Tuesday, May 31, 2016

DIY Personalized Pool Tube

I am so excited for this post because it may just be the easiest do it yourself ever. I've done some other easy DIYs in the past ( tassel cross body +  pom pom beach tote) but this one takes the cake for being the easiest. We are talking two supplies (well three if you count your hand) under 15 minutes and ta-da you have the perfect personalized summer pool tube. 

Fun pool floats seem to be all the trend as of late and if I had a pool you can bet I'd have one (ok, probably more than one) floating around constantly. But for those of us without a pool spending that much money on something we have to tote to the beach for a couple of cute pictures and hours of enjoyment only to deflate when retreating home they aren't exactly practical. Have all of the fun (and equally as cute pictures) by following this DIY and have no fear of matching anyone else since each pool tube is personalized! 

The first time I did this was the summer before my sophomore year of college when two of my friends (Nell and Caroline) and I went to Watercolor for the week. I thought we needed something fun to float about on so I picked up each of us a tube (at Publix of all places) and decided to write our names on it. While we struggled to blow them up and transport them to the beach (think 3 girls on their bikes maneuvering down the sidewalk with pool tubes on their waste while still trying to manage to pedal and that's what we looked like) but we had hours of fun relaxing in the water on them. We even took one of my favorite photos ever with these tubes that gets a spot on my desk every year without hesitation (seen above). 

I thought now would be the perfect time to share this easy do it yourself with y'all as you prepare for any beach and pool days to come this summer! There is so much room for creativity when it comes to how you choose to execute your pool tubes and they are the perfect party prize for you and your friends! 



All you need for this do it yourself is a  plain pool tube (size of your choice) and a  sharpie. I would recommend one sharpie with a  regular sized tip and then a  jumbo one to go back over the writing to make it bold! 



It is just as easy as it looks. Take your pen to paper or in this case sharpie to pool tube and before you know it you'll be finished completing your own personalized pool tube. I would recommend that you first practice writing out what you plan to put on the tube in case you want to see how your handwriting may look. For this post I chose to write out the name of my post but I would recommend writing out your name or your friends name on the tubes. I only went over my writing once (and not with a thick sharpies) so if you want the writing to be more subtle feel free to do that but if you'd like it to be bold I'd recommend re-tracing your writing a couple of times! 

I decided to mix a bold block print with some cursive but that is completely up to your discretion! 


And there you have it my super easy but equally as fun do it yourself! I'd love for y'all to try it out and let me know how it goes!



What I'm Wearing:

And if you are in the market for any obnoxiously large and fun pool floats these are a few of my favorites! 

Photos were taken by my friend Nell.

Monday, May 30, 2016

White Out {Memorial Day}

Happy Memorial Day! I hope y'all are enjoying your day while keeping in mind the real reason we get to spend it out of the office and school. With Memorial Day feeling like summers kickoff the southern roots in me also leave me thinking about it as the day I can pull out my whites before retiring them at Labor day. I used to unapologetically follow that rule but as I've gotten older the white seems to stay out longer and longer eventually never being put away. Winter white has grown in popularity and white jeans are the perfect thing to put on during those chillier late spring days. Regardless of whether you abide the rules or throw them to the wayside I've rounded up some great white pieces that are sure to highlight your summer tan and keep you looking put together far beyond Labor day.

Have a relaxing day and be sure to check back tomorrow for a super fun DIY post that I am thrilled to share with y'all! And if you haven't shopped memorial day sales and want to I rounded up lots of great sales and what I would purchase from them in this post

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gingham Style (Entire Outfit On Sale)

Happy Sunday! I'm hoping this Sunday feels more like a Saturday for y'all since it's a long weekend. I couldn't help but pop back on the blog today to share this summer look with y'all since most of the pieces are on sale. Yep, you read that right. Not only that but it also is surprisingly patriotic which wasn't intended but will be noted for when I am trying to come up with something cute to wear on the Fourth of July! 

This semester I have been finding so many wonderful pieces of clothing at  Old Navy and these pieces exemplify that. Seriously, if you haven't been checking their new arrivals on occasion you are missing out. So many trending pieces for so much less than what they cost at other retailers. Old Navy has become my go-to for shorts (especially  jean shorts) and right now most of their shorts and other merchandise is  50% off



 white peplum tank // gingham shorts // bucket bag (currently 20% off) // jack roger sandals // david yurman bracelets (1 & 2) // wrap bracelet // ring (℅)

If you're in need of a good year round bag I can't recommend  this bucket bag enough. I got it before I went to Paris last summer because it was versatile and secure, could be closed, and fit my DSLR camera (essential when it comes to travel) and a water bottle at the same time. This is one of those bags I'll have forever and will continue to look stylish due to it's simplistic style with intriguing details. I have it in the color "stone" but it's available in a variety of different colors if you're in need of a new bag.

Be sure to check out all of the great items on sale this weekend in my last post where I also show y'all what I would be most likely to purchase from various retailers. Happy shopping.

Photos were taken by my friend Nell.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day Sales: Where to Shop + What to Buy

Hello three day weekend! Bring on the sunshine and start of summertime and another important S word … sales. Not a bad trio if you ask me. With summer festivities heating up retailers are going all out to encourage you to shop this weekend and let me tell you, they've drawn my attention! If you are in the market for new pieces to outfit your summer wardrobe this is the weekend to snag them.

I've attempted to make it easy for y'all since sometimes checking all of these websites for the best pieces can be time consuming so instead I've included my favorites from some of the sales. That isn't to say however, that the rest of the items on sale aren't worth checking out for yourself!

extra 20% off with code HISUMMER

extra 40% off with code BRTAKE40

take an extra 20% off select sale and clearance with the code BROWNBAG

30% off sale and clearance with code WARMER

15% off your purchase with code 9492

20% off site wide with code ALLTHETHINGS

30% off your purchase with code WEEKEND

50% off everything no code needed

Free gifts with purchase

60% off summer faves and all summer styles  + 40% off new arrivals 

The half-yearly sale is still going on with items up to 40% off

Extra 50% off select styles no code needed

50% off no code needed

Save 20% with code HEREWEGO

Biggest sale of the season with lots of new markdowns

20% off with code MEMORIALDAY20

30% off selected styles

20% off entire purchase with code HELLOSUMMER

Happy Shopping! Be sure to check back all weekend long as I continue to update this post with other great pieces on sale and which pieces I'd be most likely to purchase! Where are you shopping first?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tassels, Stripes, & Coverups Under $20

With memorial day weekend a matter of hours away I am ready to be beach bound for a day spent exclusively by the water. If you're beach bound you'll obviously need your bathing suit, a lot of sunscreen, a beach bag, etc I can't help but lately I can't help but love adding my coverup to that list.

I feel like in recent years coverups have become so much cuter. I used to just throw on a pair of nike shorts and an oversized t-shirt but after seeing so many cute coverups offered I have since nixed the t-shirt and gravitated straight to the tassels. 



This coverup that I am wearing is available in a different color combination this year for under $15! I purchased this one last year and have been impressed by the quality and durability of it not to forget how cute and compliment worthy it is! The material is breathable which is definitely a plus it comes to hot and humid summer days. I've included this coverup and other cute options for you to shop below to stock up before your pool and beach days ahead! 

Also, Nordstrom is hosting their half-yearly sale so after perusing for your perfect new coverup head to their site to decide what may need to be added to your cart there as well! Here are some pieces that are on sale that you'll be wearing all summer long! 

Photos shot by Nell

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What The Blogging Process Looks Like For Me

The blogging process is so different for everyone. Personally, my blogging process can differ day to day. Having been at home for about 3 weeks waiting for my summer job to begin I've been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time working solely to better my blog and the content I create for y'all! At school I either don't have time or it seems to be very limited that I can spend blogging so I have to be more strategic when it comes to creating post.

I feel like a lot of people don't fully understand all of the different aspects that accompany being a blogger or how much time it takes to create a post unless they are a blogger themselves. From emails, to photos, to brainstorming post ideas there is always something to do allowing me plenty of creativity, one of the reasons I love blogging so much. As posts differ so does my strategy to create them so know that this is a general overview and not necessarily entirely consistent. 

Coming Up With Content

With a goal to post every week day that is 5 posts a week which makes for a lot of posts each month and even more each year. Since getting into blogging I've kept a running list of potential post topics either in a note on my phone or in a notebook. I like to keep a separate list of ideas for my blog post ideas and my video topics. Lately I've been storing my ideas in this notebook which is always looking to be filled with additional post topics if y'all have requests!

After looking at my list of posts I go into my Google Editorial Calendar and add in posts on each week day. The great thing about doing this online is that there is a lot of flexibility to move things about as needed. I like being able to see what posts I need to begin working on at a given time so that I can plan ahead as needed.

Creating Posts

I am so much more productive when it comes to writing the content of each post when I do it in the morning. Knowing this, I try to set aside time each weekday morning to write. Depending on the subject of my post the amount of time it takes for me to write the body of my text differs. I typically like to start one task before moving on to the next so I usually sit down and whip out a post all at once instead of jumping from post draft to post draft.

I write my posts directly in blogger instead of writing them somewhere else and then copying them into blogger. If I am working on a lengthier post then occasionally I'll write them in word but I much prefer writing directly in blogger. 

Taking Photos & Creating Graphics

Taking photos with my camera has become a more recent thing for the blog. I love my DSLR camera so I am excited to have the opportunity to use it more. Taking photos is dependent on when the natural light seems to work in my favor so that's a toss up but I love using brighter backgrounds (often outside) with a 50mm lens.

As for creating graphics I have a post all about that here! I download fonts and install them on my computer to use for graphics (find a lot of the ones I use on this pinterest board). Creating graphics can take a while and being a bit of a perfectionist doesn't exactly help that. 

Responding to Email

I like to focus more heavily on emails once at the beginning of the week and once at the end of the week. I star emails that I need to respond to as they come in since I often check my gmail account on my phone but definitely don't want to respond them on that device. Ideally I answer emails within a day or two but during the school year that definitely isn't the case. I have a post all about how to manage your email inbox here.

Social Media

Social Media occurs periodically for me throughout the day. On a good day I'll instagram more than once but that depends on if I have anything worth posting. I like to edit my instagrams in VSCO before posting them but usually brighten them a bit, increase the saturation, and decrease the warmth! Twitter is sporadic but Pinterest has become a nightly routine.

I hope this gives y'all a bit of insight as to how I go about creating content and would love to know of any specific post topics y'all are interested in!

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