Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Recipes I Want To Make This Fall

Just like how I feel at the end of each season when it comes to being overall the clothes in my closet, I get like that with cooking too. I have a few go-to recipes but tend to get in a rut right before the weather begins to change again. After resorting to salads and sandwiches the last few weeks instead of getting excited about making my next meal, I am glad to have recently been more motivated to try some new recipes. 


One of my favorite parts about fall and winter cooking is how it finally feels seasonally appropriate to eat soups all the time. When it comes to cooking, on weeknights, especially, I want something relatively easy that doesn’t take too much thought and effort. Soups feel like an easy solution to that since I can often put everything in a crockpot or heat something using just one pot on the stove. After looking through Pinterest and a few different sites, I found plenty of recipes ideas that have me ready to spend more time in the kitchen. I know this post will serve as a resource for me the next time I feel like I’m in a rut, and I hope that maybe you’ll find something worth cooking too! 

I've included the link to where you can find each recipe above the corresponding image of it. Hopefully, this makes it easy if you like seeing a visual of the food before you make it! 

I pretty much never find myself in a rut when it comes to baking, which has resulted in me having far more baking supplies than ones used for cooking. Before you go and preheat your oven, I thought I’d share some of the tools and accessories that I think would encourage me, even more, to make my way into the kitchen. Since storage space is limited and I don’t have a bottomless budget, these items will remain on my ever-growing “maybe someday” wishlist, but maybe you have more room than I do. I will say I have and LOVE the items in the top row, so consider those my recommendations to you! I'd love to hear which of the above recipes you want to make first, or any of your favorite kitchen tools. 

You can shop the above items by scrolling through the items below.

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