Monday, October 12, 2020

Step Into My Week 10.12

Happy Monday! The weather has finally cleared up here after a rainy weekend, and I'm glad to leave my rain jacket in the car today (hopefully I won't regret that). I feel ready to take on the week and am hoping to have a productive start today especially since I'm leaving town on Thursday and don't want to have to take any work with me! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Monday morning, I woke up a little after 6:00 and started my day working on blog posts from bed. Then it was time to get ready and head into the office to be productive before a meeting I had scheduled that morning. I was shocked by how much I got done, most of which involved packaging up boxes from the shoot I had the previous week that needed to be shipped back. Then it was time for my meeting, more shoot returns, and nailing down a location for a shoot next week. By the time I slowed down, I realized it was nearly 1:30, and I still hadn’t had lunch. I ate at my desk while finishing up some more tasks on my to-do list before heading home to work from there that afternoon. I went for a walk with a friend in the afternoon. We then played a few rounds of Monopoly deal, and ultimately decided to eat pizza for dinner. I think we watched football that night (so many sports) until I left to go home.

I worked in bed for a while on Tuesday morning before heading to true40 for a workout. I came home, got clean, worked a little, and then decided to head into the office to work for the afternoon. I needed to start packing up for my shoot on Thursday, which meant I also needed to finish unpacking from my last shoot to do that. I went home after doing all of that and spent my evening on the sofa watching Emily in Paris on Netflix. 

Wednesday morning, I woke up early to get some work in before true40. I went to class and then to Trader Joe’s to pick out pumpkins for a shoot I actually have this coming week. I went home and showered after that and as I was grabbing my bag and getting ready to leave for the office encountered a lizard. If you know me at all in person, you probably know that I am terrified of lizards. I wish I could pinpoint why so it doesn’t seem so irrational, but when I stepped on it barefooted that morning, I screamed (and I’m not much of a screamer). I eventually handled that situation and went to work with my heart still racing. I finished packing up for my shoot and arranged the flowers before running one last errand for the shoot. That night I met Eliza of Paper Eliza for a glass of wine at Golden Age in Mountain Brook. We’ve followed each other on Instagram for a while and finally were able to set a date and time to meet in person, and I am so glad we did. Kindred spirits for sure! After that, it was back home to watch the debate with Rebecca and Nell. 

I woke up way earlier than I wanted to on Thursday after not sleeping well at all that night. I got ready and headed into the office to finish loading up to head to the location of my shoot for the day. The theme of this one was a spring Sip & See, which was a lot of fun to put together. We wrapped up around 1:30, and I went back to the office to unload the props. Once I went home, I showered and got some work done. I attempted to take a nap but couldn’t fall asleep, so I did laundry instead. I made dinner at a friend’s house, and we watched TV for a bit before I went home.

I started my Friday morning with another workout at true40 and then got to work from home. After going into the office most of the week, it was nice to stay home to work, especially since it was gloomy. Before I knew it, it was the afternoon, and I changed my sheets, cleaned a bit, and was able to get a lot of blog work done. I made cookies after that to take to a football-watching gathering I was going to the next day and then eventually went to a friend’s house so we could figure out what we wanted to do about dinner. We ended up picking up Taco Mama and eating it at his house while watching the NBA game and then watching about an hour of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I was falling asleep during that, so I ended up leaving and going to bed.

Saturday, I woke up to it pouring outside and rolled over and fell back asleep for a while. Eventually, I got up and went to Crestline Bagel to pick up breakfast and take it to my friend’s house while we watched football. After watching one game and a bit of another, I came back to my house to work on blog work while watching Hocus Pocus before our evening plans. A group of our friends were hosting some of us at their home to watch the Alabama game that evening. We arrived around 6:30 when the game kicked off and stayed until just after it was over. It wasn’t the prettiest win, but I am glad Alabama could pull through in the end. 

It was raining again on Sunday morning, which made for a good day to sleep in again. I didn’t’ do much that morning, aside from going to Waffle House and take it to my friend’s house to eat while watching a soccer game. I did some blog work on the sofa while finishing some blog posts, showered, and hung out with Nell before getting ready for a cocktail party that evening to kick off Macy’s wedding week. We had drinks at our friend’s apartment before going to The Grand Bohemian in Mountain Brook for a cocktail. I got home around 9:15 and went to bed shortly after.

Hopefully, y’all had a great week as well! 

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