Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Building Your Perfect Barbour Jacket - Your Guide To Shopping Barbour (On Sale)

If I had to think of a Furman student's winter uniform I would think of a classic Barbour jacket for both girls and guys. After seeing these jackets all over campus my freshman year and realizing that Greenville has a tendency to get a lot colder than Alabama I decided I wanted to ask for one for Christmas. Easier said than done. Little did I know, that iconic jacket I had seen around came in so many different styles and colors that it left me confused. At Thanksgiving, I was talking to my family about my Christmas list and mentioned that a  Barbour jacket was on my list. It didn't take long for my grandfather to go and get his out of the closet and tell me a story about buying my aunt her first Barbour. Talk about timeless. I feel like so many people have similar stories about growing up seeing their dad wearing this style or knowing where their mom hung theirs that I couldn't have been more thrilled when my grandfather chose to carry on this tradition so to speak by gifting me mine. 

The process of deciding which jacket to get was made easier by trying on a few different styles and seeing different colors in stores. I knew that I wanted my first Barbour to be a classic waxed one although I have since added a quilted one to that collection (last seen here). The two most popular waxed styles for women are the  Bedale and the  Beadnell. The  Beadnell is what I opted for due to its more fitted style and interior plaid. Sizing for Barbour is a bit different as well. Since it is an English company, the first size on the tag is UK sizing. Fortunately, the US size is also included. I was deciding between the US 4 and the US 6 when I chose my freshman year of college and am so glad that I opted for the 6. I figured since it would work as my winter coat I would ant to layer chunky sweaters underneath so having wiggle room was not a bad thing. At the time, I had no idea of all the Barbour accessories available to purchase to help make your jacket fit whatever environment you were preparing for and now that I have a liner it has definitely been the right choice for me. If you're as confused about what the difference between Barbour's Beadnell and Bedale jacket is, Tuckernuck created the cutest graphic to help which I included below for y'all. As for coloring, I went with the Sage jacket instead of the Olive. The  Sage is more of a hunter green while the Olive color has more brown hues. The different colors also cause the plaid lining to differ so be sure to pay attention to that as you're deciding between the two. 

It took me over a year after receiving my Barbour to realize that I had been missing out on a cozy fleece liner to make it a bit warmer. When I was studying abroad in London I ended up in a Barbour store there (across from Liberty) and finally purchased the  Olive Green Betty zip in liner. Ironically enough, Betty was the name of my alter ego when I was throwing tantrums as a child. I hated it then and still hate it when my family brings it up or hints at me having a "Betty moment." When I got home from the trip and was showing my family what I purchased while abroad I was reluctant to let them in on this little secret, but we were all in hysterics when I finally told them. My Barbour certainly is full of its own stories. Despite the name, y'all, this vest is amazing zipped into the jacket and looks equally as nice alone. Alone, the waxed jackets are warm but only if you're spending Winters in the South where Winter doesn't begin to compare to the weather in colder areas. This vest has a fleece interior and quilted exterior that keeps you warm but still simultaneously looks stylish. When you purchase a Barbour you definitely pay for the quality and the brand though of everything. This vest can zip inside your waxed Barbour jackets to make it seem like one piece and once a cold front comes in late November you can bet that mine stays zipped in until the weather becomes more bearable for the waxed jacket alone in the Spring. 

The most recent addition I've made to my Barbour has been a  hood to make it the perfect jacket for rainy, cold Winter weather. The hood is detachable making it so easy to snap on and off as needed, but honestly I really love the look of my jacket with the hood on and have a tendency to leave it on most of the time. It took getting the hood for me to realize how desperately I need to get my jacket re-waxed. I ordered the hood in the same color of my jacket and after all the wear my jacket has gotten the past four years the hood doesn't quite match. Fortunately, you are able to send your jacket back to Barbour and have it professionally waxed for a fee. I meant to do that over the summer and completely forgot and am kicking myself now. Since I have gotten to the point where I can't live without my Barbour from October-April I'm planning to send it once Spring has decided to come and stay. It'll probably look, feel, and smell like a brand new jacket then. I definitely don't trust myself to re-wax it myself and am glad that Barbour offices these services and others in house so that I don't have to worry about compromising the quality of my jacket and can leave it to the professionals to make it last a lifetime. After all, my aunt still has the Barbour my grandfather bought her when she was in college. 

Jacket (More sizes here) //  Vest //  Hood // Top (Nordstrom last year) //  Jeans //  Riding Boots 

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, I thought I would share some of my favorite stores to shop Barbour at who will likely have some styles on sale in the near future. A Barbour coat is definitely an investment, and if I had a dollar for every time I wear mine I'd probably have this one and at least 2 other ones hanging in my closet. The quality, classic style, and ability to add additional pieces to fit your needs makes it so worthwhile (especially on sale). 

My Favorite Retailers for Shopping Barbour:

Tuckernuck: I love Tuckernuck in general but especially when shopping Barbour since they have a section specifically for it. You can shop jackets, accessories, and cute additions to outfits all in one place while also learning more about each style to ease in your decision making. I would hold off to see what their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are like because in the past they've offered anywhere from 20-30% off and included Barbour in this. With my jacket alone, that would be a discount of about $80-$120. 

Nordstrom: Barbour goes on sale a little bit more frequently on Nordstrom's site. I've seen their pieces available in the Anniversary Sale over the summer and during periodic sales as well. In the past they have included Barbour in their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales so if Tuckernuck doesn't have what you're looking for I would make that my next stop. And let's be real, who doesn't love an excuse to browse Nordstrom's site. 

Bloomingdales: The last of my go-to online retailers to shop Barbour would be Bloomingdales. While I haven't ordered my pieces from there they allow you to use discount codes for some of their Barbour styles. 

The Classic Styles:

If you're a girl (I just assume most of my readers are) the two classic styles for a waxed Barbour jacket are the Beadnell and Bedale (compared above). You really can't go wrong with either so it just depends on your preference.

Accessories to Add Along the Way:

Whenever I post an image in my Barbour I always end up getting a number of questions so I hope this was able to answer some of them for you while also giving you a heads up about retailers that will likely be providing big discounts on Barbour in the coming days! I am thrilled to finally be arriving home today after waking up *so* early to drive home. Tonight I have a fun event to attend that involves  this fancy dress that I am hoping I can pull off. Be sure to come back tomorrow and Friday for a very exciting announcement (hint: it may involve the first of some Prep In Your Step items available)!


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