Friday, October 9, 2020

Cute Pieces to Inspire You to Vote

 I cannot believe we are less than a month away from the presidential election. While I certainly can’t say watching the debates has eased any nerves I may have, I am looking forward to voting this year, particularly since it will be the first time I’ve gotten to vote in a presidential election in person. I was in college during the last one (and missed the one before that by a month), which meant that I voted by absentee ballot and couldn’t proudly wear an “I voted” sticker around like everyone else. I remember one election year when I was younger, my mom (so kindly) giving me her “I voted” sticker, and for whatever reason, I decided to put it on my face. We were headed out of town, and I fell asleep in the car and had it on my cheek that whole time. When we arrived at our destination, my face hadn’t reacted well to it, and I ended up having a red square on my cheek for a few hours. This year you can bet I’ll be proudly wearing my own “I voted” sticker but more than likely on my shirt instead of my face. 

I think it could go without saying just how important this year’s election is. I’ve been so encouraged by how many people have spoken up about the issues our nation is facing and am glad to be able to exercise my thoughts on these situations and how they need to be changed directly on a ballot. The number of brands that have created merchandise encouraging people to vote hasn’t gone unnoticed as well, and today, I’ve put together a collection of some of the pieces I’ve found. November 3rd means a lot more than a cute shirt or “I voted” sticker, so be sure to stay informed this next month on the issues at hand and make your voice heard the first Tuesday in November! 

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