Thursday, October 15, 2020

October 2020 Q&A

 Today is an exciting day beyond just sharing my monthly Q&A post because I have one of my favorite shots of the year, and after the workday is over am headed home to Fairhope for the long weekend! It has been since Easter that I was last home, and even then, I only stayed for 24 hours to kidnap our dog, Scout, and bring her back to Birmingham to hang out with me while I worked from home. So, let’s hope that today feels fast so that I will be on the road headed home in no time! But, in the meantime, here are my answers to some of the questions y’all sent in on Instagram! 

shop this outfit here

What parts of teaching do you miss?

I think the thing I miss the most about teaching is the people. I really loved my team of coworkers and the relationships I formed with them. On a similar note, I miss interacting with kids on a daily basis, but in the grand scheme of things, I don’t miss a lot about the actual teaching job. Since grad school taking place in the summer sandwiched my first year of teaching, I never had a real summer off from teaching, so it wouldn’t be fair to say I missed that. I definitely think that a career switch was the right move for me, and am so glad to be doing what I am currently doing! 

What’s your Halloween costume going to be? 

My boyfriend isn’t the biggest fan of dressing up, so I was trying to come up with an easy costume idea for us, and initially, we were going to be the Crocodile Hunter. I was going to dress up as a crocodile, and since his name is Hunter, he could either just be himself or get more into character by dressing in camo. While that costume did get the go-ahead, I came up with an even better one for a larger group of friends to participate in. I’m going to be sharing some quick and easy costume ideas next week on the blog, and I’ll share that then! 

Looking for cute fall work from the office outfits. Casual and easy! Any recommendations?

Since my office environment is so casual, I usually rely on a pair of jeans and a cute top in the fall and switch that top out for a sweater in the winter. Having a “uniform” of sorts helps make getting ready in the morning incredibly easy. I know not all workplaces allow jeans, so if that’s the case at your office, a casual dress would be the next best thing since they are so easy to throw on. I have been really impressed by the dresses I’ve seen at Target so maybe start there if you’re looking for some new pieces. I will try to add a work from home and work from the office outfit inspiration post to my content calendar, so stay tuned! 

Favorite restaurants or places to go in Birmingham? I just moved here! 

Every time I am asked this sort of question, I get mad at myself for continually putting off creating a Birmingham guide for y’all. I think my hesitation in making one is that there are SO many good restaurants here, and I don’t want to leave any of them off accidentally. I am working on updating the blog, so maybe a tab specifically related to Birmingham favorites should be added to the site so that I am able to update it easily. 

While I think through the logistics of that, I’ll share some of my favorites with y’all here! I know I am missing some of my favorites, but it’s a solid start. 

Breakfast: Crestline Bagel, Church Street Coffee (and get a Breakup Cookie to go with your coffee), Big, Bad, Breakfast

Casual Dining: Saw’s Juke Joint, Taco Mama, Real and Rosemary, Olexa’s, Carrigan’s 

Sweets: Pastry Art’s Baby Bites, Cookie Fix, Big Spoon

Breweries: Avondale, Back Forty

Wine Bars: Freddy’s, Golden Age

Elevated Dining: Gian Marco’s Wine Bar (it’s a great date-night spot too), Bottega Café, Chez Fon Fon, Automatic Seafood, 

Activities: Baron’s Games in the spring, walk Jemison trail, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Shopping in the villages (Crestline, Mountain Brook, and Homewood)

Can you post more of your favorite fall outfits?

Yes! I shot the photo accompanying this post just for the person who asked this question. Since the Coronavirus started, I haven’t really shared many outfit posts with y’all since most of us didn’t have anywhere to go. When I do share my daily outfits, I tend to only post them in Step Into My Week posts, but I am going to try to remember to take more pictures of my fall outfits for you. 

Both the dress and shoes in this outfit are super affordable from Target and can easily be worn in plenty of different ways, which is a key factor in whether or not I’ll purchase something. I like loose clothing, so this dress stood out to me on the hanger as looking particularly comfortable, which is ultimately why I gave it a try. Puff sleeves are quite the trend right now, and since the sleeves are longer, they aren’t as overwhelming as some I’ve seen, which works well with this silhouette. I wore the dress with slide on leopard shoes (although I just realized they aren't visible in the picture I shared) that I’ve had for years from Target, but I also anticipate wearing this with sneakers and another pair of leopard shoes I have when it cools down. Although not shown, a scarf would be super cute thrown on as well! 

Until I get around to sharing more of my fall outfits, I share lots of outfit inspiration in my Sunday posts that may be of interest to you too.

Fellow Furman alum, just much older! What are your favorite Greenville must-dos?

Like my answer to the Birmingham question above, this could be a lengthy stand-alone post! I have shared a Greenville guide here, but Greenville continues to expand, so I am sure there are plenty of newer places I’m missing, but off the top of my head, here are some of my favorites.

Casual Dining: Cantina 76, Sully’s Steamers, Sidewall, Smoke on the Water

Elevated Dining: Jianna’s, Soby’s

Traveler’s Rest: Tandem, Sidewall

Sweets: Spill the Beans, Brick Street (for a slice of their Sweet Potato Cake)

Drinks: Foxcroft, Sip, Up on the Roof

Activities: Exploring the Swamp Rabbit Trail, Walk around the Furman lake, Downtown Greenville Farmer’s Market, Hiking trails on mountains nearby, Greenville Drive games

Favorite fall pattern? 

I am having trouble thinking of all the patterns that signify fall to me, but the first thing that comes to mind is leopard print. There are times when it can look less tasteful than others, but when the pattern is done well, it’s one of my favorites! 

What are you most excited about for Macy and Drew’s wedding?! -Macy (given that it is very specific, I feel the need to call her out on it).

Hooray, that Macy’s wedding weekend is pretty much here! Aside from the excitement of seeing she and Drew get married, I am looking forward to hanging out with her other bridesmaids since we all had a blast on her bachelorette, seeing how everything comes together with all of the details she and her family have meticulously planned, hanging out with friends I don’t get to see as often as I’d like to, seeing my family and going to the wedding with them (am I weird for loving when my parents and I are at weddings together?), and showing my roommate and Hunter Fairhope since neither of them has been recently

What does your blogging schedule look like? You’re so consistent! 

It’s a lot of working at odd hours for me since I work a full-time job during the workday. The habit I’ve gotten into is to wake up early so that I have about an hour each morning to work on blog posts and graphics. I usually spend an hour two or three nights a week also working on posts. Even with it being a time-consuming hobby, I love having a creative outlet that is all my own. I used to be really great about having all of my posts for the week written by Sunday afternoon and have been slacking on that as of late. 

At first, I was worried that wouldn’t be enough questions to make a post, but in a word document, it’s over three pages long, so I’m going to say it suffices. I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to these questions, and if you think of any others, you can always send them my way via email or Instagram! 


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