Thursday, March 10, 2016

DIY Tassel Crossbody {Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Tassel Bag Lookalike}

Bright colors and anything tasseled are sure to make my eyes twinkle. There was no hope at all when I came across this Rebecca Minkoff Tassel Crossbody well… that is until I saw the price. While I loved the look I just couldn't justify spending $250 on the bag. So, I decided to come up with a solution to have my cake (have my money) and eat it too (and the purse too) by creating my own. I don't think I've been as excited about a DIY project since I created a fun pom pom tote (which is still in use in my room) this summer. 

Super easy and well under the original price tag (we're talking more like $30) this is a no-brainer DIY that I will surely be sporting all spring and summer. 

In addition to be reasonably priced this is also an extremely easy DIY. Not much talent needed aside from tying knots and cutting holes! For supplies you'll need:

cross body bag  (I used this exact one) // tassels (could make your own but linked are so easy and well made) // scissors // thin leather strips (if you use the bag linked you can cut it from the middle of the original tassel attached) // fishing line

1. After gathering all of your supplies you'll need to either take your strip of leather or if using the bag I've linked and used then you can just cut the pieces from its original tassel. I highly recommend this since the tassel is thick enough that you won't be able to tell and it's guaranteed to match the bag! 
PS. While you're on Old Navy's site shopping for this bag be sure to look at their new arrivals because they have some super cute things! 

2. Next you'll need to cut a slit into the front of the bag. If you're comfortable eye balling it then go for that but you could also mark it. In total you'll need to cut 4 slits but be sure to leave an appropriate amount of room between the top and bottom ones! 

3. After cutting your slits go ahead and put your leather through the slit and tie a knot. 

This is how it should look once you're done tying the knots and cutting the slits! 

4. Now it's time to start tying on the tassels. Definitely decide how you want to arrange your tassels and start with whichever tassel will be on the bottom in the center. Start by tying the fishing line directly to the tassel and then tie about four knots to attach it to the strip. 

5. Do the same thing with the remaining tassels and cut the excess fishing line! 

6. Fluff the tassels a little and make sure that all fishing line is cut and there you have it, your own version of a designer bag perfect for spring and summer at a fraction of the price! 

Right after tying the last tassel I started using mine and I was impressed with how much the bag fits! There is also a nice large pocket in the inside that fits my phone or a pair of sunglasses! An easy and fashionable DIY that hopefully y'all will attempt! 

I'd love to know what you think! If you decide to make one be sure to send pictures my way. I am so tempted to to make another with other color combinations of tassels. Boo and Boo factory has so many options to choose from I'm lucky I made a decision at all! 


  1. This is SO cute, Dorothy! I'm not crafty what-so-ever but I may need to try this out (especially since it's only $30)


  2. WOW - amazing DIY, girl!! I LOVE that RM bag, but yours is just the perfect dupe!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  3. This is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  4. Ahh! This is so cute!! I love it!!


  5. I've been obsessing over the Rebecca Minkoff bag too! This is so cute and too affordable to not try out.


  6. I was planning on buying the actual bag, but now I can just make the dupe for a fraction of the price! My bank account and I thank you!!


  7. How Cute!! I just love this bag for summer, so colorful!
    xoxo, Sarah
    Sarah's Southern

  8. HOW CREATIVE!! I wish I would have found your Pom Pom tote tutorial before I tracked down & splurged on the Eliza Gran version! I thought for a split second that I could DIY then I got lazt & found one single other in stock & pulled the trigger lol

    Lauren | Southern20Something


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