Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Under $30 Monogrammed Slipper DIY

Remember that quarantine to-do list I mentioned a month or so ago in this post? Well, on it included a couple of DIY posts for the blog, and I am pleased to say I am finally getting around to sharing one of those with y’all. I’m embarrassed that it has taken me so long to execute it since I first dreamed up the idea in January, but once I got started, it was a quick, stress-free project that ended up being a lot of fun to do.  

I had seen a pair of monogrammed slippers like these while scrolling through Instagram stories recently and thought it looked like something I could do. After thinking through the logistics of what I would need and how I’d want mine to look, I am happy to report that this is one of those DIY projects that just about anyone can do if they can use some painters tape and stroking a brush within the lines. 


While mine don’t necessarily look perfect, I do think they turned out really well for being an affordable project to pass some time. And now, I know how to lead you in the right direction to make yours turn out even more successfully! 


The only challenging part of this DIY project was gathering the supplies, and I’ve even aimed to make that easy by linking everything I used directly in this post. While I wish I could say that this is a project you could do on any pair of slippers you already own, I found that it was easiest with slippers that don’t have a middle seam. Many slippers that are the slide on style shown have a seam running through the middle of them that would serve as a bit of an obstacle (although it wouldn’t be impossible to attempt). I also discovered that stick on stencils were the way to go and wished I had purchased two sets of the ones I used. I found mine in person at Walmart and am linking the most similar options I could find online, even though they aren’t the exact same. This could still work with non-stick-on stencils but would require a bit more persistence when it comes to filling the paint in. Lastly, if you’re able to find the colors of paint you want to use in a fabric paint, then you probably can skip out on step 4, which would make your project go faster. Since I was shopping in person for my supplies, I decided I would use the white fabric paint I found as a base coat and top it with the light blue and navy paint I found that was not necessarily intended to be used on fabric. It still worked this way, so it will really depend on what you have access to. 

The Supplies
letter stencils (I liked using the stick on style)

Step 1: Find the center of your slippers and place two vertical stripes of painter’s tape directly on slippers to indicate where your two different color stripes will be. Adjust as needed until you’re happy with their placement.

Step 2: Using a cut piece of painter’s tape, place a horizontal stripe across the two vertical stripes to indicate where your initials will be placed. Adjust as needed until you’re happy with the placement. 

Step 3: Cut the vertical painter’s tape where it meets the horizontal stripe on both the top and the bottom. This will make it so that you’re able to leave the horizontal stripe of the painter’s tape down and not get paint under it while you begin painting your stripes. 


Step 4: Place two more vertical stripes of painter’s tape to the right and left of the original vertical stripes of painter’s tape. Be sure to still have your horizontal initial area of painter’s tape down so that it does not get filled in. This will make it so that you can fill in the entire area with fabric paint if the paint you purchased for the stripes is not made specifically to go on fabric. If you purchased fabric paint for those colors, then skip this step. 


Step 5: Place one vertical piece of tape to act as one stripe. I would recommend painting the lighter of the two stripes (in my case light blue) first so that you can straighten the paint line with the darker color if needed. Paint a couple coats of each color stripe and let dry before repeating to do the other side's stripe. 

Step 6: Once you have finished painting both of the colored vertical stripes, remove the horizontal tape and center your stencil. Start by filling in the stencil with white on each slipper. I found that stabbing my paint brush within the stencil was the easiest way to avoid paint bleeding out from the side of the stencil opening.

Step 7: Once the white paint of your initials has completely dried, place your letter stencils back down but slightly offset to allow the monogram to have a shadow effect. Do a couple of coats of your second color and let it dry before removing the stencil.

Step 8: To ensure that your monogrammed slippers last, cover the painted areas with fabric mod podge. 

Whether you're working from home and want to be comfy yet cute or are looking for a fun activity to do while at home I'd love to know if you give this DIY a try! Plus if you're looking for a few other fun DIY projects I've included some of the other posts I've done below.

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