Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Late Summer & Early Fall Styled Shots for Work

Since I’m not in the office every day, it’s not uncommon for my desk at work to look like a bit of a disaster when I do make it in. I will say I’m not entirely to blame since so much of my job involves receiving packages from vendors and working in advance to make sure things look nice (just not my desk, apparently). It’s not uncommon for me to come in and find stacks of boxes that make it look more like a shipping area than a workspace, but that just makes it even better when I do find enough room to sit at my chair or am able to “organize” by hiding many of the props behind a curtained shelf in my cube (if you’re confused by what I do you can read more about that here).

Another thing that tends to pile up at my desk is magazines. We get a copy of every issue that our company sends to print, which means that it doesn’t take long to build up a hefty stack. The other day I was looking through some of the ones at my desk and realized it had been a while since I shared some of my recently published work. The below images are what I’ve styled for shoots that have gone to press and then been posted to social media, so it really just scratches the surface of what I’ve been working on for our different titles. Y’all seemed to enjoy looking through the past post I did sharing some of my styled shots (here), so here’s a more recent version. Fair warning, don’t scroll through this post if you’re hungry since I’ve been styling a lot of delicious desserts lately, and many of them have made their way below! 

Southern Lady Magazine

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