Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lifeguard Press

Lifeguard Press and Lilly Pulitzer are a girls dream team! I have tons of items made by Lifeguard Press in Lilly prints and have yet to be disappointed. Recently I talked to the sweetest girl from Lifeguard Press and she sent me a 
Lilly Pulitzer Catchall with Pad in Chum Bucket
and the large Lilly Pulitzer Storage Box also in Chum Bucket
and I am so pleased with both of these items. I use notepads all the time so there is no doubt in my mind that this one will go to use. I was also super impressed with how large the storage box is! I think it is perfect for any girls who are headed to college this year because I kid you not, I can fit inside of it!
You didn't believe me?

And there was space leftover when I was inside of it! I am not kidding this thing is giant! Y'all will have to check out my organizational article in the Smart Girl's Guide for September to hear how to pack for college but this is a necessity. I will be taking mine to camp because it will be a perfect under the bed bin for some of my things so that my area will not look cluttered!

I highly recommend investing in one of these bins because they are huge, easy to clean, and collapsible. I know I will get tons of use out of mine and I will show y'all pictures with it all packed for camp (once I start packing that is).


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

National Wear Your Lilly Day

Happy summer solstice also known as national wear your Lilly day. As if we needed a specific day to do that.. I know today that I will be sporting some Lilly when I am out and about but I also thought it would be fun to show y'all some of my favorite Lilly clothes that I own.

This is a Minnie dress but I love it

Classic Shift Dress

The halter can be remove to make a strapless dress.

This is old school Lilly that my aunt got for me!

I love the Elsa tops!

Skorts are perfect for me because I can wear them to out of uniform days since I can't wear shorts.

An obvious summer staple

Hope y'all are wearing your Lilly today!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Graduation Photos

I recently plugged in our camera and was reminded that I never posted pictures from my brothers graduation weekend. It was fun going through these and to think back on the whirlwind that was his graduation weekend. Here are the pictures!
Before brother spoke at graduation

Some of our family after his speeh

Brother and Cousin

Waiting for graduation to start

Senior year roommates 


These two have been roommates since freshman year

One of my aunts and I. We have the same name.

Trying to get our Christmas cards done in May

As you can tell we take lovely pictures together

Our little graduate

Aunt wanted in on the pictures!


Me, grandmother, and my aunt

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lilly Cookies

Today on Facebook my aunt sent me this picture.

Needless to say I really want to make these!
But first I would need a cookie cutter in the classic shift dress style. I know a while back Lilly included one as a gift with purchase but since I don't have one I have looked up a great alternative!

This one is a really cute and relatively inexpensive at 12.95 and is available on Copper Gifts. Rumor has it that it is identical to the one Lilly sent out, Score!
If I do end up making these then I would have to get very good at icing the "dresses" if they were to look half as decent as these cute ones I've found.

Anyone else know of any cute places to get cute shift dress cookie cutters?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Frat Collection Winner

I am back and I have really missed blogging. The first order of business is the winner of The Frat Collection giveaway!
The winner is Krista Robertson!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
I'll need you to email me so that you can claim your prize!
I can't wait to get back into the blogging routine!

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