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Your Guide to Greenville, South Carolina

Having been at Furman for three years I feel like I have finally explored a decent bit of Greenville, South Carolina where the University is situated. With such a beautiful campus and a pretty rigorous curriculum sometimes Furman students are guilty of getting stuck in the "Furman bubble."Fortunately for us, we are situated in a really cool area that helps encourage us to explore our surroundings. From downtown, to Travelers Rest, and even up the surrounding Blue Ridge mountains there is a lot to see and do and I thought after three years experiencing the city it was about time I shared some of my favorites with y'all! Greenville continues to expand so I expect to be back on this post updating it frequently as I experience more that the city has to offer.

This post has been really fun to create as I enlisted the help of friends, roommates, and even my parents who have all experienced different parts of what the area has to offer. So, for the record, I have been to or experienced most of these places and things but there are a few I've included that I have not actually been to but were recommended so frequently that I couldn't ignore including. Those places are certainly on my list of places to go in the near future and I hope that this post will encourage me to continue exploring the place I'll be calling home for the next few years! 

Coffee Shops

Methodical Coffee - Methodical is located downtown and is a two story coffee shop with cool floors and the prettiest blue and white mugs. It's a great place to catch up with friends over good coffee although it's a very popular place so it isn't necessarily the best place to go and study during the weekends if that's what you're looking for but during the week it's usually a bit quieter and offers a more successful study environment.

M. Judson - Part book shop part coffee shop with a really cool modern but eclectic feel in a really bright building in the heart of downtown Greenville. They have lots of room to spread out and a small bakery case that is typically stocked with tasty treats like homemade rice krispy treats!

Village Grind - Going to the Village Grind will allow you to explore a new area of Greenville. It's a pretty small shop but has a great atmosphere and unique coffee flavors (think lavender) that make it very worth the trip!

Due South - Although I haven't been there just yet all of my friends that have gone have told me it is a must do! From what I can tell the space is pretty industrial looking with an open environment that appears to be pretty big. Hopefully I'll venture to Due South soon!

The Forest - About 4 minutes from Furman, The Forest is located in Travelers Rest and is a lot of Furman students go to study spot. With good coffee and seating inside and outside I find that I get a lot done when there and always have someone to talk to when I want a study break.


Barre 3 - I LOVE barre3! It has become my go-to workout at school. The studio is wonderful, the instructors are great, and I always feel like I've gotten a great workout after a class!

Biking Along the Swamp Rabbit - The Swamp Rabbit Trail goes from downtown Greenville to Travelers Rest and is perfect for rollerbladding, biking, running, or walking!

Run Around Furman's Lake - If you haven't been on Furman's campus then you may think the only thing we have on campus is a lake and a picturesque bellower due to how the school is marketed although there is so much more to the school. If you do happen to end up in the area however, a run around Furman's lake couldn't get any prettier especially if you catch it around sunset.

Soul Yoga - My roommate Sophia loves their classes and is a yoga instructor so I trust her judgement although I still haven't given in to her trying to get me to go to a class with her.


Sobys - Sobys is such a great place for dinner or Sunday brunch. Although it is a little bit more pricy I've never had a bad meal there and the atmosphere of the restaurant makes it even better. This became one of my parents favorites as well after we went last year during parents weekend and if you're going for dinner be sure to get some She Crab soup, it's my favorite!

Tandem - The most delicious crepe and coffee place in Travelers Rest. Although it has only been open for just shy of two years this restaurant is always crowded and for good reason. Even if crepes aren't your thing I am sure that you'll be able to find something on the menu to enjoy and it is one of my favorite restaurants near school. The building was remodeled for the restaurant and is really bright with seating inside and out.

Swamp Rabbit Cafe - A grocery store cafe along the Swamp Rabbit trail. A great place to pick up breakfast, coffee, or groceries with friends.

Sidewall - Sidewall is the most delicious pizza place that recently became so popular that there are now two locations (one in Travelers Rest and one in Greenville). I love all of their foods from salads, pizza, and even their homemade ice-cream! On the weekends their is usually a wait but I promise it is worth it.

Sully's Steamers - Sully's is popular for its steamed bagel sandwiches and the fact that it stays open until 3 A.M. I love Sullys for a quick lunch and is one of my favorite sandwich shops! I usually order the club steamer on an everything bagel but with well over 50 sandwich options and the ability to create your own the possibilities of combinations are virtually endless.

Larkins on the River

Mary's Cottage

The Local Taco - This is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Greenville located on Augusta Road. It's more of an upscale Mexican restaurant with the coolest outdoor seating and great taco combinations and mexican tater tots (trust me, just try them).

Smoke on the Water - This may just be my dad's favorite restaurant in Greenville. It's a nice barbecue restaurant in downtown Greenville with the BEST options for sides! From fried ocra to loaded potato cakes you could make a meal out of their sides alone and the restaurant epitomizes home cooking while still being a nice place for lunch or dinner.


Rick's Deli


Brick Street's Sweet Potato Cake
Spill the Beans Ice Cream
The Donut Experiment
Sip Wine Bar
Chocolate Moose
Jonathan Caleb Cakes


Pink Bee West End
We Took To The Woods
Mast General Store
(honestly any place downtown or on Augusta Road)

To-See / To-Do

Top of Paris Mountain
Downtown Greenville Saturday Morning Farmers Market
Hike in Paris Mountain State Park
Walk Around Falls Park
Drive Game
Indie Craft Parade in September

To Stay

Aloft Hotel Downtown Greenville
Westin Downtown Greenville
Hotel Domestique

I'd love to know if any of y'all have visited and gone to any of these locations! A great way to stay updated with what is going on in the area is by following the Visit Greenvilee SC instagram (@visitgreenvillesc) or with the hashtag #yeahTHATgreenville!


  1. I don't live in Greenville but my grandparents do and I love all these but also the gelato place downtown is a great dessert place!

  2. I've never been to Greenville but it looks like an adorable place! I've been working on creating a similar post about my college town. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This post was super fun! It looks like such a great college town. Plus, Monkees is a super cute boutique, they have one where I am going to school!


  4. This is on my list of places to visit!
    xo, Syd

  5. I love this! I moved 4 years ago but I'm totally checking out the new restaurants you listed when I come back into town.
    Also, best pizza is Barley's!!

  6. I've been to Greenville twice and it's so cute. I'm looking at Furman as one of my choices for college (as well as Clemson, which is close by!) so hopefully I'll be able to visit again soon!


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