Monday, October 19, 2020

Step Into My Week 10.19

I am writing this from my bed this morning after a full night of sleep recovering from the most fun weekend! It's going to be one of those days where a lot of coffee and a detailed to-do list are necessary. I'm warning you now that thi post is very photo heavy!

 I woke up Monday morning to go to a true40 class early before work, which jumpstarted my week to be pretty productive. After coming home and showering, I went into the office to respond to emails, discuss a shoot I had on Tuesday, and return a bunch of boxes that were taking up a lot of room at my desk. I completed most of what I had to do for work at the office in the morning and was able to go to Trader Joe’s on my way home to get groceries for the week. Once I got home, I made myself lunch and did some work there before going to Nell’s apartment since she had the day off, and we figured if we both had work to do, why not do it together. This worked out well for me since she was in the process of making pumpkin bread, and I got to snack on some. I stayed over there until around 6:00 when I decided it would be smart to go home and make dinner. I made taco bowls to eat for dinners during the week and have shared the recipe before here. Once dinner was made, eaten, and the kitchen was clean, I watched Halloweentown in the living room until going to bed. 

I had a shoot on Tuesday, so I got up and worked on my computer for a little while before heading into the office for that. It was for Southern Home magazine and involved styling various fabrics and trims in a specific color scheme for one of their upcoming issues. We finished that around lunchtime, and I did a few more things at the office before heading home to work from there the remainder of the day. Once I finished my work, I went for a walk and eventually took leftovers from the night before to my friend’s house for dinner. We watched a TV show for a while before I finally went home to go to sleep.

Before work on Wednesday, I went to true40 and celebrated my 100th class there. Afterward, I went to Trader Joe’s and Target to get the remaining pumpkins I needed for my shoot the following day, as well as a few other props. After working from home for a while, I went into the office to pack everything up and load my car for the porches and pumpkin shoot I had on Thursday. I finished working at home and then moved onto doing laundry and packing to head out of town the following day for my friend Macy’s wedding. Around 7:30, a few friends showed up for bible study at my house, and by 9:00, I was back to finishing up packing and getting ready for bed. 

Thursday felt like it was two days crammed into one with how much got done. I got up early to finish a few things packing wise before heading to run another errand before arriving at the first shoot location of the day at 8:00. Since the shoot theme was porches and pumpkins, I did my fair share of heavy lifting, moving pumpkins around all morning. At the first location, we focused more on green and white pumpkins with cool textured details. After finishing at that house, we moved onto the second location that had an incredible porch with plenty of places to get different shots. We finished around noon, and I was in desperate need of a shower and food before loading my car with my luggage and picking up my friend to head out of town for a long weekend. On the way out, we dropped off all the pumpkins and other props at the office and then were Fairhope bound. We got to my house around 6:00 and caught up with my parents until another friend in the wedding arrived at our house. Eventually, we had dinner and spent the rest of the evening in the living room talking before everyone headed to bed. 

I got up early on Friday morning to ride our Peloton and shower before everyone else woke up. We had coffee and breakfast and hung out for a little while before it was time to get ready for the bridesmaid’s luncheon at 11:00. It was outside in downtown Fairhope, and the entire set up was beautiful. We had mimosas and bloody Mary’s before sitting down to our meal. After everyone had eaten, we were given a sweet gift from the bride and had a bit of downtime before needing to get ready for the rehearsal. Addie, the other bridesmaid staying with us, and I went back to my house to get Hunter and then drove into downtown Fairhope for a cup of coffee and ice cream before sitting down by the bay to enjoy it. I wanted a bit of quiet time, so I stretched out to relax for 15 minutes before needing to change and be at the rehearsal at 4:45. Although it was chillier than we were all expecting, the weather that night (and the entire weekend) couldn’t have been more perfect. From the church, the wedding party took a trolley to the location of the rehearsal dinner at Hope Farm in Fairhope. Hunter met me there, and everyone mingled for about an hour before sitting down for the four-course dinner. All the tables were outside and decorated differently, which was unique, and the food was top-notch. When we were served cake, toasts began, and the evening wrapped a little after 11:30 when we headed home. We stayed up talking for a while before ultimately realizing it would probably be best to finally go to sleep with a big day ahead of us. 

I've had this dress for a few years, but you can shop something similar here

Saturday was very eventful with a run and brunch scheduled beginning at 9:00. I know I just mentioned how great the weather was, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky on Macy’s wedding day, and it was perfectly crisp out, making the run and brunch outside a great start to the day. From there, we needed to go back to my house to shower and gather all of our stuff to get back to Macy’s house to get ready for the wedding. Macy is one of those people that is such a good friend to all and therefore has so many close friends, which resulted in 27 bridesmaids and honorary bridesmaids. Since she is a family of a lot of girls, they were the bridesmaids + her soon to be in-laws and a couple of lifelong friends, and the rest of us were honorary bridesmaids. As honorary bridesmaids, we got to select our own dresses and were asked to do something similar to the “champagne” bridesmaid’s dresses, which Macy clarified as being white, metallic, or even blush if we wanted. Talk about a laid back and easy to please bride! After pictures in the pajamas she gifted us, it was time to change, have flowers put in our hair, grab our bouquets, and wait for her to get dressed! After that, we took some photos and were off to the church for the ceremony. They had to cut the ceremony down to the wedding party and family, but after witnessing their marriage and a few more pictures, we went back to Macy’s house where the reception took place, and other guests were waiting. Macy and Drew were introduced to the guests right as the sun was setting while the rest of us waited until they came back to where the wedding planner had us to all proceed in after them with a band playing. Everything was beautiful and after eating a plate of food and getting a drink, the rest of the night was spent mingling and being on the dance floor. Macy and Drew left around 10:00 by boat, and those of us staying at my parent’s house-made a s’ more before making our way home. 

I was hoping to sleep in on Sunday but unfortunately didn’t but was able to spend more time with my parents that morning when everyone else was asleep. We had a lot of coffee and ate brunch before packing up our cars and heading back. I was exhausted on the way home and was looking forward to an early bedtime the entire drive. Once we were back in Birmingham, I went for a walk with Nell before showering and making myself dinner. I think I was in bed with the lights off by 8:30!

It was such a fun weekend that I think everyone is feeling a bit sad that it’s over! Hopefully, I’ll be caught up on sleep in no time and am looking forward to a productive week. 

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