Friday, October 30, 2020

Cute Fall Sweaters Under $30

Yesterday the weather decided to quickly switch from the 80-degree evenings we've been having to a brisk one in the matter of an hour. I only know that because I was on a walk and at the beginning was comfortable in a t-shirt and by the end of it was shivering in a jacket over that t-shirt. I'm so glad it feels like fall finally came back after the short stint of it we had in September! Now it's about time I finally move my spring and summer clothes out of my closet to make room for fall sweaters and winter jackets that have had no use until now. 


Getting dressed in the fall seems so easy since I can reach for  my favorite jeans and a comfortable sweater, and the only real decision I have to make is what shoes and accessories I want to throw on with those items. Even though I know sweaters are something that will get a ton of wear in my wardrobe (in the winter, I rely on putting a coat over them, but they still serve the same purpose) unless they are a really nice material, I don't see a ton of use in spending a lot of money on them thanks to the affordable options out there that are equally as cute! 

Since it's always fun to add a few new sweaters to your closet this time of year, I decided to put together a post featuring cute and affordable sweaters for fall that are all under $30 (at the time of me posting this, at least). The sweater in these photos was a recent Amazon find and a nice change-up from the white and grey sweaters I tend to gravitate towards. Y'all know how much I love blue, and the blue and grey detail on  this sweater was different enough from the sweaters I already own for me to justify it. Plus, the price made it worth the risk of not being able to try it on in person. Fortunately, Amazon didn't fail me, and I'm a huge fan of the fit and quality of this turtleneck sweater. I ordered it in a size medium since I like my sweaters roomy! 

Below you will find sweaters I found while scouring some of my favorite sites that all ring up under $30. If you see one you like that may not be in a color you need, it may still be worth clicking on it since most of the ones featured come in quite a few colors. From the college, I own  this cute ruffle neck sweater that is definitely a dupe Madewell's more expensive version,  this classic white sweater that was another great Amazon find, and  this more casual striped sweater that I love pairing with leggings. Topping my personal wish list from this post are  this marled crewneck sweater with ruffles at the shoulder,  a white ruffled sweater,  this square neck find from H&M, and this  polka dot sleeved find. And as a head's up, Target is currently having a buy one, get one 50% off sale on their sweaters, which you can shop  here.

If you see any sweaters below you like, you can click directly on them in the image below to be taken to where they can be purchased! Happy shopping.

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