Monday, October 26, 2020

Step Into My Week 10.26

It’s unreal to me that today is the last Monday in October. The second half of this year has flown by, and similarly, last week did too. I think I stayed so busy that time each weekday flew by. Outside of having three shoots last week and other work tasks to get done, I am already starting to think about the holiday season and the blog content I want to get live during that time, which kept me busy outside of my regular work hours. Unlike last week’s overload of photos, I didn’t remember to take a single picture until Wednesday, oops! Here’s the recap. 

Most of Monday, I felt like was spent yawning after such a fun weekend for Macy’s wedding. I slept until six and worked in bed with a cup of coffee until I needed to get ready for video meetings in the morning. I worked from home all day (with a second cup of coffee in the afternoon) and went for a walk with my friend Emily that afternoon. I came home from that to unpack, make dinner, and get cleaned up before watching Haunted Mansion while working on a few blog tasks. I got in bed around 8:30 that night and was asleep soon after. 

I had a shoot on Tuesday and hadn’t yet pulled my props for that, so I woke up especially early to finish up a blog post before heading into the office to gather all of my props. We shot until around 1:00 when I pulled props for the following day’s shoot, and then I went home to work from there. The recipes we were shooting for work all contained crawfish, so I brought some of the crawfish bisque home and took it to a friend’s house that night for us to eat dinner while we watched the first episode of The Haunting of Bly Manor. I came home around 7:30 so that my roommate and I could watch the first episode of The Bachelorette before going to bed. 

Wednesday was day 2 of our crawfish shoot, so I went into the office after doing some blog work on my computer in the morning. We finished our shoot around 11, and then I went ahead and pulled props for the shoot I had on Friday before heading home to make lunch and work from home in the afternoon. Once my work for the day was wrapped up, I went on a walk in the Crestline park with a friend before we made dinner. He had stuff for steak and potatoes, and after a quick trip to the grocery store, we had asparagus to make too. We watched the second episode of The Haunting of Bly Manor before I went home for bible study that night. That lasted until around 9:00, and I went to bed soon after. 

I didn’t have a shoot on Thursday, which made for some excitement around getting to work from home. I had a video meeting in the morning and got through a few work tasks before going for a run during my lunch break. After that, I finished up a few more work tasks after showering and eating lunch. I went for a walk with a friend in the afternoon, and he needed to go to the store to grab a notebook, so I eagerly tagged along since I love shopping for school supplies. After that, we decided to get dinner at a Poke bowl place in Homewood and then watched the football game that was on TV once we got back. 

I had my last shoot of the week on Friday, so I got to the office around 8:00 to grab the last of the props I needed for that. The shoot lasted until 11:30 when we completed our third and final recipe shot before I put everything away and headed home. I made myself lunch and showered before sitting on the sofa to do some blog work and brainstorming of Christmas content for the blog. That night I went to Taco Mama and Big Spoon with a group of my friends since one of our friends will be in Virginia until December for her PA school rotations. I got home around 9:30 and promptly got in bed!

Saturday morning epitomized a lazy morning, given how rainy it was and how long I stayed in my pajamas. I went to the store in between a couple of the downpours to get everything I needed to make buffalo chicken dip to take over to a friend’s house who was hosting us to watch the game. After doing that, making the dip, and getting ready, I went to Hunter’s house so we could figure out where to get lunch before venturing out to watch the game. We ended up at Ashley Mac’s in Homewood and both got sandwiches, which were delicious but maybe not necessary since when we got to our friend Wayne’s house to watch the game, he had made chili. Wayne and his roommate were also fostering two puppies, so most of the game was spent petting and watching them. We stayed there until the end of the third quarter when Hunter and I left to go to one of his friend’s houses to celebrate someone’s birthday. We left around 8;00 to grab dinner nearby at Saws and then went to his house to watch the next episodes of The Haunting of Bly Manor. I fell asleep midway through the third episode we watched and left to go to bed once it finished.

Since I did fall asleep during the third episode of the show the night before, I went to Crestline Bagel to get coffee and take it to my friend’s house so that I could get caught up on what I missed before attempting to be productive the rest of the day. Once I got home from that, I put laundry away while listening to a podcast, vacuumed and dusted my room, and eventually decided to go on a walk. It was really overcast but made it a little cooler for my walk, although trekking up the hill to my house at the end was still just as brutal as ever. After that, I showered, talked on the phone with my parents, and eventually took my dinner to Nell’s apartment so that we could hang out and watch the Netflix series on The Challenger. I stayed there until around 9:30 and came home to go to bed early in preparation for this week. 

I hope to get a big head start on next month’s blog content this week, so if you have any specific requests, please don’t hesitate to send them my way! 

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