Thursday, October 29, 2020

October 2020 Favorites

 With November on the horizon, it’s time to narrow down and share with y’all what I have been loving in October. I really don’t feel like I’ve tried all that many new items so coming up with this list was a bit of a challenge, but scrolling through Instagram to see what I’ve been posting about in the past month helped! Overall, October was a really good month, although a fast one. I think I could make a pretty solid argument that is my favorite month of the year, so maybe that’s part of why it seems to fly by, but I’m excited for the next two months as well, given that I love the holiday season. But before we get into that, below are the items I loved this month! 

I am not sure why I didn’t think to include this necklace in an earlier monthly favorites post, but I pretty much have not taken it off since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale back in August. In the past, I’ve been somewhat off and on with necklaces since I often don’t want them to overpower an outfit, but this dainty one has the perfect amount of sparkle to be an understated but well-appointed accessory. While a real version would be nice someday, nothing about it looks “fake” to me, and the price point is much more attainable than the real deal would be. If you’re looking for a dainty accessory or a good gift idea, I think this necklace would fit the bill. 

Chappy Wrap Blanket

I wish I could say we have been experiencing real fall weather here in Alabama, but we got more of that in September than we have in October. Fortunately, it’s supposed to cool down tomorrow, and maybe that means I’ll finally move my summer clothes out of my closet to make room for my sweaters. Regardless of the temperature outside, I find myself curled up on the sofa under my Chappy Wrap blanket most nights. No matter how many times I wash it, it remains just as soft as ever, and the large size makes it so that you don’t have to worry about not being fully covered up when using it. While it’s a bit of an investment, I know it’s something I’ll use for years to come. Plus, they have a dog size blanket that our family dog, Scout, always sits on. 

The Makeup Eraser

One of the most fun parts of this month was attending my friend Macy’s wedding in Fairhope. Since I was in the wedding, I didn’t necessarily hit all of my Fairhope favorites since we had various events occupying our time. Instead, that makes me especially excited to head home for an extended period at Christmas to visit some of my favorites. Her wedding weekend was the first time in a long time that I felt like I had to look constantly presentable and actually put on a full face of makeup. At the end of the night after her rehearsal dinner and reception, the last thing I wanted to do was wash my face, but using my Makeup Eraser before washing it to get the makeup off made it a bit less of a chore. Not to toot my own horn, but I discovered The Makeup Eraser when they were a pretty new brand and loved seeing the reactions from my friends when I gifted them their own, and they tried them out for the first time. It’s truly magic, considering all you need is water to make the cloth into your own makeup remover. Plus, you can wash them and use them time and time again, saving you from having to buy makeup remover and cotton rounds. This would be another great gift idea for the upcoming holiday season. 

Target Floral Dress

Since I didn’t get any of my fall clothes from Fairhope until halfway through the month, I had to do my best, making the fall clothes I did have in my closet work for me. That meant shamelessly repeating outfits, and this dress was one that got a lot of wear. It was one of those Target buys you make when going in for one cleaning supply and mindlessly wandering around the store and ending up with a handful of hangers in the clothing section. Oops. Even so, I am glad to have found it since it’s a great fall dress for weather that hasn’t entirely made the switch to the new season. The length is great (I’m 5’7” for reference), it has pockets, and the puffy sleeves are on-trend without being overwhelming. I’ve been wearing it with sneakers and slides all month but plan to pair it with booties soon! 

J.Slides Tassel Shoes

If you’ve paid attention to my Monday Step Into My Week posts where I include the outfits I’ve worn, you may have noticed the constant reappearance of these shoes. I’ve had these since my junior year of college, and every year I reach for them. The tan suede makes them a good pick for fall and winter, and I love that the tassel differentiates them from the other shoes I have that are a similar style. Recently when I had them on, a friend of mine asked me to send her a link to them when I discovered they are now offered in a leather version too. I’m tempted to order the tan leather just to add a bit of variety to my outfits!

DL1961 Cleo High-Rise Jean Shorts

I got on Instagram stories at the beginning of this month to rave about these jean shorts, and I stand by that review of them. I have always struggled to find jean shorts that fit me, and this is the closest I’ve ever gotten! I probably wouldn’t have purchased them if they hadn’t been on sale and, after reading some reviews, realized that sizing up was necessary. I ordered the 27 and am pleased with the way they fit. My waist is smaller than my hips, and these still do a good job of fitting there without being overly tight across my bottom. The length is great, and I love the fact that they are loose around my thighs. A win all around! 

I’d love to hear what items you have loved this past month! You can shop my favorites in the links above or by clicking on the items below. 

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