Thursday, November 1, 2018

October Favorites

I feel like I say this every time a new month comes around, but wow October flew by. I feel like it just began and now November is already here. It is wild how fast time seems to be flying. October was a really good month with lots of settling whether that be in my new job or in Birmingham. I am starting to feel very at home in both places and am excited to see how that continues to evolve throughout the end of the year. A little aside, it’s going to be 2019 in two months and the other day I had to reprint something because I wrote 2017…clearly my brain doesn’t want to fully grasp time either. 

Favorite posts are much more fun at the start of a new season since that is when I am most likely to try new items or fall back into using old favorites. In this month’s favorites, there is certainly a mix of that. 

Milk Powder Makeup 
I ran out of the last powder I was using toward the end of September and was pretty bummed because I really liked it. In an attempt to pretend I hadn’t run out I kept putting off re-ordering a new container of it. Instead I opted to reach for the Bare Minerals powder I had relied on for years. It felt so heavy and cakey on my skin compared to the RMS Beauty one I had been using that I finally bit the bullet and went to Sephora to pick up a new container. Much to my surprise my Sephora didn’t have it and I was determined to get something similar since I was already there. I happened across this powder by Milk Makeup, a brand I hadn’t heard of before. With a large size container for the price I took the risk of trying it after knowing nothing about it and I am so glad that I did. This powder has pretty good coverage and goes on without feeling heavy which is a win in my mind. It’s almost like a mix of translucent powder and powder foundation and the way it is packaged is amazing for travel. If you have the chance to try something by this brand definitely do because I am a big fan and would love other recommendations of other products by them to try. 

Beautycounter Transforming Lip Duo
As the holidays approach it is hard not to get sucked into purchasing the cute little gift sets that are released. When scrolling through Beautycounter’s site recently and realizing that their holiday sets were out I happened upon this transforming lip duo. I had heard of other brands creating products that change colors based on your pH levels (don’t quote me on that being exactly what it does but it is something along those lines) and was interested in giving it a try. I knew that I already liked Beautycounter’s lip sheers and glosses so I figured this would be a hit and it most certainly is. I’m not usually one to put on any sort of lip color but this is slowly changing that. The color looks so natural and the lip gloss isn’t sticky in the slightest. I am hoping that Beautycounter releases this as a product they sell year-round!

My Favorite Murder Podcast
Y’all probably saw that I’ve been getting pretty into podcast lately and I think I’ve determined a favorite murder podcast fittingly named, My Favorite Murder Podcast. It nears on a comedy/murder podcast and the hosts are so good at playing off of one another while making a heavy topic slightly less intense. They are relatively succinct in talking about the murders giving updates on the cases if there are any updates to give. If you like podcasts of this nature definitely listen to an episode or two. I am listening to them in order (I think I’m on number 20) but you could skip around since each episode shares 2 different murders and isn’t a series like many other murder podcasts I’ve listened to. 

Did I ever expect our house here in Birmingham to become the sports watching house? Nope. Is putting on a football game outside and inviting people over a great way to meet people? Yep. We have been taking full advantage of our outdoor deck space by setting up this little projector to watch football games with friends. I am already trying to figure out the next time to have people over to do this because it has been so fun. We found this projector on Amazon and after reading reviews comparing different projectors decided to give it a go. Well, I can’t speak for any other projectors but this one is amazing. The sound comes directly out of the projector meaning you don’t have to deal with figuring out speakers which is a huge plus. I easily hooked it up to our apple tv to watch the game and was impressed with the size of the projection as well as the quality. I think everyone else was pretty impressed by it too. The best part is that it’s really little so storing it is a breeze. 

Chappy Wrap
After raving about this blanket in a recent Sunday Spotlight I’m not sure there is much else to say about how great the quality is. It’s so soft, large, can be used indoors or outdoors, and is easy to wash. Major win. If you’re looking for a different color or pattern they have that too! This would make a really great gift.

Hazelnut Coffee Creamer (not pictured)

I’m not sure why I hadn’t tried hazelnut coffee creamer before but I am so glad that I did. I will say that I am definitely partial to the one I have linked (I’ve tried another brand and was not nearly as impressed). The flavor adds the perfect amount of sweetness to my morning cup of jo and tastes like fall to me! 

Barrington Key Fob
Another recent Sunday Spotlight feature (with a giveaway still live on my Instagram), my Barrington Gifts key fob has made it so easy for me to keep everything together. With a zipper pocket, a ring that’s easy to open, and the cutest pattern and monogram choices I am a very happy camper. My last one held up so well that I have no doubt that I’ll have this one for years to come too. 

Bow Mules (on sale currently)

The hardest part of getting dressed in the morning for me is figuring out what shoes to wear. I have plenty of choices but somehow never have something that seems just right. I got into the mule trend in the spring with a pair of light pink mules from Target and decided to try something a bit more seasonally appropriate for fall. I came across these brown bow mules from Madewell on sale (and they are on sale again now) and decided to give them a try. I have been really impressed with how many outfits they go with and how often I’ve worn them already. There wasn’t any breaking in pain (thank goodness) and I think the bow detail is a nice touch instead of opting for a plain suede pair. If you’re interested in getting them I’d do it soon before sizes (I’m wearing my normal size) sell out and the sale ends! 

Let me know what you've been loving this past month and shop my favorites below! 

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