Monday, April 30, 2012

Red Dress Boutique

As I said last week I am on the hunt for all sorts of fun spring time appropriate dresses. This weekend I have continued searching (online of course) for cute dresses that will fit all sorts of different occasions. We are talking church, graduation, baccalaureate, banquets, graduation parties, the list could go on and on especially considering how versatile dresses can be. Today I am excited to introduce (or re-introduce) to you a store (online and in person) that has clothing that is adorable for any occasion. The winner is The Red Dress Boutique. Ah, I feel sorry for my wallet when ever I go to their site because there is no way I can just look! Here are some dresses and other articles of clothing that would happily find a loving home in my closet!
I will be purchasing this Elle Fanning Skirt in Mint within the next couple of days because otherwise I know I would regret not buying it. They offer this skirt in so many different colors (all very cute) and its a surprise I even made up my mind on which one I wanted.
And because a skirt requires a top I love this Storybook Scalloped Tank in Ivory.
This Sea Island Dress in Light Coral is so simple but I think if I added a cute belt it would be perfect for  a springtime gathering.
Love in the Afternoon Dress in Mint is so fun and girly with its open sleeves and lace detailing.
I like the one shoulder of the Pour Some Sugar on Me Dress in Lilac.
How could I not love the No Place Like Home Dress which has blue and white stripes!
I love the bright colors used in the Candy Land Dress which has fun button details on the front.
Similar to the Elle Fanning skirt the Pop of Pretty Dress in turquoise has a cute cutout keyhole on the top.
Can you tell I love the accordion style pleats on some of the clothing they sell? Well this Brighter Smile Dress is no different! If only they had my size!

Charge it please! Kidding! Which of these options do you like best? And if you haven't been to this website yet then that should be the next thing you do!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer on Rue La La

Today the Lilly Pulitzer Boutique on Rue La La opened and it definitely was not as good as the last time Lilly was on it. With that being said I did purchase things this time and did not last time so it obviously was not bad (I don't think Lily could be). It could possibly be returns from the sale earlier this month. I'm feeling guilty about the money spent but I keep reminding myself that the total of the three dresses I bought is still cheaper than one dress that I tried on at the Lilly store earlier this month. Here is what I snagged:
I got the Betsey Dress.
Here is a close up of the neckline.
I purchased the Stephanie True Navy Knot This Way Shift Dress.
And lastly (laugh all you want) I purchased the Little Betsey Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias Dress.
I purchased this in one of the largest sizes offered in the Minnie collection and have heard people talk about how they easily fit a 0-2. I hope this is the case because look at this back.

I'm really hoping these fit because then I will be well on my way to having a collection of spring dresses for all the events that will be coming within the next year or so. What do y'all think of what I purchased? What did y'all snag during the sale? And for anyone who wants an invite to Rue La La (the Lilly sale still has lots of good stuff left) feel free to click this link and invite yourself from my account!
I would love to hear what y'all have to say.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lilly Summer 2012

So as I am sure most of you know that the 2012 Summer Collection are now on the Lilly website! The summer collection is always brighter and more colorful (if that is possible) than the other seasons and this year is no different! If I could I would order all of the following:
I love the flirty, fun style of the Georgie Dress and the Resort White Big Garden print is so girly!
And the Sarafina Dress please! Can you tell this is my favorite print from the collection?
I love Jarvey Skorts. They are so comfortable and I love this one in the Chum Bucket print. 
I also love the Franco Dress in Multi You Gotta Regatta. The back has a cute little opening and a bow!
And no warm season collection is complete without a pair of Callahans!

Not that Lilly is looking for my approval but with this collection she definitely got it!
Which pieces are your favorites?

Happy Shopping!

Friday, April 27, 2012

I've been a busy bee

This week has probably been the most hectic week in the history of my career as a student.
Here's an overview of my crazy life:

AP Bio Quiz

Girls Service Club Election Speech (I won and am now Vice President)
French Quiz
AP Bio Quiz

AP Bio Test
5:30 - 8:00 Peer Counseling Event

French Test
Math Test
History Research Paper Due
SGA Crawfish Boil 5:30-7:00 (was so much fun)
The Big Event (school wide event honoring our headmaster who is retiring) 7:30-8:40

no tests or quizzes or sleep (hehe)
Overnight Babysitting from 2:30 - Saturday

end babysitting around 1:00
babysit for another family from 4:30- 11:30
read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (first 144 pages due Monday, given book last Wednesday)

To say the juniors at my school are busy this week is an understatement.
Crazy, right? Well, I now truly know what the expressing Thank Gosh It's Friday means!
I am super excited about babysitting tonight and tomorrow and am so happy to have a smudge of time to relax. I hope this is the last week of the school year that was truly insane work wise or else I am going to have coffee running through my veins instead of blood.
Happy (well-deserved) Friday to you all!

(have a great weekend)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Dresses- Deja Vu

Spring is here and I am loving the warmer weather, although this week the weather has been a little chillier. At my school, the seniors only have 8 days left and 25 days until graduation. That means graduation parties are in full swing and for girls that means it is time to bring out all of your spring dresses.  I personally love wearing dresses but I don't have very many because my mom is all about buying it for an occasion so I have some but not too many. But a family friend whose daughter graduated last year gave me and my mother some great advice! She told me to go ahead and start getting lots of spring dresses so come time for graduation parties and spring events next year I will have a decent amount! I of course had no objection to this advice seeing as I love getting new clothes. So after receiving this advice I decided to do what I do best, online shop! Because my brothers graduation is this year I for sure need a dress for his baccalaureate and graduation. I have one of those covered because I recently went to Banana Republic and got an adorable lace dress but that leaves me needing one more! So, I introduce to you one of my all time favorite clothing boutiques, DejaVu. If any of you remember my Judith March post then you may know that the lady who started this shop created the clothing line, Judith March. So as you may have guessed all of the clothes are adorable! Not only does this shop have incredibly cute dresses but their jewelry, tops, shorts, and outerwear are so stinking cute too! Here are some of the dresses I am considering for my brothers graduation weekend and also for all of the festivities next spring.

The Weekend Walk Dress which I included in my Judith March post. 
The Pink Diamond Dress
The Spring Breeze Dress (very Lilly like)
The Stitching Stories Dress

Because I couldn't help but show you other favorites from the site here are non dress items that I love...
The Rosie Lee Top (swoon)
The Lace of the Mondays Skirt Teal
(the names are so clever)
Flower Me Pretty Shorts

I would love to hear your opinions and which items you like best!
Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Giveaway Winner

Hello to all! I am so excited to announce the winner of the Silver Lining Decor Giveaway!
I drew the name a little differently this time. 
And the winner is...
A Simple Sweet Southern Life!
I plan to email you sometime today but if you get around to it before I do feel free to email me at to claim your prize!
Thank you to everyone who entered and stay tuned because I am in the process of lining up some more really fun giveaways!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last day to enter

Don't forget today is the last day to enter my Silver Lining Decor giveaway!
You don't want to miss your chance to win a precious pair of earrings!
I will try to post a winner tomorrow but let's face it I have a research paper due on Thursday that is top priority right now!


Monday, April 23, 2012


So if you couldn't tell from my last post I am really into the idea of stacking bracelets. I think stacking different textured and colored bracelets together gives personality to an outfit. I love all the unique combinations that can be created by mixing different bracelets and that it can spruce up an outfit. My favorite place to find these fun bracelets would have to be Etsy. I spend a lot of my free time on there lusting over other peoples talents. Below are some (ok, a lot) bracelets that I would love to add to my collection.

I love this itty bitty custom hand stamped cuff bracelet from Kathryn Riechert! This would look so cute with some bracelets I already have and I would probably put one of my favorite bible viruses on the bracelet as a daily reminder.
These bracelets remind me of friendship bracelets but the gold pyramid/ square accents make them look much more sophisticated. I like these because it is an easy way to tie in a springy color! These are from the Nautical Wheeler which has a bunch of other bracelets that would look really cute stacked, such as the balance bar bead bracelets (seen below).
For these you get to choose your colors and I like how the bar adds interest to a bracelet that would otherwise be pretty simple.

I like the open clover design on this bracelet and how dainty it looks in the picture. This would be a perfect bracelet to offset a more edgy bracelet. This one is from 4ever4 which has modern everyday jewelry.

This Chan Luu Inspired Single Wrap bracelet has so many fun colors that looking down at your wrist would surely put a smile on your face. And since it isn't Chan Luu but looks so similar no one would know that you got it at a fraction of the cost! It is available along with other Chan Luu inspired bracelets at fabflamingowraps.

Because we are nearing summer I love the idea of mixing gold or silver with a bright color and that is probably why I'm drawn to this yellow easy to stack bracelet! At sublime gems they have tons of different colors to pick from. I also really love their tassel keychains!

This is another bracelet similar to Chan Luu but alone it looks as though it is already stacked because it can be wrapped 5 times. The colors on this one are so cute and I like the way it looks with the leather. It can be found at WrapsForever

This petite aqua, light pink, and coral bracelet is so small and dainty. I love how the colors look together and that even the clasp is cute! ClairdeLuneJewel has such cute and girly bracelets and the mix of colors on each is very complimentary.

This set of Tangerine Leather Bracelets is another easy addition to an outfit when you think you could use bait more color. I like how this looks like three separate bracelets but really has one clasp in the back making it easy to take on and off. SammSkye has a good mix of colors in each bracelet set. 

I honestly want every single one of these bracelets but I probably would never think to wear them all at once. I love how elegant the gold bracelets look and how they really dress up the friendship looking bracelets. Such a cool combination of textures and colors and the jewels within each friendship bracelet seem like they reflect all colors of light. FIVE and TWO has some really cool and creative pieces available.
All of the items from the RingBinder shop are beautiful but this love bracelet is one of my favorites. I like the cursive script and I think this would look stunning alone or stacked! I really want this bracelet and it is sitting in my etsy cart waiting to be ordered!

And now for a love of leather chord bracelets in all different colors with metallic bands. (brace yourself)
I love this slate color! Erica Bapst
OH MY MINT! LeatherWraps
The texture added to these is so pretty! JilEliz123
Love lots of colors mixed together. SunnyBeachJewelry
I like how instead of bangles, these all meet at a very pretty clasp. Monazite
These also have a clasp and I love the mix of pastels! Pardes
These bright ones are also really fun. I particularly like the orange, light blue, and lavender. PinkYourLimb

Are you still there? Although this was a long post, there was no way I could exclude any of the bracelets that I narrowed it down to. What is your favorite way to wear bracelets? How do you stack them?

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cross Bracelets

Lately I have been loving sideways cross bracelets! I have none about these for a good amount of time (thank you pinterest) and it is safe to say recently my love for them has increased! I love the idea of stacking them with other bracelets and my Etsy cart is full of them! I think they would make the cutest end of the year gift for all of the girls I do bible study and FCA with and they would also be a sweet gift for camp buddies. The only problem I am having is choosing which ones. At this point I have decided not to choose and instead love them all because they all have something different and unique about them.  I mean God doesn't have to choose which person is his favorite so why should I choose a single bracelet? Hehe here are the ones I am currently loving!

I love how classic and timeless these styles are! They are so dainty and elegant and I m sure I would wear these daily stacked with my David Yurman. These are both from the Simply Sweet Studio on Etsy and the prices are so affordable especially since these are Sterling Silver!
Sideways Open Cross Bracelet $20
Sideways Cross Bracelet $19

I am also a fan of colored crosses on the bracelets and love how the cross clasps this bracelet together. Turquoise and gold are so timeless together but I love how this one still looks modern. It is from Turquoise City Jewelry.
Classic Turquoise Cross Brass Bracelet $9.95

These next bracelets are probably my favorite for a fun pop of color! They are from Ella Dolce which has some of the cutest bracelet sets already paired together. Is it sad that I want one in every color? I blame it on the bright colors and cute gold chain...
Stone Sideways Cross Bracelet $14
This is another turquoise and gold but this one is a different style and just as cute! It has the coolest chain and I love how the cross is outlined in gold! This one is from Lisa Marie Jewels and she has a 10% off coupon code on her page to use on a purchase. 
Turquoise Sideways Cross Bracelet $40
This is a completely different style but I REALLY like it because you could stack it with other cross bracelets! It is a double cross cuff bracelet from chicYourself and is so cute!
Silver Cut Double Cross Cuff Bracelet $17
This is another sideways cross bracelet but the thing that makes this one unlike the rest is its size. I love the fact that it is large. Unique Boteek Shop has all sorts of adorable cross bracelets and I don't think you could go wrong choosing any of them! 
Sideways Cross Bracelet $20
And I love the colors of the Adjustable Sideways Cross Bracelets $15
Has anyone else been obsessing over these beauties? What is your preference?

Happy Friday Everyone!

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