well prepared and I love how versatile my Spirit Jersey is. You can wear it alone or throw it on over another shirt for the perfect amount of added warmth, especially in the Spring and Summer (mine is always packed for chilly boat rides). While the weight is perfect Spirit Jersey's are 100% cotton making them super comfortable too. 

 I always prefer to be comfortable while studying and this is the perfect way. I also love that Spirit Jersey's are Authentic and Original and better yet, made in the USA. While I do own a few different ones my favorite is definitely my green Kappa Delta one. The company even recently designed new sorority jerseys that any Greek girls need to check out. From sororities to states and sports the company, established in 1983, has something for everyone and even offers custom orders!


Other things you can always find with me at the library? A full water bottle, an overstuffed backpack, headphones, and enough snacks to get me through those low spells when studying. Today I will be bopping in and out of meetings while rushing back to my favorite library table to finish writing a children's book (for an exam) and to prepare for my final tomorrow and Friday. How I wish I were in my room getting some shut eye but until then at least I'll be comfortable and productive as summer creeps in. 

Do you have a Spirit Jersey favorite? What are your absolute must haves at the library?

This post is sponsored by Spirit Jersey and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Prep In Your Step possible!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Exam Prep

The season of exams and finals are in full swing! Thursday and Friday are 3 of my 4 finals and I am thrilled to be finishing up my classes and begin summer and head to Paris and London. I feel like I have been unable to focus on anything but school as of late. I have created posts before discussing study tips and stress free study breaks but a lot of the stress of exams comes with preparation. By organizing out what I have to accomplish I can enter my exams confident that I've adequately prepared myself for success!

Here are some of my best exam prep tips and realizations!

Study guides from past tests are your friends.
If you are anything like me then before tests in every subject I always make study guides and outlines and notecards. While some people may not need to take as much time preparing as I do I know come exams I am glad to have taken that time to prepare then since the same guides can highlight what I need to go over before exams. Read back through, highlight, and take condensed notes when preparing for cumulative exams.

Plan out your study days to be most productive.
A little bit each day can really add up so start studying early! I love schedules so it is extremely beneficial for me to block out times to study since I know I will follow it. This also ensures that I can focus on a variety of subjects instead of focusing on only one leaving me scattered and unprepared for a different subject. 

Ask questions to your professors and students who have previously taken the course.
Professors are the ones making your exams so they are the best person to ask when it comes to any questions regarding your exam and subject matter. If you are curious about what to expect and they aren't receptive then try to ask someone who has already taken the class what they thought was most important from it.

Take time to organize the content you have to know.
Organization upfront will allow less stress when it comes to actually studying. Take your time compiling and learning about the content you know will be on the exam in order to ensure that you don't forget to look over anything.

Make a quizlet.
I used to always make paper flash cards but since being in college I pretty mush solely rely on quiz lets for my quizzing needs. These are essentially online flash cards that test you on the material you must know in different ways. Also, there is an app so that you can study on the go!

Stay on top of the work you've planned for yourself.
If you've scheduled out what you need to do then do your absolute best to stick to that schedule. Falling behind may leave you a bit more stressed, the last thing you need when it comes to exam time. 

Keep your space organized. 
I know I have said this in other posts but I can not focus if my space is messy. Spend a few minutes prior to studying to tidy up your area and remove distractions this way the time put into studying is focused.

Listen to calming music. 
I feel more productive when I am listening to classical music or other music without words. Spotify has tons of different playlists under their focus genre that are perfect for this!

Get enough sleep leading into exam week. 
I wish I followed this tip better. Getting enough sleep when I have loads of work left to do is never a priority. Do your very best to go to bed early that way you can wake up early and start being productive sooner.

Know that you are more than your gpa.
A reminder everyone needs to hear every once in a while. School may seem like everything now but later on how you did on a certain test during one semester isn't going to matter much. At this point, put in your very best effort and know that you have done all you can no matter the outcome. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Step Into My Week {#16} + Sales You Don't Want to Miss

This past weekend was an all around great one! Friday afternoon after class my big, Caroline, and I went to do some grocery shopping and get lunch after I finish up class. We went to this delicious place called Fresh to Order which served loads of yummy and fresh meal options. The best thing there though was their Raspberry Mojito Lemonade. I think I had four glasses of it, so so good! 

That night was Relay for Life and our chapter of Kappa Delta set up a tent and spent a large portion of the evening walking for the cause and socializing. Unfortunately there was heavy rain the entire time and well into the following morning. Although by the time we finished we were a bit cold and very wet everyone had a blast!
Saturday, Caroline and went to her mountain house in Cashiers, North Carolina for a quick weekend getaway and it was absolutely perfect! The rain had cleared up just in time for the most beautiful overlook on the way up the mountain! She raved on the way to the house that she is so much more productive while there because she doesn't feel stressed and I 110% agree. I finished so much work while being completely relaxed! We went grocery shopping and out to lunch upon our arrival and then did a lot of studying before taking an afternoon walk. Then more studying, a delicious homemade dinner, followed by pinterest and movie watching, and an early bed time. I am about ready to move there considering how great it was!

This school week is our last full one of the year (so crazy) so it has been jam packed with tests and presentations. Tuesday I even had a test and presentation in the same class! Wednesday night was Furman's Greek Awards night. I was invited to attend the dinner and awards banquet on behalf of my chapter. During the awards I was overjoyed to have helped win our chapter the Excellence in Public Relations reward. As Vice President of Public Relations I do a lot of internal and external public relation based tasks in addition to creating an alumnae newsletter and running our social media accounts so I was THRILLED to have been recognized!

This weekend is going to be another one filled with lots of studying and library time with 3 big assignments due on Monday and 3 exams at the end of the week. I still can't believe that I will be packing up to head home and then Paris so soon!

On My Radar This Week:

There are so many great sales going on right now that I encourage y'all to shop if you've had your eye on any pieces from these brands! If you were considering pulling the trigger on any items then fire away because Tory Burch is currently hosting their Spring Sale Event and Rebecca Minkoff is hosting their Semi Annual Events. At both places we are talking shoes and bags at up to 70% off! Also, Piperlime is closing so all of the items on their site are on super sale!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Design Darling New Arrivals

As I begin to think ahead about how I want to decorate my apartment (ahh) next year I always think of Design Darling and their perfect little home accessories. Checking back the other day I saw that Mackenzie had added some new arrivals to the site and I couldn't help but click through them and choose a few favorites. 

I own Evelyn Henson's Go the Extra Mile print and adore it. I am definitely planning on a gallery wall of sorts in my room of the apartment and am so glad to already have some fun prints to incorporate. Call me crazy but I love succulents and cacti so it is no surprise that I fell in love with this cute little topiary! Navy and white stripes are a classic and these matchboxes act as the perfect lithe decoration next to your favorite candle! And how could I not share these amazing printed pillows? Too cute! Not pictured but equally amazing are these pineapple jars, oh the things I could store in these beachy things!

Have you shopped design darling recently?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Nail Polish Favorites

My favorite little pampering treat to myself is painting my nails. My mom has pretty much forbid me from purchasing any more nail polishes because according to her I have too many. While I agree that my supply is rather extensive, the bright colors always lure me in. Painting your nails or getting a new nail polish color is the perfect little pick me up not to mention that freshly manicured nails make you look very put together. Specifically, Essie is my favorite. It must be something about how pretty their bottles are but the names and colors definitely help for me to seal the deal when it comes to purchasing a new one! Personally nail polishes do double duty and serve as decoration as well! I have all of mine stored in this adorable monogrammed container that perfectly fits 15 polishes!

Since I have accumulated quite a few I love sharing my favorites with y'all (This counts as giving back right? Hopefully making the number of polishes I own less embarrassing). In return feel free to tempt me with your personal favorites!

My favorites for spring are shop able below!
(And to tempt you even further if you purchase you polishes from Ulta you get a free gift!)

Lately I have been wearing Fiji, Sand Tropez, and Cute as a Button on repeat!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Instagrams as of Late

I want to start this post by announcing something exciting….
this is my 800th post. 

How crazy is that? Most of the time I don't really check that sort of thing but I noticed the other day that I was creeping up on this number. Three years later after deciding to start blogging and here we are. Chances are you didn't click on this post to read all about how crazy it is that I've published 800 blog posts and you would much rather see aesthetically pleasing instagram photos instead. 

If you don't follow me on instagram then feel free to @prepinyourstep. Here are some of my recent posts. 

I hope y'all have a great to start to your week!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's Here! Shop Lilly for Target Now!

The day has finally come and I am sure that some of you are ready for me to hush already about this collaboration. The collection is now live online and stores open at 8:00 so the shopping has begun. I am sure some of y'all have already scored some of the amazing products on sale and I can't wait to hear what you may have grabbed!

I'll be sharing what I snagged on my instagram so be sure to be following that @prepinyourstep.

And if for whatever reason you have still yet to open up Target's site do that now and get to shopping!

I have a tendency to completely miss the products when scrolling through online so if you're like me then hopefully these images and links will help you to make sure you haven't missed any items that you otherwise would "have to" have. 

Towel | Basket | Pillow | Outdoor Blanket | Corks | Pineapple Dish

Tote Case | Lipstick | Nail File | Train Case | Beaded Headband | Headband | Hanging Organizer | White Essie | Pink Essie | Navy Pouch | Bobby Pins

blue top | gold wedges | pants | id case | navy flats | straw tote | pom pom scarf | white shorts | pink shift | green rassel scarf | charm bracelet | pink bathing suit | navy weekender | floral dress | blue bikini | flip flops

Let me know what you get! And shop these picks and more below!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Top Picks: Lilly For Target

Woohoo it's a surprise Saturday post. I know everyone is getting very excited for tonight/tomorrow and the release of Lilly for Target. I have a feeling this is essentially the same thing as a Lilly Lover's black Friday. I am trying not to get too set on any particular products to avoid disappointment but there are a few products that I wouldn't mind snagging during the sale. 

If you haven't checked out my shopping tip post yet then you definitely should to ensure that all of the Lilly you are lusting over makes it home with you! Also, be sure to check out my social media and blog tomorrow for updates on the sale!

Here are my favorites...

Happy shopping and be sure to let me know which pieces you are desperate to get.
And as always my best tip is making your browser look a little something like this…

Friday, April 17, 2015

Step Into My Week {#15}

Whew, what a week. In some ways I feel like it went by really fast but when I think back over what I did each day it seems like it had to have gone slowly to fit all of that in. Last week is our last week of school and I wish I could say I was excited about that. In reality I am a bit terrified because of all of the assignments I have due before the following Tuesday (the 28th). This weekend is definitely going to be one filled with a lot of homework and studying but I also have a fun excursion planned for tomorrow morning. The girls I am living with next year (in an apartment!!) and I are all biking the 7 miles from Furman to downtown Greenville for breakfast. I am so hoping that the weather cooperates because it will surely be a blast. Here is a picture of the girls I am living with next year! This is probably a better image of us than if we took one mid bike ride..

Last weekend was also a lot of studying but on Saturday I enjoyed the perfect weather we were having by going and getting crepes with a friend and then playing some tennis.

Sunday morning I went for a great run around our lake and surrounding trails and I was so pleased to see some pretty flowers lining the paths. On Sunday night we had our KD Senior Banquet which was a lovely dinner honoring our graduating seniors. The seniors were all given superlatives and we all enjoyed a delicious meal together. I am definitely sad to see the senior in my KD family graduating!

 My dress can be found here.

This week was Greek week at Furman which has been really fun but also a bit more work on the PR side. As some of you may know I am Vice President of Public Relations so there was lots of events to publicize. 

Monday night as a part of Greek week there was a charity event at Chipotle so some of my KD family and I went to that and ended up going to Whole Foods afterwards. I can not go into Whole Foods without wanting to buy ALL of their flowers. If you are in need of some flowers then you won't want to miss their selection. 

Wednesday I taught my final lesson for the semester that integrated drama, music, art, and a content area into a 20 minute span and I thought it went super well which is relieving. How funny do these pipe cleaner people that I used for my lesson look? People were questioning me all week for having these in my room.

The rest of the week was pretty much filled with making sure I was on task with assignments and I am embarrassingly excited to get a lot of work knocked out this weekend. That and some shopping since the Lilly for Target collection will be released on Sunday!

If you didn't see my other posts for the week then be sure to check them out!
(Also, shameless plug, I made a Facebook page for my blog and would love it if you would go and like it!)

Tonight I'll be participating in Relay for Life at my school which will be really fun. If you'd like to donate feel free to do so here!

Now for things on my radar this past week…

J.Crew Factory released some awesome New Arrivals that are 50% off currently!

Kendra Scott released her summer collection and all of the pieces are just as bright and fun as you would imagine them to be!

Her Campus released an awesome book "The Guide to College Life" which would be the perfect thing to add to someone's graduation gift. Even as a rising Junior I am sure I could find tons of helpful tips in it as well. 

Kate Spade is currently hosting their Friends and Family 25% off sale with the code DEAREST! Awesome pieces on sale and some perfect Mothers Day gifts in the mix as well. 

What posts are y'all hoping to see in the weeks to come? I would love to know so that I can go ahead and plan them out before life gets crazy busy with exams, packing, and traveling!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lilly for Target Successful Shopping Tips

It's almost here! I remember being home when the collaborating was announced and I excitedly told my mom all about how two of my favorite places to shop were combining to form a collection. After all of the anticipation there are only four days left before the collection is released including today! I know I'm excited to shop but I also know that any sale that involves Lilly Pulitzer can be subject to sell outs and crashed websites. Similar to my posts for the Lilly End of Summer Sale and New Year Cheer Sale I decided that it may be helpful for me to share my best tips for y'all to use while shopping the sale. Since this is the first time Lilly and Target have been together these are just my best guesses as to how successfully shop.

I unfortunately will probably not be heading to Target early Sunday morning to see the pieces in person since the Target near Furman isn't all that nearby. It's about 30 minutes away and since the collection is offered online I'll shop from the comfort of my bed. I'm sure many other people are taking this same approach, which could mean that products are more likely to sell out online than in store but I think it is likely that demands will be high at both places.

No matter which way you shop don't be the person that buys tons of pieces with the intent of reselling these at a higher price. Collaborations like this aren't meant for consumers to make a profit. If something you get doesn't fit then return it so that someone else can enjoy it. The great thing about Lilly being offered at Target is that it is becoming more accessible for everyone so don't take that away from other people by hoping to make a profit.


Arrive Early!

Know what you want and where those items may be located in your store!
It could really help if you go to the local target that you typically shop at since you more than likely know the set up. Also if you're super dedicated you could scope things out the night before. It's uniquely that merchandise will be out but the chances of reorganization in some areas is likely to start the night before. 

Fill your cart with pieces that you're interested in and then go try things on?
Depending on how popular you think this collection may be in your area you may want to bring someone to watch your cart while you try some stuff on. That is if you are feeling really intense about the collaboration. This is kind of the opposite of the online strategy but if it is in your cart in the store then it shouldn't go anywhere as it could online.

Try not to trash the store!
Don't be one of those people who hides pieces you aren't fully committed to buy but may want to come back and get in various places around the store. These employees are more than likely already dealing with a lot of stress from this so save them some trouble!

Make an account before the collection is released and be sure you're signed in!
This is a tip that I reiterate during other Lilly sales and it really does make checkout faster. Go ahead and plug in the credit card you want to use so that you're not wasting time doing that when you could be shopping.  

Go through the cookbook and favorite the pieces that you are interested in to shop the collection a bit easier!
This is a fun online shopping task that will surely get you excited about the release. Scroll through the products and favorite on the website which items you are interested in. Now for the party pooper suggestion...make a budget.

Now go back through what you have favorited and decide whether or not you actually wear or use the piece on a regular basis!
Chances are you don't need 6 dresses from the collection no matter how cute they are. Go through and see which pieces and patterns you're most interested in and whether or not you will actually wear these pieces often. Try your very best to stick to your budget in the midst of the excitement and chaos of the event.

Once you have items in your cart go ahead and checkout to ensure that these items will arrive at your doorstep!
I don't believe that Target holds things in your basket so checkout to make sure you get the products you really want. Currently Target has free shipping and returns for purchases over $25 so take advantage of that!

Have multiple tabs open on your browser!
Yep, I am one of those shoppers and am not the least bit embarrassed. If one tab isn't ready to roll then I'll refresh the next one! I guarantee you my screen will look a little something like this:

Be an early bird!
Sometime between 12am and 2 am the collection is expected to be released. Obviously Target isn't going to announce that certain time to keep it fair but if you're incredibly determined with this sale and want to shop all of the collection then you'll have to be an Early Bird.

Stay social!
Chances are your instagram feed may be blowing up with photos thanks to bloggers and other Lilly lovers on the day of the release. Be sure to follow the hashtag, #lillyfortarget to connect with other shoppers and see what they've snagged or may want to trade with you! I'll be tweeting and instagramming the day of the event and the night before so be sure you're following me, @prepinyourstep. There was also a pre shop last night in NYC so there are tons of photos of the merchandise on there!

Did you see my favorites of the collection in this post?

What is the first item you'll be looking to get on Sunday?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Perfectly Preppy Swimwear

With summer less than a month away and a beach trip on the horizon right before I jet set to Paris and London for the month now seemed like the perfect time to get a few new bathing suits. Last summer I got a couple cute new ones but once I get home from being abroad I know I will be spending a decent bit of time at our beach house so the more bathing suits the better. I am kind of picky when it comes to bathing suit bottoms so I tend to find really cute and fun tops that can go with solid colored bathing suit bottoms that I know I like the fit of from Target. Somehow pretty much all of my bathing suits are navy, black, or royal blue. I guess I just like what I like.

When I was looking about and creating this post with some of my favorite summer swimsuits my mind kept wandering back to Lauren James. If you've been following along for a while then you may remember me talking about their cute American flag shorts, extra comfy t-shirts, and adorable dresses.  Well, they just introduced a line of equally adorable bathing suits and I quickly snagged two of their tops. The pink tops were just as cute but I opted for the two different styles of the blue seersucker tops.

I think my favorite would have to be the blue one with seersucker ruffles around the neck (top one) since I adore the scoop next style of the top. I didn't try either of their bottom styles but the tops seemed to fit very true to size because they can also be adjusted to be smaller (I am a small for reference).

I also received this adorable bow style one piece from Shabby Apple that I cant get over the cuteness. I don't think I've had a one piece since I was much younger but this one still is plenty youthful while being modest. Since I was already going with the blue theme I figured may as well get the navy and light blue version for consistency. It does come in other cute color combinations that can be seen here!

I also got a small in this style and am pleased with its fit as well. Now I seem to be set for summer in terms of swimwear. Bring on the sunshine and the water and I'll be completely set. 

Have y'all found any super cute bathing suits lately? If so share them below!

Monday, April 13, 2015

How to Plan for a Productive Week

I know I have mentioned this in many other posts but April seems to be a super busy month for everyone here at school. Our last day of class is April 28th and it seems that because of the snow days teachers are cramming in tests, projects, and presentations all of which are time consuming to complete. I have found that I have to be super productive each day to ease my stress of all of these upcoming assignments. The best way I have found to ensure productivity is planning ahead starting Sunday night. I am sure that many of y'all are dealing with the same sort of stress of deadlines so I figured you may want to hear what I've done so that you can implement some of these practices to prepare yourself for a productive week ahead.

Planning for productivity helps me to put into perspective what all I need to accomplish each day in order to stay on track. If you don't have a planner yet then the phrase better late then never was coined specifically for you. I would be lost without having my planner to organize things. Thank goodness for taking the time at the beginning of the semester to write out all important due dates and homework assignments.

Like I mentioned earlier, I like to do these things on Sunday night in order to make my Monday a bit less stressful. This is a system I have found that works for me but feel free to pick and choose what you may want to implement based on what may work best for your own personality. 

1. Brainstorm Your Ideas/Goals

Thinking through what exactly you need to complete and accomplish is a great way to begin visualizing what the week ahead will hold. Sometimes just while thinking about these tasks you'll think of great ideas as to how to complete them.

2. Clean Up Your Space

I can't function in a disorganized space. I am a whole lot more productive when the area I am working in and the surrounding area are clean. Take a few minutes to ensure that everything is tidy so that you don't spend time later on stressing because you can't find something important.

3. Make a Daily To-Do List

To-do lists are my favorite. By writing out all of the things I have going on on a particular day I am nearly guaranteeing that I won't miss or forget anything.

4. Have a Weekly Goals Post-it Note

Similar to the daily to-do list make a weekly to-do list with all of the things you must accomplish during the current week. This takes all of those bigger assignments from your daily to-do lists and compiles them in an easier to see list setting you up for my next tip.

5. Set Priorities

So you've made a to-do list and know exactly when things are due during the week. Now it is time to prioritize by importance or date to ensure that the most time sensitive and important projects are completed first. This should help to make sure you don't miss any deadlines and that your priority projects are completed earlier on when you have the most energy.

6. Clear Out Your Inbox

I have the most trouble with this one. Responding to emails is definitely not my strong suit but I've gotten better. Ease some stress by going ahead and responding to all of those starred emails you keep telling yourself you'll get to. A clean inbox to start the week is like a clear mind!

7. Execute

This seems to be the no-brainer advice on this list that some people may try to ignore. After all of this planning you can't not execute. Know that you have prepared yourself to the best of your ability to accomplish the goals you have set and jump into completing them. Nothing is more satisfying than checking something off of a to-do list.

8. Time Yourself

If I have a short scale time frame in front of me then I am a lot more likely to make every minute count. Sometimes I create this environment for myself by setting a timer for 30 minutes or an hour and simulate the idea that the task must be accomplished in that short spell of time. With that mindset I am able to crank out a lot of work that can be perfected as I go.

9. Don't Say Yes to Everything

I can be such a people pleaser and sacrifice my own sanity to get something done that was asked of me. Don't take on every little job or task a friend or partner may want you to complete. Have an understanding that it is OK to say no especially when it means that the effort you are putting into the few larger tasks creates a better outcome then spreading your energy to ample smaller tasks.

10. Wake Up Earlier

I find that I am a lot more productive in the morning and therefore aim to spend as many hours in the morning as possible completing tasks. While it can be hard to force yourself into going to bed early so you can wake up even earlier I found that it has been crucial when it comes to my personal productivity. If you find yourself more productive at night then this won't apply to you.

While some of this may seem a bit anal (and I don't disagree with that) I have found that it really helps me to focus during the week and remain productive.  What are your best tips for planning for a productive week? Also, leave me any blog post requests below!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Step Into My Week {#13 & #14}

I'm back for another Step Into My Week post and I am always so embarrassed when I have to skip a week. School has had a lot going on lately and it is absolutely unreal to think that I have less than a month until summer break and my trip to Paris and London (eep)! 

Furman was generous enough to give us Good Friday and the following Monday off for Easter so I ventured home for the extended weekend. Unfortunately that day I got a flat tire which was quite the set back but now it is all taken care of which is good!

I spent Thursday night at home and then it was off to the beach for some time by the water with family. We came back from the beach on Sunday and then it was back to school on Monday. Fortunately, the drive back was MUCH smoother than the drive home. Here are some photos from my instagram feed (@prepinyourstep) from the break.

This past week has been filled with lots of projects and reflections for classes which seems to be the trend all the way up until exams. Last night however, Sam Hunt had a concert on campus which I went to and enjoyed. He was a really great performer and Michael Ray opened up for him and he was really great as well.

What I wore...

 This weekend unfortunately will consist of lots of studying, lesson planning, reflection writing, presentation preparing, and other various forms of homework. It's crazy to think that once the stress of this month is over I will be half way through college.

I hope y'all had a great week!

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