Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Fall Cocktail Dresses

 It could probably go without saying that events this fall are going to look a little different. Even still, I’ve received a few messages asking if I had any suggestions for fall cocktail and event dresses. So that I could answer that question and since I have a wedding to attend this month, I scoured some of my go-to sites to see what was out there. I’ll likely be wearing dresses I have in my own closet for the events of my friend’s wedding weekend, but if I hadn’t already told myself that I was surprised by how many cute options I found that I would love to wear. It seems like floral midi length dresses are abundant this year, which is perfect for unpredictable fall weather that turns colder at night. 

The dress from the image above is about two years old, but what I’ll likely be wearing to my friend’s bridesmaids luncheon. I did include some similar silhouettes to it in the round-up of 54 dresses included below. If you happen to see one you like, you can click directly on it in the image below to be taken to where it can be shopped! And stay tuned for Sunday’s outfit inspiration post since many of these dresses were what I chose to include. 

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