Saturday, February 25, 2023

Saturday Shopping vol. 90

 After an eventful weekend last week we are overall taking it somewhat easy today and tomorrow. We came down to Hunter's family's lake house at Lake Martin to join his brother for a 5k taking place here this morning. It was misty and muddy but we all felt good about our runs and now have the entire day ahead of us. I look forward to cooking a yummy meal tonight, taking a bath (since I don't have a bath tub),  doing some online browsing during basketball games, and relaxing!

This past week in Birmingham we had some really warm days which are getting me eager for spring to come. I'm really looking forward to March and April since for the most part we don't have a ton of weekends booked up which isn't something we can say for most of the rest of the year. Thinking about spring is definitely evident when looking at the pieces I pulled for this week's Saturday shopping post. I need to go ahead and apologize for the price of the two dresses in the top left of the graphic but that pink one immediately stopped me in my tracks! In case you're interested in any of the items shown, I've included links to each of them beneath the image! 

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Home Find Favorites

 I've been having so much fun sharing my finds with you all again. Today I'm changing it up a bit by sharing some home decor and furniture finds that I thought were cute. Ever since switching jobs to a role in the furniture industry last April I've found myself even more interested in interiors and decorating. Because of that I suspect this isn't the last home find favorite round up you will be seeing from me! 

I can't wait to eventually decorate a home to fit my taste, but I am well aware of how expensive that can be and how much time it can take for a space to feel put together. For the most part the items I'm sharing come at a reasonable price point and work for someone furnishing their home or redecorating a specific room or area! Quite a few of these are filed away on my wish list when the time comes to decorate a house, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy browsing a few of my favorites. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

LAKE Pajama Annual Sale

 If there's one thing I don't need more of it's pairs of pajamas. I'm very aware of this and there are so many other clothing items that I should prioritize purchasing, but I can't seem to help myself especially when it comes to LAKE. You may have seen my blog post sharing all about their Bridal Collection launch last week and if you've seen my instagram you may have realized how timely that launch is now! 

Even with knowing that LAKE's annual sale was about to take place and telling myself I'd only browse didn't help me from adding some additional pajama sets to my cart before having to think practicality with myself. I know I'm not the only one who loves the brand and finds themself in a different pair each evening, so I wanted to be sure to share the sale with y'all here in case you're shopping. Tomorrow is the last day to shop up to 50% off their classic styles and I know some sizes are already sold out, so if you happen to find a pair you love in your size you may want to go ahead and check out.

While I still adore the classic scoop neck style that first helped me fall in love with LAKE pajamas, I've recently been gravitating toward their weekend sets which feature a higher neckline. Thanks to the Bridal Collection launch I was able to try out one of their robes and it has me guessing what took me so long on that! In the summer my patio dress is one of my most worn pajama pairs and even looks adorable as a coverup at the lake and beach. And at Christmas I was introduced to LAKE's relax set and while I thought the material of the traditional style was soft those are made with fabric that feels so smooth and even softer! Truth be told you can't go wrong with any of the styles and I've linked a few of my favorites below.

I've started sizing up to a medium in all of the pieces I order from them for extra comfort and wiggle room in case I accidentally dry them. 

I'm going to count it a win that I didn't buy myself another pajama pair, but I did snag this bamboo short sleeve lounge dress for myself to wear to work and traveling this summer. It's the same material as the relax set I fell in love with at Christmas, so I'm thrilled to have something else in that fabric. I think it will be the perfect long car ride/plane dress! For Hunter since his birthday is coming up I got him a pair of these gray and white stripe pajama pants since he likes the jogger style pants I got him a couple of years ago. The last thing I ordered was a gift for my niece to wear on my wedding day in case she joins the girls while getting ready. I already can't stand it thinking about how cute she will look in the blue and green floral print! If I were to purchase myself additional pajama pairs it would have been this weekend short set  or my own set of the blue flora print

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Saturday Shopping vol. 89

 Happy Saturday! It has been far too long since I last shared a Saturday Shopping round up with y'all. Since summer of 2021 to be exact! I'm so excited to be feeling inspired to share things on here and Instagram with y'all. I'm trying not to put too much pressure on a certain schedule since I know that's part of why I felt burnt out in the past, but I currently have so many ideas circulating that I'm hopeful that I'll have posts somewhat frequently. As for Instagram, it's a bit discouraging to see how few people are actually shown what I'm posting, but a lack of consistency and reels likely contributes to that so I'm not going to let that stop me from posting there when I feel inspired as well. 

Over the past year or so I've been trying to buy fewer clothes especially since my job doesn't require me to look nice everyday but that hasn't stopped me from browsing my favorite websites. Fortunately, by reintroducing Saturday Shopping posts I'll be able to share these finds with y'all and maybe you'll have an occasion or event to wear them! From this most recent round up I did go ahead and buy this Hill House nap dress since these dresses have become a spring and summer staple in my closet. If you decide to make a purchase you can click here for a 20% off code

I've included links to all of these items beneath this image! If a blue/green color scheme isn't quite what you're looking for stay tuned for a different color scheme next week. So happy to have you here! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

LAKE Launches A Bridal Pajama Collection

At this point it should come as no surprise how much I love pajama sets and more specifically, how much I love LAKE pajama sets! I have countless pairs of the brands various styles and a pajama drawer they struggles to close when all of my laundry is clean, yet I haven't let that stop me from shopping their launches each year. 

Today is an especially exciting day for the brand as they launch their very own Bridal collection. With matching getting ready gear becoming the norm for bridal parties this is the perfect new collection for LAKE to offer! When I was given a heads up about this launch, the brand's brief was far better than what I would've come up with to highlight it so I'm sharing their vision below!

"Introducing LAKE Bridal, providing everything a bride (and her devoted bridesmaids) needs to celebrate her journey to “I do”: bachelorette parties and bridal showers, getting ready the morning of, and relaxing during the honeymoon. We filled this special collection with silhouettes that flatter every body type and taste in timeless colors that complement a bride’s vision for her wedding day. Featuring design cues based on feedback from real brides — forgiving necklines for no mussed hair or makeup — this considered collection ensures every bride can start her big day in softness with the perfect bridal pajamas. "

I think one of the most thoughtful gifts a bridesmaid can receive is something that the bride loves, and when coupled with something practical they can wear while getting ready on the big day it's made even better! The whites and blues featured in the collection mix and match well together and I had the best time envisioning these different styles with dreamy wedding decor. I've gathered a few of my favorite images from my premature "going to the chapel" Pinterest board and pieces from this new  LAKE collection below! Links to the pajamas can be found beneath the image and photography sources for the background images can be found  here

If you're giving these out as gifts I'd highly recommend purchasing one of LAKE's gift boxes. They are so well made with a magnetic closure and ribbon that you'd be able to check wrapping bridesmaid's gifts off your long wedding to-do list! 

Additional styles can be shopped here:

Monday, February 13, 2023

Jennifer Sumko x Antonio Milani for Dillard's

 Fun fact about me: I love having something to look forward to! While it's fun on occasion for it to be something big like a trip, I'm equally as guilty as looking forward to getting under the covers at night or getting excited for my cup of coffee in the morning. After a busy weekend of socializing I am especially glad today to have had the launch of Jennifer Sumko's collection with Antonio Melani at Dillard's to look forward to. Even if I don't buy anything (despite having my eyes on quite a few things) the collection is sure to make this Monday a little bit brighter!

Seeing the way the Dillard's team has paired up with content creators over the past few years has been incredibly interesting to see. I recently listened to podcast episode interviewing AnneMarie Dillard of Dillard's discussing how they go about bringing these partnerships to life, which had me even more excited to see this newest collection. I was unfamiliar with Jennifer Sumko until recently, but I've loved following along with her on Instagram and checking out her website for updates regarding this launch. 

The patterns and styles offered in this collection feel vintage with modern elements woven in. From what I've seen teased on social media there are a lot of puff sleeve dresses and patterns used on multiple pieces hopefully giving everyone something to love! I've gathered some of my favorites in the image below and have shared links to each item at the end of this post. The entire collection can be found here. I'd love to know if you end up purchasing anything! 

Friday, February 10, 2023

Valentine's Day Tablescape Ideas

 Valentine's Day is Tuesday! While I'm sure that's not shocking information to any of the ladies reading this post it tends to sneak up on guys worldwide. And while they may be scrambling for a hard to come by reservation I am instead envisioning all the cute ways to set a table for the occasion! 

We usually opt to cook something out of the norm on Valentine's Day and make a reservation somewhere for a different date in February to "celebrate." More than anything it's an excuse to go to a restaurant we haven't been to in a while when the crowds may be a bit less crazy. It has been a bit of time since my days as a prop stylist I now love finding an excuse to set a cute table since it is no longer a weekly occurrence. Maybe this year I'll pull out what I can find to make it look festive for our dinner in! 

If you're also thinking that seems like an easy solution I put together some cute pink place-setting pieces to share. While the items with hearts may scream Valentine's Day and only be used in February, most of the other pieces would pair perfectly with a variety of other colors year round. There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching these items when the time comes to set another table! I've included links to each of the items beneath this image! Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! 

Conversation Heat Cookies // Teacup and Saucer // Heart Napkin Rings // Pink Edge Detail Placemat and Napkin Set // Iridescent Champagne Flutes // Bow Napkin Rings // Richard Ginori Pink Plate with Gold Rim // Two-Tone Pink Square Placemat // Bon Appetit Napkins // Bright Pink Stemless Estelle Glass // Tapered Candle Holders // Scallop Edge Napkins // Lucy Grimes Vase Wraps // Gold Flatware // Dark Pink/Purple Scallop Edge Cocktail Napkin Set // Pink Striped Vase // Bamboo Detail Flatware Set // Rose Print Napkin // Tobacco Leaf Inspired Plate // Pink Circular Placemat // Velvet Bow Napkin Ring // Abstract Drinking Glass // Heart Detail White Placemat // Pink, Red, and White Fringe Accent Piece // Pink with Red Detail Plate // Le Creuset Heart Mug // Ombre Placemat // Light Pink Footed Glass

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

 Happy February! January felt long, so I'm glad February has finally arrived despite it usually being one of my least favorite months of the year. Come February I'm typically over winter and gloomy weather and ready for some color. Instead of assuming it will fall into the same category this year I'm opting to embrace it with all things pink! My blue heart lake pajamas gave me a head start, but I will admit I've been tempted by quite a few of the gift ideas included below. 

So if you're stuck thinking 'what should I get my wife/fiance/girlfriend for Valentine's Day' or want to treat yourself or a friend then I hope this gift guide will make the choice a bit easier. To shop the items shown click the links beneath the image. Happy shopping!

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