Monday, October 5, 2020

Step Into My Week 10.5

Happy Monday! I woke up excited that it was a new week, which felt kind of odd since this past week wasn't a bad one. More than anything, I am feeling motivated to get a lot done today, which isn't an uncommon feeling for me at the beginning of the week. I am finally bringing back my daily outfits to Step Into My Week posts since I have been in the office a bit more, so if you're interested in the pieces I'm wearing, I'll have included a link to the items beneath the image! 

I got up early on Monday morning to go to a treu40 class before a full day of working from home. I was kind of excited about not going into the office since it was supposed to rain all day, but it didn't end up raining until later in the night. I was able to get through a bunch of emails and general to-dos in the morning, which made my afternoon more laid back. I turned on an episode of Criminal Minds as I wrapped up my last hour of work on the couch. I didn't have any plans that night, so I took advantage of a calm night in by making a Chicken Ricotta Meatball recipe I found in a back issue of one of the magazines we publish for work. While I improvised on some parts of the recipe, it still turned out deliciously and made enough for me to eat for the better part of the week. I changed into pajamas and finished my night by watching an episode of Schitt's Creek and ordering a few things for a small party happening later in the week. 

I was hoping to get off the waitlist for another true40 class on Tuesday, but unfortunately, that didn't happen, so instead, I worked from home for a little bit before getting ready and heading into the office. I was able to get a lot done thanks to the change in scenery and thought it would take me into the afternoon to get through my list, but I finished everything early enough to head home to eat my lunch there (despite having packed it). I worked in our living room, finalizing our shot list for Thursday and responding to emails. I finished up around 5:00 and got ready to meet a few of my friends at Taco Mama since our friend Katie's mom was in town. We stayed there for a while before I headed home to watch the debate with my roommate. What a mess that was given the non-stop interrupting. Once that wrapped up, I got in bed and went to sleep.

Wednesday morning, I slept until around 6:00 before getting up and making myself some coffee. I needed to get flowers from Trader Joes and a couple of other props on my way into the office, so I worked from home until a little before 9:00 when Trader Joes opened. After that, I spent the morning packing up props and getting organized for Thursday before going to lunch with my friend and his mom. I stopped by Davis Wholesale Florist afterward to grab the rest of the flowers I needed for my shoot before heading back to the office. Once there, I packed everything I needed for the shoot into bins and worked on arranging the centerpiece flowers while listening to a podcast. Once all the bins and flowers were in my car, I came home to change so that I could go for a walk since the weather was really nice. My friend who tore his ACL wanted to get out of the house and had been told to move his leg around some, so we went to the hidden park in Crestline so he could make a lap. We then played two rounds of chess before I left to meet a few friends at Taco Mama (yep, again, although I didn't eat there this time). After that, I showered, made myself dinner, watched at an episode of Schitt's Creek, and was asleep before 10:00. 

On Thursday, I woke up around 5:30 and made coffee to have in bed while typing up some future blog posts and working on graphics to share on social media. I've been trying to find a better balance of sharing what I've actually posted on my blog to Instagram in an engaging way since otherwise, unless people just visit my blog on their own, they may not necessarily know what's new over here. After doing that for about an hour, I got up and got myself ready for the day. I had a shoot scheduled that began at 8:00 and since it was nearby was able to leave at 7:50 to arrive on time. Overall the shoot went well, but I realized that I much prefer a full tablescape to a buffet set up on shoots. We wrapped around 2:30, and I was able to go into the office to unpack my props before working from home for the rest of the afternoon. Around 6:00, I made plans to go with a friend to Carrigan's Beer Garden, where we ate dinner outside. We watched a show afterward, and eventually, I went home and went to sleep. 

Since I had taken the props into the office on Thursday afternoon, I was able to work from home all of Friday after starting the morning with a true40 class. Once I had finished my work and made myself lunch, I started cleaning for a small party we were hosting at our house on Saturday for a friend. I bleached the outdoor cushions, vacuumed and dusted inside, and blew up balloons. That night I met a few friends at Real and Rosemary for dinner, followed by a scoop of ice cream at Big Spoon. Afterward, I hung out with a friend until I was about to fall asleep and headed home.

Saturday morning, I slept in a bit and worked on blog content from bed with a cup of coffee in hand. I had set aside time in the morning to leaf blow our deck and finish any party prep so that I could enjoy hanging out with my friends in the afternoon. We ended up going to Avondale to watch the Alabama game, and I was shocked at how many people they let in (many of whom weren't wearing masks). When I left, I was a little bit relieved but had a lot to do in a short amount of time before guests arrived at our house around 7:00. We had s' mores and some drinks, and of course, the football game was playing on the projector. People stayed through the whole game, and once they did leave, the cleanup process was a quick one. We had a great time celebrating Macy and Drew (whose wedding is quickly approaching) and couldn't have asked for better weather to be outside in! 


I didn't do that much on Sunday but started my morning by taking breakfast to a friend and watching a soccer game. After that, it was hanging out at home, running a couple of errands, and going on a walk with Nell. The rest of my night was spent getting showered, eating dinner, and watching Emily in Paris. I had heard good things about this new Netflix show and have been enjoying it so far! There are parts of it that are a little raunchy, but overall it's cute and makes me want to go back to Paris! 

I hope that y'all had a good week as well.  

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