Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday Styling vol. 12

I may say this every week, but I think today’s Sunday Styling post may be my favorite yet. I suspect that is because all of these outfits (but especially the more casual ones) are something I’d love to wear and could see myself wearing. Sweaters and jeans are my uniform of choice in the late fall and winter, so finding especially cute versions of them and accessories to match has my creative juices flowing for the next time I pick out an outfit. If you are the plan-ahead type, then this first outfit would be a particularly cute pick for celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with a single one of them! 

If you see something you like in the outfits featured below, you can shop the items using the links beneath each image! 
Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:

Outfit 4:

Outfit 5:

I’d love to know which of these outfits is your favorite. 

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